Getting to know Tazz


South African Fashion, and Lifestyle blogger, Tasneem Adams, more commonly known as Tazz, was born in the spring of 1986 in Johannesburg.

With her love for Writing, Photography, Fashion, Beauty and the beautiful Earth around her, she created a blog. “Blogging is a creative space, where all those things can be combined to form a little magazine of my life and documenting life around me”.

Tasneem later took up Photography and started doing photo shoots, model portfolios, events, weddings and fun themed photoshoots for individuals, couples, families and companies.

Soon thereafter she began networking with individuals such as Nicole Touma, Fabian Sing( Crash Car Burn), Shortstraw, Lakota Silva, Kyle Deutch and so many other local and international artist, models, authors and public figures from all over the world. Hosting interviews and reviews from South Africa to other countries in Africa, America, Argentina, etc. She then started a YouTube Channel where she posted these video interviews and BTS (Behind The Scenes) footage of her life.

In 2014 she started designing hand crafted accessories, such as head crowns, body chains, footless sandals and arm bands where she sold them online at Bonafide.merch

She also started a non- profit Social Club in the Summer of 2014. Bonafide Events gives young adults a platform to connect and have Good, Clean Fun! A natural way of enjoying and experiencing life in and around our beautiful city. The club is open to individuals that seek adventure! The club hosts Luncheons, Dinner Parties, Game Nights, Family Picnics, and Bucket List Adventures where members will gain life experience in a multitude of settings.

“BONAFIDE”  is the visual diary of Tasneem Adams and her life’s journey. She is constantly looking for ways to expand her life experiences and collaborating with people and companies from all over the world to make the journey one to remember!