#BeTheVibe – Newscafe – Midrand

#BeTheVibe – Newscafe – Midrand

Being Muslim, it becomes a little bit more difficult to find places that will accommodate our dietary requirements. It’s great that more people are catering to vegetarian and even vegan options, but NewsCafe has gone above and beyond for my mom and I, when we decided to head over to Midrand for a quick breakfast. 

From the very convenient little green “V” alongside all their vegetarian options, on the menu, to the friendly, accommodating staff, we managed to have a delicious meal. I also thought that the Newscafe brand was more catered to snacks and meals that you normally have later in the day. We were pretty impressed by the large variety of breakfast options. 

I have never really been much of a #Foodie but I certainly must say, maybe I ought to be one. 

The food came in no time at all and to be honest, I chose items that I thought would be pleasing to the eye, so I can get a good pic… because Hey! It’s not everyday I get to review a quirky, cool restaurants! The food was as pretty as promised and it tasted as pretty as it looked! For once! Don’t you hate it when you crave for something really badly, and you finally get it, but it doesn’t quite hit the spot?  Maybe it’s because I didn’t really know what to expect or maybe I was really hungry but the food was GOOD.

The Midrand branch really has a vibe, there were a few middle-aged people having a very chilled morning sipping on aesthetically pleasing drinks and I have a new found likeliness to large black coffee mugs. 

The prices were also not bad, especially considering the portion sizes and they also offered us a complimentary bowl of salad and may I just add that they use the BEST feta cheese there is! My mom and I ended up picking out all the Feta… which is exactly the reason I should probably not become a serious Foodie! 

It’s a really great place to unwind and just chill… go to Midrand Newscafe to #BeTheVibe

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