Bucket List 2020 – Run a 5km Marathon/ Participate in a Parkrun (#53)

Before lockdown, my sister and managed to go on a few Parkrun’s and let me be the first to say, it wasn’t what I expected. Growing up, we’ve always been pretty active. Did karate, go on hikes, go to the gym and try as much as we can to do fun things outdoors, regularly.

I thought running the entire 5kms would be a breeze! But little did I realise, the rough, inconsistent terrain and the timeline of finishing played a part in making this 5kms not a breeze at all, especially also considering the summer heat at 8am. I never realised just how unfit I actually was! I felt rather old and in definite need of doing better. A lot better.

There were a bunch of people I thought would help me kick off at an easy pace, and having a few first-timers there as well, helped a lot. It was harder than I thought but it was encouraging because now I had motivation to join every weekend.

Nadia has always been a little beast with any physical activities and she’s motivation enough for anyone trying to become a gladiator! Fast-forward a few weeks of doing Parkrun, even went alone one weekend which was a major step for me especially as the cold weather started creeping in. COVID hit right when we started taking it all more seriously, we had set up our Parkrun accounts and linked our Vitality to our numbers.

We also ended up buying those little waist-belts for our phones and car-keys and a little water bottle that fits pretty snug in the belt for a great hands-free run. Our finishing times got shorter and our bodies started adjusting nicely to the terrain and the level of fitness slowly started improving.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with running, but I certainly started loving it a little more than I was hating it. I started prepping Duke, my Labrador, to also start enjoying the run with us, by taking him to the field over the weekdays so that he’ll be ready for weekends when we get to take him. The pandemic came along very quickly after that and never got to tag him along.

I am patiently waiting for Parkrun to start again. Nadia and Duke are pretty much as ready as I am and I can’t wait for the day when we get to enjoy the run again, all together. There are so many times I wish that things were different. That this pandemic never happened, but every day I realise one more reason that it’s been a blessing.

I can’t believe I just called it a blessing, but when I think about the reset it has granted Earth and so many people who needed it, that were at their breaking points, I realise how truly Magnificent Devine timing truly is.

We needed this

And it came right at the time we needed it the most.

But there are many moments when I realise that it’s been really tough for others. Stuck inside, and I pray for them every day. I really wish we as a human race, can find the balance. To realise that there is enough for everyone if we could only learn to share. TO BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER.

Coming back to ticking Parkrun off my Bucket List felt amazing. The lesson with doing the run was not about winning the race or feeling good after the first run…it was about showing up! And I did that a few times and that is what made it so worthwhile. I was actually pretty bad on my first run but hey… it’s a great place to start. Can only get better, going forward.

Tackle your list, just start somewhere.

It’s not about winning the race, but simply just participating!

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