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Create Your Own- Midi Tulle Skirt

Surprisingly enough I am getting old, and my first thought when I was invited to a  ‘Chucks, Tux, Tutu & Tiara” 21st Birthday party was: What am I going to wear?!   The classic tutu seems a little too… “Girly and Young” for me, as I am pushing 30! So, I opted to join in [Read More]

Create your own – Ripped Jeans

To create the perfect ripped jeans, try following these easy steps! What you will need: A pair of Denim Pants Stick of Chalk Utility knife (please use with care!!!) Cheese Grater Pair of Scissors Some embellishments (Below we’ve used some cotton flowers) Fabric Glue Method: Place the denim on a stable, flat surface. Be mindful to [Read More]