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Had a strange experience – Nix & Tee – Dainfern- JHB

With it being event season, I’ve been attending a bunch of events and with that comes a little bit of stress to create content, and publish it in a preferred period of time. I’ve been having a little of a tough time sleeping because of my inconsistent hours and with all that’s going on.  
I was invited to Nix & Tee, which is a lovely wellness clinic where they have some of the coolest tech treatments I’ve ever seen. At a wellness spa, I am all for massages and topical treatments because I’m comfortable knowing what to expect but with this extremely savvy wellness clinic it is certainly not something I thought I needed, until I actually got there. 
I was a little apprehensive because some of the wellness procedures, I’ve read about online, are a little invasive. They offered me a Detoxify, Revive and Destress treatment which takes about 30 minutes. They booked me for one hour so they walked me through some of the other treatments as well. 

The Wellness Clinic 
The aesthetics of the clinic is simple, chic and very pleasing to the eye. It’s a great place to retreat to and the colour scheme is soothing. Everything is well-lit and ‘clean’. They have a number of great additions and will still be growing the ‘team’ to offer even more convenient treatments in one place. They also have a very tech-savvy set-up with all the devices and gadgets they have for us. 

They have a large menu of treatments available, from cellulite treatments to rejuvenating treatments that we don’t always realise we need. It is a little medical and technical for me to try to explain it in the amount of detail it deserves so please do check out the website Here, if you’re interested in learning more and visiting them. 
The Experience : Detoxify, Revive and Destress 
My treatment was so funny. It is like a giant pants that you climb into, and a machine blows air into the pants and then it feels like a ‘squashing’ massage  from your feet all the way to above your waist. It was an unusual feeling, but not painful at all. I drank quite a bit of water before and after the treatment but, and this is probably an overshare, but I had the longest, most satisfying wee of my entire life! LoL! The therapist did mention that because it is a detox, I may go to the loo.. but yo! I didn’t expect that at all. 
Thereafter we talked through some of the other treatments and they took me to “The Chair” now this is where it gets a little strange..
They have a ‘feminine’ treatment, well I’m pretty sure, men are also able to use the chair.. but if you were to sit on the chair for 30 minutes, it is like doing thousands of kegel exercises in a really short amount of time. I sat on the chair to gain an understanding of the sensation for about 2 minutes, and it’s like a electric pulse that I’m sure you’re meant to get used to after a while, but I thought it was a little strange. 
I love their high-tech approach and the very unique treatments they offer that will provide you with some of the best wellness treatments, especially for woman in Johannesburg. 
Do yourself a favour and pay them a visit. 

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I was locked in a room with strangers! – Hint Hunt – Illovo

When I got the invite to experience Hint Hunt. I was initially not sure if I wanted to go. It was from a new PR company and it talks about escaping the norm and getting locked into a room with strangers and trying to get out! Now look… if you’re a little bit weirder than I am, you might actually be intrigued. But I watched all the SAW movies and getting locked up in a room trying to escape from a killer is what was playing over in my mind the entire time.

To make a long story short, call me brave, or call me stupid… but I decided to go and try it out! They have a few branches and I got to experience the one in Illovo, Gauteng.

Hint Hunt originally started overseas and the South African founders thought it would be an amazing experience in South Africa and I am certainly very excited about it. It challenges you intellectually and I’m sure you’ve also played it out in your mind, if you were ever kidnapped, if you were savvy enough to escape and win your freedom.
Let’s cut to the fun bits…
We were divided into three groups and literally locked in a room. There are also different themes and we were in the one, where it’s like a private investigator type setting where a ‘murder’ occurred. The figure of a person was taped to the floor and everything. I think we had a quick start and found little clues within the room. In the end… we were about a few minutes away from actually escaping when our time ran out.
Needless to say I was pretty bummed that we didn’t escape on our own, but our guide showed us just how close we actually were to getting out. While we were in the room, we could hear the echoes and cheers from the other teams who were also reaching milestones throughout the process. Which inspired us to push even further with each cheer.
The success rate of the actual rooms we all got to experience was only about 40% so we are all pretty chaffed with ourselves for getting so close.
It is honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! I wanted to try again immediately when the room was unlocked for us. But there was more fun in store for all of us.

We had some snacks and drinks and then played a few nerve-wrecking rounds of Minute-To-Win-It and I haven’t laughed so hard, as I did with the challenges. It was fun for everyone and you could certainly pick up who the competitive ones were or those ones who you should probably not play 30Seconds with LOL
Overall I had an absolute blast and I even managed to record some clips from my amazing time at the Hint Hunt studio in Illovo. If you would like to check it out, click HERE.  

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FIBO South Africa – Where you can buy a six pack (of ABS) – The Dome, Northgate

If you haven’t lived under a rock for the last few years, you’d know that the fitness world has been on trend and everyone is jumping on it! With that said FIBO Global Fitness South Africa launched this year and there was an amazing 3 day exhibition at The Dome, Northgate in Johannesburg. 

Facebook Memories are pretty awesome because it reminds you that you were weird back in the day and that you’ve progressively gotten so much worse. So you’re bound to be used to it by now. I saw an old status of mine, from 2014: “I am in shape. . . the shape of a potato” . This is still the situation and yet, I somehow always struggle with motivation. Attending the FIBO South Africa expo was by far, the most inspiring places I’ve found myself this year. There were bare six packs staring at me from every corner and I met the beautiful Francesca Policastro from Roma, Italy. If she is not body goals, then I don’t know what is! We had so much fun hanging out with her and she gave us a bunch of tips to try out. She eats every three hours but chooses really good food for the look she wants. I mean.. yes to not starving yourself to drop a few!
She is ripped AF, but still feminine and simply stunning! My silliest fear about working out is your typical girl “I don’t want to look like a man” problem 101. But I also know that that would take a heck of a lot of dedication and hard work before I even show some serious muscle. I will have a good couple of months to decide if I want to become a man looking lady, before it actually happens. Which I am pretty sure will not!
She is extremely fit and petite but as rock hard as her abs are, she still looks feminine and well… approachable. 
I don’t want to gush too much about her, rather see for yourself in my FIBO vlog, we even arm-wrestled each other HERE. 
Being at the expo, has inspired me to not only look after myself better, but to actually hit the gym harder, eat better and the most important thing we should all be doing is limiting sugars and carbs from our diets. The best guidance is to simply lead a better, healthier and more balanced lifestyle. 
Also before I end this post, I want to send a HUGE congratulations to Natasha (@Fitlikemummy) for her incredible transformation journey she embarked on since the beginning of the year. Through injuries and set-backs and she still managed to do so well! Transforming not only her life but her family lifestyle as well! Well done! 

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Pedigree sent my dog, Duke, a HOUSE!

In any career there are milestones, and I think I reached one when I go an email titled “Duke and Tazz”. My initial thought was more along the lines that, somewhere in the universe, there was another Tazz and Duke pair.. and even though my Duke is fury and has four legs.. I couldn’t believe the odds. 
Upon opening the email, I realised that it was actually us! The PR actually knew my little fury kid’s name and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more special. I haven’t posted too often about Duke, so for them to not only know I have him but to actually know him by name, was awesome!
Pedigree went above and beyond with this special treat they sent us.. 

They even had his name printed on the little house! and can I just say, I had so much fun with Duke, trying to take a photo of us with all his treats. He is quite massive so the collar didn’t fit him, to say the least. But he was overjoyed with his new treats! 
We were also invited to a few doggie day events where we could have taken our families (Dogs especially) to an awesome plot in Hartebeespoort Dam, but we were unfortunately not able to attend due to prior commitments. 
From Duke and I, thank you so much Pedigree! 

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Crazy Rich Asians – Film Review

You know those movies when two people fall in love and when he finally takes her home and his mom basically loses her mind, hating on her?
This is one of those movies, but it is SO much more! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the saying:
“There’s always an Asian who does it Better than you”.
But I must say, that certainly is the truth and it is apparent in this movie. You get rich people and they have huge mansions and you get royalty where they have acres of land and castles, then you get Crazy Rich which will just make you question what you are doing with your life.
There is something special about being self-made and not having your wealth handed down to you.
There were so many moments in the movie where I felt my mind being blown! And one of my all-time favourite independent artists, Kina Grannis, does a quick cameo in the movie. I don’t want to give the entire plot of the movie away so let me just say, I got actual chills when she sang. The entire setting and the mood that was created in this movie makes this one of my favourite movies.
The pace was perfect, the cast, the set designs, the humour, the romance, everything was so well thought out and well-executed. The story is almost relatable but also so far out of anything I have ever experienced. It’s just one of those feel-good movies that you could watch more often than what’s probably socially acceptable. I remember leaving the theatre saying to my sister that I wanted to watch it again.

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The first ever ComicCon Africa! #OOTD

I have never seen so many weirdo’s in one place as I did at ComicCon and it was pure bliss! I was majorly bummed about Jason Mamoa not attending that my entire plan of being Aquaman’s wife.. Mera, where I wanted to go all-in with my costumes for the three days of the first ever ComicCon Festival in Africa, that I ended up not doing. 
Okay there are a half a dozen geeks out there hating on the fact that I’m being a typical girl, obsessed with Jason Mamoa but.. give me a break! Have you seen him? Okay before I go on a rant about how I need to marry him, let me try and focus on this post! LoL 
With Jason pulling out of ComicCon, I was super emo about it that I didn’t order an outfit online which means I had to run around on the eleventh hour to actually find something. I must say upfront that I didn’t go all out, as I would normally go for these things but I thought my outfits were pretty rad. 
The first day, I couldn’t make it at all due to prior comitments, so the second day of the festival.. my first outfit was Lara Croft. My awesome PR people hooked me up with a huge Lara Croft hamper a few months ago and I thought, paired with some shorts and some gun straps, I’d be the perfect Croft. This is what I came up with

I guess with the fact that I am using a photo of Angelina Jolie, one can tell that I am an old school geek at heart so with that said, my day two outfit was Chun Li, from Streetfighter. I think she is part of the Legendary comics so had to bring her out to play. Also I ended up using my actual Black Belt that I obtained a couple years ago, doing Karate. 

I had a bunch of people come up to me to ask if I was Chun Li, Jade or some other very new character that I have never heard of. I’d like to think that I am a geek, but when it comes to the extremeties I guess I’m a complete joke! 
I also managed to film some vlog footage and you are welcome to watch my quick video here. 
Also with Travis Fimmel roaming the grounds, there was a few dozen times when a bump-in with Ragnor was an actual option. Can I just say.. maybe I’m a sucker for badassery or beards… but if anyone had to replace Jason Mamoa, it would be a tough choice between Charlie Hunnam and Travis Fimmel! I had a ton of fun and I had to add the piece where we had the BEST CHURROS EVER!!! 
Thank you so much to Reedpop and ComicCon for my weekend passes and the incredible time at ComicCon! I cannot express enough how rad it was being in my element and playing dressup with thousands of people playing games, joining in on all the fun. 
The amount of talent at ComicCon is simply insane, from the gamers, to the cosplayers, to the grafitti artists and the churro-makers…. Thank you! 

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Womans Lifestyle Expo – Milk & Honey Bar- Monte Casino

One of the best things in life is when you’re not sure what to expect and it turns out really great! 
I arrived early to the Woman’s Lifestyle Expo Media Pamper Party and was warmly welcomed by the beautiful ladies hosting the evenings event. 
I am always a little awkward arriving early because there isn’t many people to talk to but I usually  make my way to any event at least half an hour earlier because rushing gets me flustered. 
I found a cozy spot, perfect enough to catch the sunset while Faaiza explained the incredible Black Pearl products they were show-casing at the event. The products are sensational and more high-end than anything else I’ve ever tried. There is a 24K GOLD mask that was just sitting on the table! Actual. Real .GOLD.
Faaiza then proceeded to apply this gold mask to my hand, and took me through the process of how it all works, from the ingredients to where they were sourced from. Did I mention that it is actual gold?! Okay! I’m sorry, I guess I’m still not over it!
She massaged the gold into my skin and apart from the obvious glow, it felt nothing short of luxurious. 
We went on to talking about the incredible adventures Black Pearl has awarded Faaiza and all the great work she has done in her time with Black Pearl. What incredible conversation it was! 

Before we knew it, the venue was buzzing with bloggers and influences, ready for a night of pampering, delicious food and networking with some extraordinary woman in the beauty industry. 
I eventually left my 24K gold MAGIC seat and proceeded to one of the other corners where they were pampering us with neck and shoulder massages! The owner of the spa came to see what was going on because we were gushing about the technique of the masseuse and the ooh’s and ahh’s of the pleasant aromatics, from bloggers enjoying their sessions. 
My massage balm was scented with a beautiful lemony smell and it was not only pleasant and soothing but paired with the sensational Shonalanga Valley Resort and Spa’s natural calming massage techniques, I was getting actual goosebumps! I was pretty busy last week so I can say that I really needed the massage, but it was great! 

We then proceeded to the dining table where they served us with some delicious food and drinks while  we learnt about the incredible brands and sponsors that are a part of the Woman’s Expo. The expo will be be taking place at Monte Casino this weekend and tickets are on sale HERE
I think being present and realising how much time and effort goes into looking beautiful and feeling great, it makes you want to up your game. I am more aware of the bad choices I make (like having more than enough dessert and not working out enough) truly makes me want to make better decisions, not for a superficial reason, but more so that I FEEL healthier and more radiant. Because when you feel good, you look good! And I know that Feeling Good also improves your mood, so you’re able to spread more goodness into the universe!

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A day in my Life – Join me on some Adventures | Star Life | Shesha ft Happy Socks by Wiz Khalifa | Pre-screening of Down a Dark Hall

If you’ve read my previous post, you will know that I am basically Hannah Montana. I work a normal 9-5, leading a pretty standard life but then on the side I am a blogger that goes to events and networks with some pretty cool people. 
With that said, it’s not always easy to balance it all out, but sometimes it works out perfectly. I was invited to three cool events on the same day and for once, it was spread out across multiple hours, for a fun-filled day. 
The first event we attended was at the Sandton Sun, to launch a brand new Indian channel on DSTV, Star Life. My mom is so obsessed with these Bollywood channels and I do admit that sometimes after she has explained the entire story-line to me, in grave detail, I might even enjoy a piece with her. 

Comedian Riaad Moosa was one of the entertainers and he is absolutely hilarious! We spend about two hours there, and had some delicious dessert, caught up with some friends and then off we were to get ready for the next event. 
We headed to Melrose Arch at one of the new stores Shesha to see and feel the new collection of Happy Socks. No, Wiz Khalifa was not in attendance but there were a few photo op’s available. 


After the Happy Socks launch, we headed off to Rosebank for the first screening of Down a Dark Hall. The producers of the Twilight SAGA led me to believe it was going to be about Vampires and Werewolves but I was pretty much scared out of my mind because that is DEFINITELY not was it was about! My friend screamt and shook the entire row of seats in the cinema atleast five times! It was quite possibly one of the scariest movies I’ve watched because I don’t do horrors, especially when it’s about the unseen world! I was thoroughly horrified. Had fun though, nonetheless. 

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Chai FM’s Howard Feldman -Interviewed me on Air – 101.9FM

Howard Feldman started  his journey as a Radio Presenter this year and he has become quite well-known, especially in the Jewish community. We sat down some time ago and had a lovely chat about the dangers of social media and how to protect yourself a little better. 
You can watch this interview HERE. 
Thereafter Howard invited me to join him in studio and have a chat all about my blog and brand, on air, and how it all started. We also touched on my future and if you would like to hear the podcast, click HERE.
Blogging is such a massive industry now and when I started, it wasn’t. I am grateful to still be in a position to blog and create content, after over a decade. Every blogger or influencer has felt the pressure of being relevant and with negative competitors trying to sabotage your every move, Howard’s advice is to Just Keep At It. Forget about all that and focus on YOU.

I feel that our interviews really helped me, not only with the issues I face in the industry, but also on a personal capacity. I’ve realised that being relevant and standing out in the cut-throat media industry, you have to develop a thick skin; you have to stand up for what you believe in and you need to realise that sometimes even when you’re getting backlash for your content, you are still evoking emotion and getting people talking and more importantly…thinking! 
Howard is one of those brave journo’s that would post an extremely controversial headline and uproar the people, but without a doubt, people are listening, they are reading and they are engaging! I am not always pro “All publicity is good publicity” because I don’t always feel strong enough to handle the negativity and critical judgement from others. I honour my beliefs, very strongly, and I am not easily intimidated by others but I’m a little sensitive to the judgement from others, and acceptance of being different. 
I’ve always believed that we are all  different, and I accept that. I feel that I am not worthy of judging anybody else. We are all on a journey of self-discovery and searching for happiness in the most consistent form. I’ve always focused on myself when it comes to what I want to blog about or talk about, and thankfully it’s worked well for me for years. 
Being in a state of gratefulness and appreciate for everything my blogging has awarded me and sincere appreciation for the many good people I’ve met over the years, is what makes all the hard work and long hours worthwhile.
I’ve been harping a little bit about the negativity in the industry, which is unlike me, but I’ve noticed such a massive shift in the way things have become recently. I think I need to express my reasons and maybe then, I can move on. 
I do not claim to be perfect, and it’s not something I aim to be. But what I do strive for Every Single Day of my life, is to be a true, kind and genuinely a good person. I choose to see the good in others and hold that above all else. I do not judge others because I accept and value our differences. Also only God can judge.
I do not make connections with people just because I need the companionship. To put it bluntly, I don’t need that. I thrive off the feeling of making others feel joy, whether that is to shower them with gifts, compliment them meaningfully or whether I offer them my time and friendship. I make connections because I want those people in my life. (sounds a lot more dramatic than expected). 
I also do not make connections with brands, companies, PR personnel or other people in the industry because I need their services. The thing I’ve noticed more often than not, is Bloggers and Influencers are over-eager to get into contact with these people in hopes that they will put them on lists and invite them to events. I get the appeal of it, but in all honestly, if there is a product I really want to try, I could just purchase it and try it..? 
I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the brands, companies and PR personnel that have sent me packages over the years. It has done so much for my blog, my wallet and my massive list of experiences. I am immensely grateful to each and every one of you.
The point I am trying to make is that, we almost lose our dignity trying to impress people for all the wrong reasons. I do not do this. I have never asked a brand to send me products or begged to be on distribution lists. For lack of a better phrase, “I’ve just never been an ass-kisser!” And the reason why I can say this, is because my blog has always been my OUTLET. A creative outlet and space where I can dive into my passions and create a world, and the life I want. It is not my source of INCOME. I have a 9-5 corporate industry job that feeds my lifestyle and I guess, my nerdy side. It also allow me to experience/ purchase the things I want. 
I’ve noticed all too often that people take advantage of my good nature, I know exactly when people are using me and somehow I struggle to disappoint them or turn them away. I have experienced, first hand, that when we start to question their motives or just acknowledge the fact they are taking advantage, they either withdraw, become shady with us or they un-follow, block or stop supporting us or engaging altogether. 
I am not selfish, in the least, I have shared my contacts with my peers, invited them to events and even collaborated with them for them to ‘land a client’ with little to no benefit to me, and a ton of reward to them. I do this because I actually want to see them succeed, and to help where I can. 
Like I’ve mentioned before, I am more focused on being a good, kind, caring person, rather than being a selfish, egotistic or fame-driven ‘Influencer’. 
There is a lot more going on in the world, that needs attention and we have the social influence to change at least a couple hundred minds to see life with a more positive eye. We want to connect and inspire thousands of people online, yet we are not able to ‘get-along’ with the people with the same interests as us. People who are meant to be like-minded and in the same industry…? I cannot accept that. 
Maybe I live in a different universe because I believe we can make changes and make it better.
What do you believe?

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My Favourite Nivea Products of 2018

In winter our skin struggle more than it does in any other season, but summer really tests our skin too. I have been using some of the incredible products by Nivea and I can truly say that my skin thanked me this time around. I am still using the same products for the last couple of months and it’s been working well. Also helping me with the occasional breakouts I’ve been getting.
The season changes are not always pleasant on my skin but I feel as though it hasn’t been quite as bad.
Nivea has always been a compatible brand for my skin. Growing up I’ve always had a few Nivea products in my daily regime. Now that I am older, I have a few more and I’ve never been disappointed. The brand is always evolving and really take head of what their consumers want and need.
Nivea has launched a few amazing products over the last couple of months and I am so thankful for the products that has saved my skin these last few months. There is honestly nothing worse than having breakouts in your 30s, looking like a teenager going through the most!
Sometimes my skin may look a little inflamed or a little textured, but thankfully it feels really good a lot more of the time. Also those inside-pimples are super painful, so when a product is able to soothe that pain and ease the discomfort a bit, it make a massive difference.

Nivea is known for their incredible range of products and caters to the whole family. It is gentle on the skin and their quality products that actually work. There are some of the best products that I’m tried and I am so happy that each products targets exactly what it promises to. 

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