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Aunty Merle – The Musical – Joburg Theatre

What a fantastic production!

I cannot say enough about how relatable this show is.. I may not be from Cape Town but being ‘coloured’ or ‘malay’ as we call it, it was as though it was based on our upbringing. There were so many things said in the dialogue of the show, that my family and friends use frequently and up until right now, I didn’t realise how funny it actually is!

Marc Lottering was pretty sensational and all of the performers are so incredibly talented… I got chills a few times!

I laughed out loud most of the time and upon leaving…we met a (caucasian) lady in the lift and she said “I’ve never wanted to be coloured, more than I do now!” I don’t know about you, but I think that was quite the statement! It pretty much sums up just how great the show was!

I’m definitely taking my family to watch the show! It’s going to be showing at The Joburg Theatre for the next month, do yourself a favour and go and check it out.

Also saw a bunch of old friends and family at the show and also met some new faces. I love times where we can interact with each other and create new memories.

When we got back from the show I was trying out some ALIEN makeup looks because I’m sure we all know how obsessed I am with extra terrestrials!!! EXTRA being the operative word!

I would like to create a few makeup looks in the coming months and add some tutorials to my YouTube channel. So keep an eye out for those if you’re keen to see me play around with some makeup.

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