A Look into my Makeup Collection – Rimmel London Kits

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A Look into my Makeup Collection – Rimmel London Kits

I feel very fortunate to share this first look into my makeup collection. For some reason watching those YouTube videos where the beauty guru is sorting through tons of makeup, is extremely satisfying to watch.

So today I’m sharing something with you. I just find them so interesting and I am extremely grateful to the brands that have sponsored me with tons of products that I am using and will probably use for a really long time to come.

I also donate products and run giveaways on my blog and social pages so that I can share all of this with my readers, so please keep at eye out on this. 

Today I am focussing on some of the makeup I received from my incredible Rimmel London Family.

From the incredibly chic packaging to the various shades, to the absolutely beautiful theme behind each of the packages, I am in awe at the effort work that goes into each of these press drops. I’m always get so excited seeing these arrive because I never know what to expect.

These are so aesthetically pleasing and yet, extremely convenient storing as well. 

The Deep Red MATTE Box
The Lip Liners
I’ve always bought a bunch of lip pencils because I love the easy application, matte finished, precise way of applying a color to my lip, so with these roll-up fine tip lip liners I was excited to try them out.
They are very well saturated and goes on incredibly easily. The colors in the palette are very nice and also serves as a great liner before applying the desired lipstick shade to your lips. This also creates a few more lipstick shades. Honestly, I could just use these lip liners as the color of the day and not even apply anything over them.

The Matte Lipsticks
Firstly, I have to mention that they smell soooo good!!! I think I am a little bit weird, bit I always smell makeup. These are some blushes that just have such a sweet smell, but then there are some products that have chemically gross smells. After watching a whole bunch of Kylie lip kit tutorials on YouTube, apparently the smell is quite horrific. But I am yet to try them.
The matte lipsticks in this box smell so incredible, they are particularly very pigmented and they have a great, non-sticky finish. The only possible thing that I could fault them is that they do transfer a little bit. The best lipsticks stay on your lips and nothing else, because there is nothing more embarrassing than having lipstick on EVERYTHING!
But other than that, I am so in love with the shades and the nourishing feel when applying these.
My favorite colors are
760    Ain’t no Other
810    The Matte Factor
500    Take the Stage
800    Run the Show
610    High Flyer
110    Leader of the Pink
200    Salute
600    Keep it Coral
750    Look who’s Talking
720    I Dare You
780    90’s Baby!
Okay! So I listed ALL of them here, but I couldn’t decide which I like better. They are all great!
And I know I’m probably giving away my age with this comment, but I also sometimes use lipstick as a crème blush as well. With the amazing matte colors in the box, I simply sweep my blush brush/my finger across the lipstick and use a tiny little bit to dab on the apples of my cheeks.
Having pretty much nude makeup with a bright lip is an ultimate classic that will never go out of style to me.

The Dark Orange Box

Eye Shadow Palettes

I always look for eye shadow palettes that have a good balance of both shimmery colors and matte colors; and each of these palettes had such amazing soft and gentle colors, as well as the darker colors that could be worn in a very light way, or build on the color to create the more bold looks.There are literally no limits to the amount of looks that can be created using these palettes. There are collectively 24 colors in this box.

Three beautiful Palette with eight colors each:

1.    London Nudes Calling

2.    Grunge Glamour

3.    Keep Calm and Wear Gold


Eye Brow Gels

I’ve always wanted to try an actual eyebrow gel, because up until this point, I’d been using a little hairspray on my eyebrow brush/ spoolly because it tames the crazy eyebrow hair and does the same job. I’ve received one clear gel, which goes on pretty light and doesn’t feel like I’ve pasted Vaseline on my brows. One tinted gel for blonde hair; which I tried on my dark brown brows thinking that I was going to look like Kim K at the Met Gala when she tinted her brows blonde, but I opted for a more natural looking lighter finish but I still looked quite ridiculous. There is a medium brown color, which I think looked quite nice on me because I have some low lights in my hair, and this softened my makeup just a little, balancing out the darker frame of my face.

And then there is a dark brown and besides the clear gel, looked the best on me. Went with my natural hair color and I felt a lot more polished and well put together


The two mascara’s were also slightly different from one another, because the one wand was slightly thinner, creating a more natural looking eye. Neither one of these clumped my eye lashes together, which I love the most. Other times I have to comb through my eye lashes so that it looks more natural. After doing my eye shadow, especially for daytime, adding that little bit of light weight mascara is the best finish to have Hollywood worthy glowing eyes.

1.    Extreme Black/ NOIR Intense

2.    Length + Definition Mascara/ Extra Long Lash


The Eye Liners

I always love having to extend my eye liner just a little bit, with a subtle flick, a cat eye or full on Amy Winehouse. And these eye liners are perfect for all of those looks. I must admit, I do need a little more practice because after applying the perfect fine line to my one eye, I think I have a little jump for joy inside that causes me to over line the other eye. That always leads to singing Valerie and they’re tryna make me go to Rehab.. but I said no! no! no!

Getting them even the first time with these, over the weekend, I was so impressed with myself! The one mascara has a fine tip which allowed me to line very close to the lid and the other mascara had an angled tip which made it so much easier to glide across my lid, gradually thickening the line to the desired weight.

I am definitely impressed with the products.

1.    Thick and Thin Eyeliner

2.    Precision Micro Eyeliner

The Bright Orange

I have covered this in a post already, so please check that out HERE


The Grey Box

One of the hugest trends to hit 2017 was very defined brows.. so receiving this beautiful set of brow perfecting products was really great.

I do have a strong brow naturally but this helps me look a lot more chic and refined.

My brows grow really funny, because I don’t touch the shape at all, there will be a few stray hairs here and there but I really don’t do much. With this incredible kit, I can obtain that flawless finish without being to made up.

The best part about this kit is that these are powdered products and you can really build the product on nicely. So much control. I like the colours and also play around as my hair changes colour, so it blends quite nicely depending on the shade I use. 

This kit also included the SHAKE mascara that is so much fun to use, and it works like a dream!

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