BonafideMan – Classic Man

BonafideMan – Classic Man

When it comes to Classis Styling for men, I follow 4 Simple rules.

Follow these and you will always be on point!



We, as guys, have all heard of “Peacocking” and yes, it’s a real thing! If you’re stepping out, best you step it up!

Maintain this rule and you will be the alpha when it comes to standing out in the crowd.



Always match the colour of your shoe; to the colour of your belt, or even your shirt.

Doing this brings about a sense of style, no matter how “vintage” your trouser is. Get your colour matches correct and you could look good in pretty much anything, if the fit is perfect.

Which brings me to…



When it comes to Shirts and Trousers, Size certainly matters. We all hope that we will be 5kgs lighter by summer, or look out for those 5 extra kgs after a nice holiday, but never buy clothes for what you “might” look like in a few months. Get a couple well fit pants (regular waist with slim style fit around the upper and lower leg), followed by a long length, mid cut shirt.



Accessorising is not only for woman. Nothing screams style more than a good-looking watch or man bracelet. Go classic, basic watch face with a leather or metallic strap…I prefer leather. Add an anchor bracelet to bring your look together. Most importantly, stay away from fitness watches when going out.

Have a look at the following Instagram pages for ideas: @nyincredibles or @_universaltime_

For some great finds, visit the following stores:

Country Road

The best colour and season coordination of all men shops. CC man is one of my favourite brands to buy clothes from. They stay on par will all styles and men’s fashion changes.

Follow them on Instagram: @countryroad #countryroadman.

Kingsley Heath

When looking for silky soft printed shirts, KH is the place to go. Their shops have a “real man” feel about them. When walking into this store, you get smacked with a perfect scent of quality followed by a huge buffalo head! You will see their relaxed style vibes with a real casual African look. I can guarantee that your significant other won’t stop feeling you up.

Follow them on Instagram: @kingsleyheath94 and Facebook: Kingsley Heath Clothing.

Woolworths Man

The one-stop shop for all shapes and sizes. WM has the best variety of stylish and fashionable clothing that are affordable. Known to always be on par with the latest fashion trends, you can pick up the best fitted chinos and mono coloured shirts without breaking your budget.

Focus on the following sections: EST1931 range (For great chinos &trousers), StudioW and WCollection for formal wear.

Embracing the season change, we can get excited to wear attractive and trendy styles this autumn!

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