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Yardley London SA- Bond ST No.8 -For MEN (Turquoise)

Yardley – Bond ST No.8 For MEN( Turquoise)  I know I’ve said it many times before but I simply LOVE when somebody smells good! It makes them about 100 times more attractive!  Yardley just launched their latest Bond ST cologne for men and it smells basically the same as it looks…Fresh! In my humble opinion, [Read More]

Bonafide Man – Turn it up!

Bonafide Man – Turn it up! With summer holiday around the corner and the beach or bush on our minds, we still got to look the part this season. What better way to look awesome and stylish with the new style guys are calling “TURN UP” deriving from the 80s.   By rolling up or [Read More]

BonafideMan – Classic Man

BonafideMan – Classic Man When it comes to Classis Styling for men, I follow 4 Simple rules. Follow these and you will always be on point! 1. ALWAYS DRESS UP/ NEVER UNDERDRESS We, as guys, have all heard of “Peacocking” and yes, it’s a real thing! If you’re stepping out, best you step it up! Maintain this [Read More]

Bonafide Man -Autumn is the new Black

Bonafide Man -Autumn is the new Black Many people see autumn as the start to a very bland and dull season. It’s time to change that perspective. By embracing the season change, we can get excited to wear attractive and trendy styles this autumn. By wearing colours in a specific way, you can be the [Read More]