About Me

Growing up I have always loved doing things that sparked my creativity. I found a passion in Writing at an early age and remember clearly how I used to write stories about dragon caves and unicorns! My dad used to proof read all my short stories because I could barely spell properly at the time. My passion for writing only grew as I got older and that’s when I discovered that through writing, I could share my stories with the world.

I enjoy capturing moments. Photography makes time stand still and enables me to teleport back in time to relive an experience through my photographs. Sometimes remembering the time a photograph was taken, is like being there once again. A photograph is usually taken in times of joy, so it’s like a teleportation from one joyous moment to the next.

I ventured out, trying a bunch of different types of photography, from portraiture (my favourite), to events and even did a few weddings.

Through this I have learnt that I enjoy photography in each and every way.

 I find that sometimes my memory is not sufficient to remember all the details of a place, a person or a time, so having these moments captured is a great way to remember it all.

I also had quite a unique sense of style growing up, especially exploring my personal fashion style and ideas of beauty, I just think it is a fun and creative way to get to know ourselves with all our different edges.

I always tried to play around with my appearance and explore the limitations and the rules society puts on what should be acceptable or not. From my clothes or my hair, to my makeup I have tried pretty much everything, and a lot of people didn’t understand or like some of the looks, but the most important part of it all is how it makes me feel.

 With my ever so creative sense, I was intrigued by the idea of designing my own pieces. I started designing my own line. Starting at a comfortable place like accessories (head crowns, jewellery and chokers) and tried my hand at clothing very recently. It is still a work in progress but I am excited to explore this a lot more in the future.

I even extended this designing ideas when creating my blog logo and collaborative design on my website as well. I am not too much of a technical person so for the very techno stuff, I leave to the professionals.

I also wanted a place or a purpose to bring people together and with that I started a non-profit club for like-minded people to enjoy my time with. By hosting events and allowing people to enjoy good, clean fun with me, is a dream come true.

I have a special gift for spreading love and always try my best to get involved in Humanitarian Work. To help others makes my heart explode with joy! I have hopes of becoming a true goodwill ambassador one day and strive to get closer to that dream every day. I believe in the saying “A little goes a long way” and I know that even if we go slowly, a step in the direction of peace, is far more important that standing still.

I also seem to find myself in a wanderlust, to travel and explore the beautiful earth. A sense of escape from the tall buildings and square boardrooms, to explore a land other than my own or in that confined land, discover other avenues that I never knew was right there, waiting for me.