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Spree Summer on my Skyline #SPEESS17

Spree is a trend setting online fashion retailer and this season they’ve launched their new Spring Summer2017 collection with their dynamic Summer on my Skyline event at the Tin Factory in Kramerville, Sandton. As you walk in you’re greeted with a wall of donuts which was a unique, unexpected and delightfully interactive feature, so we [Read More]

Yardley BOND ST Deodorant – Still Gushing

Excited that the BOND ST perfumes now have spray deodorant to go with it! We received the MEN’s and Woman’s Unisex box with two deodorants each!  They basically smell exactly the same as the perfumes so now our normal deodorants will no longer clash with our awesome BOND ST perfumes/ colognes. There is nothing worse [Read More]

Fit & Fab with TanZac – Taking on the Outdoors

Welcome back to another day with Fit & Fab. Today we talking outdoors. Why train outdoors? Well, the gym gets boring and I am sure a lot of people out there have a few pet peeves. People at the gyms tend to hover over equipment and stand around texting, sometimes the ladies stand in front [Read More]

Bonafide Man – Turn it up!

With summer holiday around the corner and the beach or bush on our minds, we still got to look the part this season. What better way to look awesome and stylish with the new style guys are calling “TURN UP” deriving from the 80s.   By rolling up or turning up the sleeves of your [Read More]

BonafideMan – Classic Man

  When it comes to Classis Styling for men, I follow 4 Simple rules. Follow these and you will always be on point! 1. ALWAYS DRESS UP/ NEVER UNDERDRESS We, as guys, have all heard of “Peacocking” and yes, it’s a real thing! If you’re stepping out, best you step it up! Maintain this rule and you [Read More]

Bonafide Man -Autumn is the new Black

Many people see autumn as the start to a very bland and dull season. It’s time to change that perspective. By embracing the season change, we can get excited to wear attractive and trendy styles this autumn. By wearing colours in a specific way, you can be the one who stand out! Autumn 2016 is [Read More]

Fit & Fab with TanZac – Inspiring Ladies

  Fit & Fab with TanZac – Inspiring Ladies   Fit ladies who inspire me Hi there and welcome! Today I thought I would post about some of the ladies who inspire me and hopefully you will be inspired too! Rita Pestana – My Mother From winning all of my sprint races, I was devastated the [Read More]