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Bonafide Man -Autumn is the new Black

Bonafide Man -Autumn is the new Black

Many people see autumn as the start to a very bland and dull season. It’s time to change that perspective.

By embracing the season change, we can get excited to wear attractive and trendy styles this autumn. By wearing colours in a specific way, you can be the one who stand out!

Autumn 2016 is the season of cream, white, grey, brown and ofcourse, black. Mix and match these colours and I can promise you, every person will be taking a second look. Olive is seen as the new winter colour, but I will talk more about that in May.

When picking an outfit to step out the house with in autumn, aim for the colours specified above. The shoes below are a great representation of autumn all in one. We have black, cream, brown and grey. Any pair of chinos that match even the MINOR colours on the shoe will look good, i.e. brown, cream or grey chinos.

Play with shirt colours, as long as you don’t end up looking like a Christmas tree. A little touch of blue, red or green can pull those dull colours together and make you look awesome!! Aldo have a good range of autumn colour sneakers this year for around R500. 

Boots are also the new “must wear” this autumn. Get yourself a good pair of genuine leather boots (black, grey, cream or brown) with a matching belt of course and you can pull your look together. Tread & Miller have an incredible range of genuine leather footwear with very high quality stitching. I bought my Arthur Jack boots there for only R1200.

Below are a couple looks I put together with my new brown Arthur Jack boots. Sticking to my rules last week, you can see I have matched the boots with a brown belt.

Changing it up with a different coloured jean/chino and or shirt, you can add a lot more colour to your look. As you can see, three completely different looks yet the same pair of shoes and belt.

Include a brown jacket when the temperature drops and there you have it. Stylish without major effort!!

Now go get your autumn shoes, play around with different colour pants/shirts and pull it all together with a warm jersey or jacket, corresponding to the shoe colour.

Come back next week for “Profile Products” where I will be discussing some great products for men.


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