Bonafide Blog Events – They said Take a Hike, so we Did!

I have a friend that never really liked working out but she loved being out in nature and walking. She made a pact to herself that she will make an effort to go hiking as often as she possibly could, signed up for 5km walks and social walking events, and she not only made a bunch of new friends, felt healthy & fit…but she also transformed her body completely!

She has inspired me with her incredible journey and I would like to add this to our social club events as well. We would like to go on weekly hikes or as often as possible and to try and find beautiful places in our city and beyond.

We started with one of my favorite places, got some friends and family together and we went on the most beautiful hike at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Roodepoort, JHB.

We ended our hike off with some garden games, like Twister and had a lovely picnic with our special people.

We have been researching some more places and I look forward to many more hikes in nature. Nature gives me a truly special feeling that cannot even be explained or described, it simply has to be felt.

If you would like to join us on our adventures, be sure to Like our Facebook Page and keep an eye out for our next event. We will also be posting an event calendar to our pages, so be sure to check it out.

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