Bonafide Events – Robin Hood Event – Postponed

Hi Adventurous Souls!

So it has come to our attention that perhaps the timing of this event was not suited to the masses. It is before pay day which I always seem to forget about, being one of the lucky few getting paid on the 20th of the month so we will be more mindful of this, when planning events going forward. 

We have also come to the realisation that The Bonafide Launch was on 1 September meaning, if we had the event on 24 September, that would be two events in one month.. Look! we got a little excited ok 🙂

We have received a lot of interest with regard to the Robin Hood Event because everyone is keen to go  Horse Riding and to try their hands at Archery. With all this said, we have decided to postpone this event for October instead. 

This will give you all enough time to

Save some money,

Plan Ahead

To get your hands on some tickets, well in advance, because as mentioned, the space is limited. 

The new tickets will go up as soon as we have confirmed the new dates. We will also be releasing the planned Bonafide Calendar very soon. That way, you will get the when, what and where for all events in the upcoming months! We are excited to live the adventure with all of you! 

We hope that this journey is as exciting for YOU as it is for US.

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