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Calum Scott #OnlyHuman Tour – JHB – South Africa

I’m always fascinated by Talent shows because of the rags to riches stories than comes with it. I also REALLY love music and the different, unique talents people have. I always question myself as to what I would even do if I were to enter a competition like that!

Calum Scott is incredibly talented and has grown so insanely successful in what seems to be no time at all! Simon Cowell hit the Golden Buzzer for Calum when he auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent. Most people know this already, but he was visibly so nervous, as his sister auditioned as well and was rejected just before he went on. Even during his performance after the crown went absolutely crazy for him, he didn’t realise just how great his performance was.

When it was announced that he was going to tour South Africa I knew I wanted to go. I was lucky enough to get media passes so I got to take my camera along.

You’re welcome to check out my photos from the day HERE.

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