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A Bloggers Evening at Moyo – Zoo Lake – JHB

There is something about an ambiance that makes a place that much more memorable, and paired with something close to home, is more than I can ask for. Moyo, Zoo Lake is one of those hidden gems located in the heart of one of the busiest areas in Northern Johannesburg, Emmeretia. 

When I think about Zoo Lake, I think about the many family picnics, the fun doggy-day-outs and the romantic strolls along the waterside. During the summertime, Emmerentia, was also the place we would go to, for a braai and chill with friends or to take a boat ride out while catching some serious rays. 

Moyo is a restuarant that I also thought had a very authentic african background and my eyes were opened to the cuisine they offer. For those that are not particular adventurous when it comes to food, but would like to try some authenic food, they’re perfect. It is always a struggle to find a restuarant that would cater to my halaal/ vegetarian/ pescaterian needs. Most places do not offer a large vegetarian/ seafood option but I was pleasantly surprised that I had my fill at the intimate bloggers evening on the outside deck, overlooking Jozi, surrounded by twinkling fairylights and enjoying light conversation with like-minded individuals. 

The best part of the evening for me, was the warm, family feel that was very present throughout the restaurant. It is quite unheard of, that staff, in this industry, would remain in a set place for too long but with Moyo, there are staff members that have been a part of the Moyo family for decades! Respect certainly goes a long way… 

Treat people with love, care and respect, and their loyalty will be unwavering!

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