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Winter Skin Care, made easy -with Eucerin

Over the years my skin started becoming somewhat sensitive and as a result I am always a little wary when it comes to trying new skin care products. I was pleasantly surprised by this Lotion by Eucerin. It is so nourishing and keeps you moisurised throughout the entire day! I tried out the Body Wash, for the first [Read More]

Winter Essentials with Nivea

I don’t know about you, but I always tend to struggle with dry skin in Winter. I have partnered with Nivea South Africa to bring you the remedy to Dry Winter Skin.  With the NEW Nivea Lotions, winter is just another season, for your skin. This amazing formula does not make your skin feel greasy [Read More]

Labello x Smile Foundation x Bonafide

Hi Guys I am very excited to announce this officially. I have been talking about the collab a lot on my social media because I am so proud to be a part of this. The Smile Foundation is an incredible organisation, doing amazing work. I don’t think I will be able to explain enough how great they [Read More]

New, Improved DOVE Invisible Dry antiperspirant Campaign

Hello ladies! I’m excited to talk about this amazing new and improved formula of the Dove antiperspirant body spray. What I look for in a deodorant is for a gentle scent and that of course a product that keeps me dry and isn’t too heavy on my skin. The only bad thing about wearing deodorant is [Read More]

Donna Karan New York – DKNY

DKNY Scents has always been one of my absolute favorite scents of all time! Whether I need an everyday scent that I know is going to receive multiple compliments or if I’m trying to steal some attention on a date, I almost always choose DKNY. The soft, gentle scent is a perfectly subtle way to [Read More]

Acne and Breakout Skin Maps

I may be thirty already, but somehow I still breakout with a few acne pimples here and there. Because I am so self-conscience about my skin, I am always on the look-out for remedies. To keep them away and not just healing them for the moment. Breakouts are clearly not only there because we become [Read More]

Smelling good automatically makes you more attractive!

There is something about a person who smells good that just grabs the right kind of attention. That clean, fresh feeling and a beautiful scent certainly goes a long way! To me, it all starts with grooming. We can’t just wake up and sprouts on our favorite perfume because apart from that being gross, it [Read More]

Backyard Sessions – Urban Decay Cosmetics

Exciting times for the African Continent, Urban Decay Cosmetics finally launched in South Africa!!! Sandton City, launched the much anticipated cosmetics line, and needless to say, everyone was super excited. Nadia and I, got our eye makeup did by one of the make-up artists there and it was such a treat! I never really wear [Read More]