3D Photos – Can you see anything?

So way back when people used to buy the YOU magazine, they used to add a 3D picture in the mag as well. It was our favourite thing to do and of course the celebrity photos at the end. Anyway, they’re become somewhat popular again. But there are some of you that don’t see anything at all? I thought maybe a little help would do some good. So here is the tutorial to seeing stuff!

Okay so the first thing you need to do is open the picture in a place where they is enough light, and no glare or reflection of your screen. You may still be able to see it through bad lighting but it makes it a little harder to see.

Hold the ‘phone’ to your nose, and focus on the spot your nose touches, this would usually be in the centre of the frame (picture). Then slowly and steadily pull the screen away from you, focussing on the spot and without blocking excessively.

At this point, you should already start seeing an image, the deeper and more focussed you are, the quicker and more prominently you will be able to see the hidden image.

Another trick to this is to squint your eyes for a few seconds and you will see the image appear. It will take a few tries and it takes a little while at first, until you eyes adjusts.

Below, I’ve added some photos for you to give it a go. Comment below what you think the images are and if you are unable to, please send me a message and I will be happy to share what the hidden image is!

Have fun!

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