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Thoughts before attending Fashion Week

First of all, I need to apologise for being so quiet. I have thankfully been very busy these last couple of weeks and also in the process of getting my YouTube channel up and running, I’ve been a little slow with my blog posts. But low and behold, the draught is over! Yay! How are [Read More]

Empire – Film Review – Ready Player One

Ever feel like you need to escape into a cyber world where there are no limits? You could be, look and become absolutely anything you’d ever wanted to be…  Society paints a picture that we are isolated in a cyber world and that we are hidden in a social media platform that is not real [Read More]

How many LIKES is my Life worth?

As young individuals, we focus so much of our attention on social media. I don’t think that’s too big of a deal if we doing that for fun; but when we measure our self-worth by how many likes we get on our pictures, then it becomes a problem.  I’ve met so many people ‘in the [Read More]

Neccesary Grooming Rituals We ALL Need – Body Hair

It’s so important to find a good routine when it comes to grooming. A lot of people out there, assume that investing in expensive, quality products are what makes the difference in looking and smelling good. But in most cases, people don’t realise that those products does absolutely nothing when basic grooming habits are not [Read More]

NEW Yardley Raincoat Mascara Top Coat

I’ve been using the New Yardley Raincoat Mascara Gel for about a week now and I have to say it does EXACTLY what it says. I tend to rub my eyes a little too often throughout the day and with that my eye makeup doesn’t last too long. Sometimes I skip my eye makeup altogether, [Read More]

Green Cross unveils ‘Dylan’ -The Stylish Brogue

As fashion blurs the gender lines Green Cross unveils their take on the Brogue, an iconic footwear style trending this season. Crafted using luxurious leather, lightweight platform soles and removable moulded insoles, the Dylan is completed with wingtip detailing. The Dylan brings contemporary urban style to the brand’s tradition of uncompromising comfort, in creating a [Read More]

I visited the coolest salon: Haus of Klue

First of all happy Tuesday!  I’m sure by now, some of you have read about my hair ordeal that happened a little while back? If not, please have a peep here.  After I already went bleach blonde and rose gold, my sister found Haus Of Klue on Instagram. I immediately wanted to book an appointment [Read More]

Make-up vs Natural Beauty

I’ve managed to have a love/hate relationship with make-up. I feel a little dab here or there makes all the difference. The word enhance is probably not my favourite word to describe the transformation makeup allows, but it truly allows your best features to stand out.  The thing that I dislike about makeup is the [Read More]

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