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Closed. Winter Essentials with Dove – Featuring – Derma Spa Indulgent Hand Treatment x RubyBox

Healthy skin and hair starts with shower care and a brand I have trusted through the years, has been Dove. Dove has never stopped improving their formula’s and adding more and more moisturising oils and essence to create products that are gentle and good for your skin and hair.
They have added shea butter to their classic Beauty Cream Bar and it is so creamy, you just know that it is actually good for you, even after your shower, your skin doesn’t feel dry or tight as though it is screaming for body lotion. Therefore, a healthy skin care routine starts with great, nourishing products that feed your skin with the goodness it needs.

Summer has very quickly left us and I didn’t even realise that winter was upon us until I felt how dry and pale my hands were! Something you immediately notice the moment you meet someone, also the one thing you cannot really hide because, well, we do everything with our hands.
It has always been a huge deal for me to have soft, nourished hands and it is somewhat of a struggle every winter. Since discovering Derma Spa Indulgent Hand Treatment, it has become my holy grail of winter! RubyBox and Dove has put together a Winter Pamper Hamper and I couldn’t be more thankful! Every product in the hamper is packed with all the goodness our hair and bodies need, especially in the dry and harsh winter air.
I’ve touched (pun intended) briefly on the Hand Treatment above, it is quite thin, extremely creamy and absorbs almost completely into your skin so it doesn’t leave any greasy or oily residue. You skin feels immediately more smooth and silky soft. I could honestly go on about this hand cream for an entire day but trust me, it is a true game-changer! I’ve never found anything like this in other hand-treatments and one would have to be made, to match its goodness.
Moving on to underarm with Invisible Dry Anti-perspirant. As we all pack on the clothes the colder it gets, we need a deodorant that will fight through all those layers and leave us feeling fresh and dry. Invisible Dry has been tested on 100 colours so you never have to worry about your beautiful garments getting ruined by deodorant anymore. The spray bottle is also extra gentle and packed with moisturising cream so isn’t like other deodorant that wet your entire underarm and clothes as it goes on. It also keeps your underarm dry throughout the day.
Moving on to something that also tends to feel that climate change, our hair. A healthy, nourished scalp is what allows our hair to grow faster and for our hair to not only look good, but feel good as well. Over the years and trying my way through different products and brands, my skin started feeling a little more sensitive to the harsher products, usually filled with too many ingredients and a few chemicals. I’ve found that Dove is the gentlest on my scalp, my hair and my hands.
I once had a reaction to a shampoo I used and my hands started burning like crazy and went intensely red with inflammation. We don’t always realise how harsh a product can be until it scars or burns us and we’re forced to learn the hard way. I switched back to Dove and now using the Nourishing Oil Care- Daily conditioning treatment -with NUTRI oils and with this campaign, I am trying the Treatment Mask with NUTRI oils, as well. It is vital to treat your hair with a deep conditioner at least once a week and this one is not heavy or oily. There is nothing worse than having a product that is so intense it makes your hair feel heavy after you dry it or one that makes your hair appear dirty because the oil is just sitting on your hair strands, clumping them together.
RubyBox and Dove has given me the opportunity to join this awesome campaign, to not only, try these products but to also give some gorgeous Pamper Hampers to my friends and readers. Their chance to experience this incredible range of products as well.

BY Nadia Nel
I have always seen the invisible dry alcohol free antiperspirant Spray Deodorant but never understood what all the fuss was about, until I started using it. I was given a pack of Dove goodies to review and Oh man am I a believer. It’s so gentle on your skin, feels as though it makes your armpits softer somehow.  Derma spa goodness for dry skin: This hand treatment most definitely works from your first try. It feels creamy, makes your skin feel softer and smells delicious at the same time. The best part is that it’s not oily just moisturises your hands. Soap bar – shea butter: I always enjoyed using the original dove but I think I can honestly say I’m exploring the new flavours, scents of the Dove soap range?? Yummmm and it leaves you smelling good and super clean all day. Treatment mask hair: After you shampoo rinse your hair well and apply the mask to you wet hair. Leave it in and brush out your hair. Feel how soft your hair feels, rinse well and you need not apply conditioner. The Dove mask leaves your hair feeling healthy, clean and smells so good you’d want to eat it. Do this once a week and use the Conditioner for everyday use. Though I would recommend washing your hair every other day. It allows your hair and scalp to produce its natural oils slower, washing your hair everyday promotes excessive production of oils…in other words, your hair gets greasy quicker.

BY Naziela Gangat
Wow, thank you so much Tazz Adams and Dove for sending me these awesome products to try. The antiperspirant deodorant keeps me dry and soft all day and has a nice fresh smell that lasts and lasts. The Shea butter and Derma Spa products give my hands and skin a lovely soft velvety feel… Loving it. The Nourishing oil Care Hair products are absolutely amazing and perfect for my frizzy hair especially  during these winter months… Now I have beautiful shiny hair that does not frizz. With all these wonderful products … I feel spoiled and pampered every day. Yours Sincerely, Naz

BY Wady Adams
I have always used Dove bar soap, underarm spray and body lotion the normal, but the different ‘flavours’ now…just love it!  The soap leaves your skin feeling soft as always and the new formula with shea butter smells divine and your skin feeling really soft. The spray is sure invisible dry, as it doesn’t stain your clothes and it keep you fresh all day and smelling awesome.  Derma Spa Goodness, well always suffering with dry skin, I can definitely say I found the answer in Derma spa Goodness for dry skin, it keeps my skin soft, smells amazing and moist all day long.  Treatment Conditioning Mask: I have tried the Nourishing oil care after  shampooing and while my hair is still wet, and then brushing my hair, it feels so soft and  it is so much more manageable.. Once I’ve rinsed the product off well, I apply the Nourishing oil care, which feels incredibly soft, clean and beautiful. My hair feels and smells amazing… Thank you Dove and Tazz for awesome goodies!
Now for the Giveaway!!! There will be four lucky winners!
Two winners will be chosen between my Blog + YouTube Platforms.
Two winners will be chosen across my Social Media Pages (Instagram + Facebook + Twitter)
The giveaway is super simple, over the next week I will be posting content to my platforms, as I usually do, BUT I will be checking the engagements and counting comments and the most engaged people will win.
Every comment counts! Add #BonafideXDove to your comments so that I know you want to win!
My Schedule:
YouTube: Upload two videos every week (Wednesdays and Saturdays)
Blog: Upload 2-3 weekly (Usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes on another weekday too)
Social Media: Daily Uploads, shared across all platforms. 
Ps. It helps to Follow and Subscribe to each of the platforms and there are Notification Bells on YouTube and Social Media, so you will get notified every time I post. It is super easy to activate this bell notification and it ensures that you never miss my posts.
Good Luck!

Winners who do not respond (with details) to Giveaway announcements made, post competition, will no longer be viable for their prize after 2weeks. 

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The Royal Run-down & ghd Princess Hair How To

The Royal Run-down & ghd Princess Hair How to
Not sure if you got a chance to watch the wedding of the year on Saturday? The Royal ceremony between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but it was basically what fairy-tales are made of!
Meghan had the most beautiful natural makeup and sleeked back hair. Her simple look took it back to when  makeup was to enhance your natural beauty and not like the brink-of-crazy-face-altering-makeup that’s been trending over the last year. 

She had a stunning natural glow and a flawless complexion, I’m honestly not entirely over how beautiful she is! He is the Prince every girl hopes for, the one who gasps when he sees you and then ever-so-gracefully wipes away the tears from his eyes! You can see how in awe they are of each other and if not for that, it wouldn’t be as warming to witness. The little whispers of words they shared with each other was incredible to see, it was as though neither one of them had an atom of nervousness, even though the entire world was at the edge of their seats! 
What an incredible vision they were… 

There is nothing more beautiful than  witnesses the pure love two people share for each other. 
Now for her perfectly chic, classic low bun hair-style…
Here is a  step by step guide to recreate Meghan Markle’s beautiful low bun wedding hair as well as the step by step of how to recreate Kate Middleton’s hair look from the Royal Wedding 2018 ~ Quotes by Adam Reed, ghd global brand ambassador.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the wedding Live, or if you miss parts of it, I’m pretty sure the world posting photos and videos all over social media will be sufficient enough to feel as though you were there as well. 
Or watch the full video here. You’re welcome 😉

Fairytales have led us to believe the anything is possible and for some, Meghan marrying a Prince has been a dream come true. There is a lot of content on the internet and official interviews where the couple shared that they met on a date set up by mutual friends, Meghan only had one question prior to the date, “Is he a nice person” because if he wasn’t, was there really a point for them to meet. One might say the months thereafter everything changed for both of them and today they are married! 
Watching videos and seeing photo’s of Meghan’s incredible and difficult past, has been so overwhelmingly heart warming and I want to say that I am proud of where she is today, but I fear that may seem underwhelming, because she is a truly incredible woman! Watch this childhood video and thank me later… 

I also found myself in a wormhole of Royal Googles and landed on a few videos on the strict rules that Royals are to follow. I found it extremely intriguing and thought I would share with you. (Credit : Harpers Bazaar) 

Hope you enjoyed this Royal little chat with me. Please comment below if you watched the wedding and what your favourite parts were. 

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Limited Edition Range of Original Labello

Limited Edition Range of the Original Labello
Growing up, I’ve always used Labello and I’m sure you’ve all seen from my recent posts and giveaways that I still use Labello in my daily routine. It’s always fun to try out the different flavours and colours of your favorite products but after trying a bunch of different ones, it’s like your body and skin just wants the basic stuff. No? Well, that usually happens to me, so sometimes I end up just popping on some good ‘ol lip balm on my lips; no flavour, no scent, especially at night after I’ve completed my night-time routine or after being in the sun all day and my skin feels a bit more sensitive. 

With this new Limited Edition Range, Labello is offering six different colours of the original Labello and to make it even better, there is a competition to win a Polaroid Camera when you’ve collected all six colours. Labello South Africa sent me this beautiful box and kickstarted my collection with two of the colours already! 

I’ve always wanted an Polaroid camera and it is kinda fun going on a mission to finding the other four colours and the idea of winning a camera is always fun! 
Have you guys seen the new glitter packaging in stores yet? How many have you already collected? 

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TRESemmé – Reinvention Of Smooth x Beauty Bulletin

TRESemmé – Reinvention Of Smooth – Beauty Bulletin
I don’t know about you but my hair needs special attention so that it will continue to look healthy and luscious even with the dry, cold air of winter. I am excited to try this new range of Reinvention of Smooth by TRESemmé. 
TRESemmé also seemed a little light for my thick hair and never really felt a huge difference using TRESemmé in the past but with this new range containing Marula Oil and Keratin, it is bound to make a positive difference. 

This new range includes:
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo 750ml
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner 750ml
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Mask 300ml
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil 50ml
I’m also quite excited about the new RED packaging because I’m so used to the classic Black & White packaging TRESemmé is known for. 

I am going to be reviewing these products over the next month and I’m going to wash, style and maintain my hair the way I normally do, using these products, so I’m excited to give you guys feedback after this trial period. 
After my first wash, I felt the difference in my hair, I will have to see if it is a lasting difference but I definately feel that I will use this product for a long time to come. I value opinions that will save me from wasting money purchasing products that have been advertised that is not actually very good, so I will always do honest reviews. I’ve tried TRESemmé in the past but it did not measure up to the way I liked my hair to feel and look. I felt that it was somewhat of a topical treatment that didn’t improve the true nourishing feel of my hair. With this new formula and the added ingredients, Keratin and Marula Oil, I would definately recommend this range of products. 
I have written a review on Beauty Bulletin and with exactly what I’ve been doing and I feel an incredible difference! From the shampoo until you get to the oil treatment for that added silkiness, it makes your hair feel so soft! I have to keep myself from touching and playing with my hair constantly but it just feels and looks so great. 
I’ve also done a very short tutorial on how I create effortless mermaid waves on my YouTube Channel. I don’t usually use a hair dryer to dry my hair but in winter it is imperetive that my hair is thoroughly dry before bed.

I love a routine where I make the least amount of effort, with the best results!

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Yardley London SA- Bond ST No.8 -For MEN (Turquoise)

Yardley – Bond ST No.8 For MEN( Turquoise) 
I know I’ve said it many times before but I simply LOVE when somebody smells good! It makes them about 100 times more attractive! 
Yardley just launched their latest Bond ST cologne for men and it smells basically the same as it looks…Fresh! In my humble opinion, it is my favorite scent in the Bond ST range so far. I love an out-of-shower, cool scent that has that subtle hint of muskiness and this is one of those scents. It smelt so good to me that I wasn’t entirely sure it was even for men! 
The Bond ST is known for its musky scents and when I saw the beautiful, beachy vibe of the packaging I couldn’t wait to tear in to smell the actually perfume. It is so aesthetically pleasing and with my beach inspired room decor, it goes perfectly. Okay, I know I’m supposed to be focussing on the scent but just look at this Bronze and Turquoise beauty! 

I took this incredibly basic photo because I don’t think this stunning packaging needs much else? My photo was surprisingly featured on the official Yardley London SA page on Instagram and I can hardly take the credit because… Look at it!
This cologne also comes with a deodorant so you don’t have to mix your stunning scent with anything else to stay fresh. It is always a struggle trying not to mix up your different products in your everyday routine and now you don’t have to… Score!
The Bond ST perfumes and colognes are extremely affordable and they retail at most drugstores like Clicks. Because with these perfumes a little goes a long way, you are really getting a lot of value for your money. I have three of the Bond ST perfumes and I’ve been using them for months, they are far from running out, yet I use a tiny bit, often, and receive a ton of compliments whenever I wear them. 
I definitely suggest that you go and try the Bond ST range of perfumes and colognes and give this new Turquoise cologne a little whiff the next time you pass by a Clicks store.
Thank me later 😉

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Neccesary Grooming Rituals We ALL Need – Body Hair

Neccesary Grooming Rituals We ALL Need – Body Hair
It’s so important to find a good routine when it comes to grooming. A lot of people out there, assume that investing in expensive, quality products are what makes the difference in looking and smelling good.
But in most cases, people don’t realise that those products does absolutely nothing when basic grooming habits are not met.
Bodily hair is a normal and natural thing but when it is unkempt, no matter what products you use on top of that, wouldn’t make a difference. Not only for woman but men too.
Hygiene is so much more important than buying expensive products. I’m not sure if you’ve ever come across this but have you ever smelt a weird body odour that you can’t pass off as bad but also not exactly good? This is when somebody trying to mask bad body odour or poor grooming, with ‘quality perfumes and products’. I’m not saying dirty but perhaps a little unkempt. Think about this, sometimes people are overly hairy, so the product struggles to reach the skins surface, with that, that product cannot do what it is expected to do.
Also hair acts as another layer above the skin that is basically covering the surface of the skin, making it harder for your skin to breathe.
I am a strong believer in keeping everything groomed and clean at all times and with the many different options, it is definitely no excuse to dismiss grooming.
–        Laser treatments (Lasts for months to permeant solutions)
–        Waxing and treading (Lasts several weeks)
–        Shaving/ Hair removal creams and gels (Lasts for several days)
Depending on your unique hair growth, there are certainly options for you.
Some of these are painful and some of these are as pain-free as applying body lotion.
These also differ in accessibility, as most/all of these are available at salons or even readily available for home-use.
Speaking of home use, there are natural options that you can use, using actual natural products from you home.
–        Honey and Sugar wax
–        Cotton treading
There are so many options to feeling and looking more radiant and beautiful.
Costs for these treatments also range from very expensive to very affordable. You just have to find the option that works for you.
These options are to remove the hair altogether, but if you would like to trim or cut, that’s also an option, it is important to remember that we are not living in the caveman days where being unkempt was a thing.
It is so much cleaner and healthier to keep groomed. Anybody appreciates a well-groomed person. 
Beards and man-buns are still going super strong and a lot of men are joining in on the trend, but not enough men are grooming themselves properly, so they just look homeless or like dirty farmers. It’s not cute! I am a fan of this trend and always have been, I mean, have you seen Jason Mamoa?! Okay even for him, he sometimes looks a little ratchet, but when he is well groomed, there is nothing better to look at!

Amina’s Dermal Clinic is one of those incredibly exclusive salons that does pretty much everything, from waxing, threading, laser treatments (including skin treatments), facials, massages, just to name a few. They have a jam-packed ‘menu’ of all the services they offer. If you would like to try them out, please use my contact page for their contact details or check out their amazing website.
They are extremely affordable and Amina spends time to satisfy every customer  each in of their sessions. I’ve been going to ADC for years now and have been very happy with all of my treatments. Amina is also a Dermalogica stockist and uses a wide range of their amazing products for your treatments, she also sells these Dermalogica products to you for continuous use at home after your treatments. 

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NEW Yardley Raincoat Mascara Top Coat

NEW Yardley Raincoat Mascara Top Coat
I’ve been using the New Yardley Raincoat Mascara Gel for about a week now and I have to say it does EXACTLY what it says.
I tend to rub my eyes a little too often throughout the day and with that my eye makeup doesn’t last too long. Sometimes I skip my eye makeup altogether, but mascara is one of those items that I feel is necessary every day.
It opens your eyes up and makes you look and feel somewhat more awake. I will very often just wear some mascara, a lip-gloss and some powdered blush. I honestly think that is enough for everyday wear.
When I feel like doing a full-face of makeup, which naturally includes foundation and powder and eyeliner and eye-shadow and mascara and setting spray an… the list could go on for days! It’s always good to have light weight products that will not weigh-down your skin. The thing about water-proof mascara is the insanely long wear and that you could shed a few tears without edning up looking like a racoon, but the downside of that,  is that it is a bit heavier for everyday wear on cooler days when that waterproof factor isn’t really necessary. The formula for waterproof products is quite different to ordinary ones and in my opinion, you shouldn’t use it, unless you actually have to.
Yardley just launched this amazing new product that is a clear gel that gives you the option to choose whether you want your favourite mascara to be waterproof or not. It comes with a really cute applicator brush and the packaging is so pastel and pretty.
 I apply this Raincoat to any one of my favourite mascaras once they have dried. It is my new favourite addition to my very simple daily beauty routine.
It also doubles as an unruly eyebrow tamer. I have started using this product on my eyebrows and honestly my eyebrows stay so perfect throughout the day that I sometimes want to mess it up just to make sure that nobody has pranked me and swapped my product with super glue! Okay that was cheesy but I genuinely had a freak-out moment. With it being waterproof, I thought gosh… how will I get it off. It didn’t come off with water but my brows were back to normal after some makeup remover and a warm shower.
I didn’t have a hair out of place throughout the entire day. I’m super impressed. The product did dry in like a hair gel type feel but didn’t look like I was wearing any product, so that’s a win.

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Green Cross unveils ‘Dylan’ -The Stylish Brogue

Green Cross unveils ‘Dylan’ -The Stylish Brogue
As fashion blurs the gender lines Green Cross unveils their take on the Brogue, an iconic footwear style trending this season.
Crafted using luxurious leather, lightweight platform soles and removable moulded insoles, the Dylan is completed with wingtip detailing.
The Dylan brings contemporary urban style to the brand’s tradition of uncompromising comfort, in creating a sophisticated androgynous look. Beautifully paired with flared pants or oversized trousers, the Brogue is available in black and brown at Green Cross stores nationwide for R1 499.

Here are just a few cool and quirky looks you can play around with, when it comes to styling these chic shoes

I think the Brogue gives your outfit a boost of quirkiness, something you cannot always get from wearing heels, pumps or sneakers. A lot of you may know that I am not too keen on leather goods and I opt for faux leather instead. This is purely a styling post, to inspire your next preppy chic outfit. I have a pair of (faux) navy blue sued brogues and I absolutely live in them. I suddenly feel like Elvis with My Blue Sued Shoes.


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I have Rainbow Hair x Clairol Color Crave x RubyBox

I have Rainbow Hair x Clairol Color Crave x RubyBox
I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the lucky bloggers to test the semi-permanent hair colours with RubyBox. Most of you know how much I enjoy changing up my look and hair colour is one of my favorite ways to do so. 
I also tend to get bored way too quickly so semi-permanent hair colour is like a gift on it’s own. 
The best part of this product is the following: 

Contains no ammonia. No peroxide. No parabens 
True tone formula, colour accurate fading that lasts 15+ washes 
Box includes stylist brush for paint on application – perfect for streaks and ombre looks
No mixing required, direct dye formula
No bleach required, but the lighter your hair, the longer the wear 

I was so excited to try this formula because I’ve used Clairol so many times with natural colours like medium brown, dark brown, and a whole bunch in between. This time they’ve created some awesome funky colours (Indigo, Flamingo, Teal, Scarlet, Orchid and Apricot). 
I had a feeling pastel hair colours are going to be a hit this year and with these colours I think it truly definitely will be! With brands like Clairol bringing out these vibrant shades, going pink or blue is as easy as applying product to your hair and rinsing!
I made a video tutorial of exactly how I got my rainbow hair and that will be going up on Wednesday, my usual YouTube upload day! Please do check it out.
I think my Before and After looks pretty cool?

RubyBox was also kind enough to send me some extra colours for some of my friends and readers to try at well. I have given away all the extra colours and here are some of their Before and After photo’s as well. 

Ellen: TBC
Julie: Product easy to apply. Currently washing out as indicated (15 washes). Nice smelling product, no ammonia smell. Hair still really soft after a week.

Shaakira: “I often struggle to commit to one haie colour, change is vital for my image and personality.I would definitely recommend Clairol Color Crave to everyone. The easy application and amzing results left me speechless. Usually one would worry about the damage dye auses but with Color Crave my hair is soft, strong and healthy. I’m truly satisfied ith the end result and will continue using the product.
Jenny: TBC
Busi: Amazing results. Didn’t expect the red to sho so well. Especially under the light. Silk and healthy shine after use of the product. Would recommend it to friends.
The thing that I have noticed about this colour is that it really is True Colour; we’ve compared the colour to each others’ hair and found that they are exactly alike and the colour is pretty even. With the different high’s and lows of my hair the finish is not flat at all. I really think this is quality colour for when you want to change up your look without too much effort.
With some of the amazing colours lately, I’m thinking of adding some more colour to my locks very soon. 

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I visited the coolest Hair Salon in JHB: Haus of Klue

I visited the coolest Hair Salon in JHB: Haus of Klue
First of all happy Tuesday! 
I’m sure by now, some of you have read about my hair ordeal that happened a little while back? If not, please have a peep here. 
After I already went bleach blonde and rose gold, my sister found Haus Of Klue on Instagram. I immediately wanted to book an appointment and couldn’t believe the amazing transformations that take place there. It is about 25 minutes away from my house at a quirky little place in Constantia. 
I don’t know about you guys but I binge watch those hair videos on Instagram and Facebook and when we first came across Haus of Klue, we thought it was going to be one of those overseas places that we will never be able to afford, or even get an appointment. 
Well, we done some research and we were pleasantly surprised that it was local. We called, made an appointment and off we went. Nadia went to do her balayage style and her hair looked incredible and more importantly, felt great. 
I mean look at this transformation

After my ordeal at the other hair salon, I went chocolate brown and started treating my hair as best I could.
A little while after Nadia went, I decided I needed professional help with my hair and Haus Of Klue was the answer. Carla Klue (owner) done a consultation with me to see just how dry and damaged my hair was. She couldn’t believe my horror story, and seems excited to help me get to beautiful hair once again. She is also fully aware of my mermaid/unicorn goals and is willing to take this journey with me. I had my first hair treatment there as well and I must say my hair feels a lot healthier than before. I think this journey is going to be a long one but certainly a worthwhile one. 
This was my first step to getting my hair healthier again

She didn’t add any colour to my hair but it’s shining as though some life has been restored back into every strand. Did I mention how incredible they are? Actually don’t let me tell you, head over to their Instagram and check them out for yourself. 
Also I need to mention that they are extremely affordable and you certainly get your monies worth. 
Another cool thing at the salon, that I NEED to mention is, Carla is not only pedantic about hair, but also when it comes to her Instagram page. She has a little studio with a ring light to take the best pictures of her clients and her incredible work! She was kind enough to pass these along so I thought I’d share them with you.  What are you waiting for? Go check them out! 🙂 

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