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Bonafide Blog Events – They said Take a Hike, so we Did!

I have a friend that never really liked working out but she loved being out in nature and walking. She made a pact to herself that she will make an effort to go hiking as often as she possibly could, signed up for 5km walks and social walking events, and she not only made a bunch of new friends, felt healthy & fit…but she also transformed her body completely! She has inspired me with her incredible journey and I would like to add this to our social club events as well. We would like to go on weekly hikes or as often as possible and to try and find beautiful places in our city and beyond. We started with one of my favorite places, got some friends and family together and we went on the most beautiful hike at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Roodepoort, JHB. We ended our hike off with some garden games, like Twister and had a lovely picnic with our special people. We have been researching some more places and I look forward to many more hikes in nature. Nature gives me a truly special feeling that cannot even be explained or described, it simply has to be felt. If you would like to join us on our adventures, be sure to Like our Facebook Page and keep an eye out for our next event. We will also be posting an event calendar to our pages, so be sure to check it out.
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Bonafide Events – Bucket List Adventures

I wanted to experience so many things in my life, because somehow not doing the same thing every weekend is the best thing ever! Growing up, I wanted to be a ton of stuff for the most random reasons ever! For example, bugs have always freaked me out, as much as I love nature, little insects is something I cannot get used to. I wanted to be a… *wait for it*…PESTBUSTER! haha Okay that was extreme but I’ve somehow decided that I don’t actually want to kill anything, regardless of how much of a pest they were, I couldn’t bring myself to kill anything. But I do have some cool things I want to try, like pottery! I know I am literally 84 years old with this one! But it would be something to try! I’ve also wanted to do adventurous things like skydiving or surfing and I’ve decided that I may not dedicate myself to a profession or a full-time hobby in any of these things, but atleast trying them, even once, could bring me some sort of satisfaction and closure. With this thought I’ve started doing a few really fun, awesome stuff and the best part is that there are others out there who are keen to try them with me. We have been on a few adventures already and I even created some vlogs for my YouTube channel which means it will forever be there for me to look back at these incredible memories I’ve created for myself. VLOG LINKS BELOW We tried out the HoneyDew Mazes and had the best time at the venue and having the girls and guys battle it out for who gets the most points. I have always wanted to be like Katy Perry, the OG Califonia Girl in roller skates, so we headed over to Roll Egoli with the family and had an absolute blast, and I have to add what a work out it actually was! I had ZERO makeup on by the end of it! We also took the family for some adventure golf in Fourways, but didn’t vlog it. The boys had an absolute blast! I am looking forward to the many adventures that awaits us this year. So many opportunities to experience things for the first time! The calendar for the events will be posted monthly, so we don’t miss out on anything!
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Bonafide Events

Robin Hood Event

We had such an incredible day Horse Riding and trying our luck at Archery. Being in nature is the most soothing and soul warming thing you could ever do! Here are some of photographs from our awesome day of adventure at Silkaartsnek Nature Reserve.
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Bonafide Events – Robin Hood Event – Horse Riding & Archery

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With more people interested in the Horse Riding and Archery Bucket list activities, we moved the dates around a little bit to accommodate everyone. We are so excited to announce that the tickets are on sale and it is just a few days away! 
Head over to our Online Store page, HERE to purchase your tickets to enjoy a Sunday-FUNday with us in the outdoors at Silkaartsnek Nature Reserve
You get to choose if you would like to do Archery only, Horse-riding only or to enjoy both with the Elite Package deal, where you will certainly get more for your buck. 
Those who book online, will also receive a little snack-pack on the day as well.
Don’t forget, there’s limited space available so best you book your spot today! 

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Bonafide Events

Bonafide Events – Robin Hood Event – Postponed

Hi Adventurous Souls!
So it has come to our attention that perhaps the timing of this event was not suited to the masses. It is before pay day which I always seem to forget about, being one of the lucky few getting paid on the 20th of the month so we will be more mindful of this, when planning events going forward. 
We have also come to the realisation that The Bonafide Launch was on 1 September meaning, if we had the event on 24 September, that would be two events in one month.. Look! we got a little excited ok 🙂
We have received a lot of interest with regard to the Robin Hood Event because everyone is keen to go  Horse Riding and to try their hands at Archery. With all this said, we have decided to postpone this event for October instead. 
This will give you all enough time to
Save some money,
Plan Ahead
To get your hands on some tickets, well in advance, because as mentioned, the space is limited. 
The new tickets will go up as soon as we have confirmed the new dates. We will also be releasing the planned Bonafide Calendar very soon. That way, you will get the when, what and where for all events in the upcoming months! We are excited to live the adventure with all of you! 
We hope that this journey is as exciting for YOU as it is for US.

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Bonafide Blog Launch Event – Henops Hiking Trail

Bonafide Blog Launch Event – Henops Hiking Trail
Some of you know that I’ve been blogging for over ten years already and had different blog names and even tried out different types of content but I’ve finally settled on a platform that is a pretty good representation of me. The dictionary has a great definition of what Bonafide means…

Origin: Latin, literally ‘with good faith’
Synonyms: Authentic, genuine, real, true, actual, sterling
Adverb: Without intention to deceive.


I have done everything in my power to live according to just that. I am nothing without my authenticity. I strive to be real and genuine in a world where that is proving to be more rare everyday. I take some time off of social media every now and again, to regain perspective on life and where I’m at. It makes a world of difference because it is far too easy to become what others what you to be, than to truly be okay with being YOU. 
But that is why BONAFIDE means so much to me. It is what I will always aspire to be, it serves as a reminder that we are all different and that is what makes us beautiful and REAL!
I started blogging many years ago because of my passion for writing and photography because back then, I guess people found appreciation in my writing and my captured moments. They somewhat related to me in ways I’ve never imagined. Some told me about the many ways I have helped them have courage, others mentioned that I somehow saved them. I remember sitting on my laptop reading responses to my written words, with tear-filled eyes and it’s crazy to me how powerful our own stories can be to others. Somehow creating content has become more than just that. More than sharing my life, but it also helps me deal with moments in my own life, when I feel lost, alone or uninspired. My platform has become an experience to me.. a constant, humbling and, in it’s own way rewarding.
In the time I spend off social media, I choose to be with family and friends that make me feel good and positive amidst all the craziness and because there are people out there, feeling overwhelmed with their own lives as well… I’ve just relaunched the Bonafide CLUB where we join like-minded individuals to just get outdoors and enjoy nature, quality food, and really good company. I’ve had a number of people asking me when my next event was going to be and it felt wrong to have stopped it these last few months. So it’s back! We do bucket list adventures from river-rafting to horse riding or just having a game night around a fire-pit, roasting marshmallows. Surprisingly enough there are a lot more opportunities to hit up a new club that to actually find someone to join you on a hike. So for those, this club is for you. 
I am a dreamer, a believer and a hoarder of creating moments and then capturing them. Somehow we are able to freeze those precious moments in time, and re-look at them, and relive them. I’ve become so engaged in capturing moments that I started doing Photography professionally. A couple years ago I used to shoot a lot more, models, corporates, kids, parties, even weddings. After a few years, I had the biggest technology crash of all time, and being the whimp I was… I was too scared to continue, because the idea of failure destroyed me! In less dramatic headlines, I am now over that fear and have started shooting again. I’ve always wanted to do a galleria showcase and hopefully one day I will, but for now, you have the opportunity to shop my art on my online store. I take photos when I feel inspired and I imagine my portraits gracing your walls someday. Like I said, I am a dreamer. 
Another dream I’ve had as a kid was having a clothing line, a collection of pieces that I’ve created, that others would feel beautiful wearing. But it was never something I thought would actually happen. About two years ago, I couldn’t find the kind of festival accessories I wanted, and one of my friends suggested that I make it myself. I did. People then started questioning where I bought the pieces and if I’d make some for them too at a cost (their suggestion). At first I didn’t think about actually selling them, but it would be a lost opportunity… so I started making a ton of pieces mostly accessories and I was pleasantly surprised that I sold out on these hand-crafted pieces before I had a chance to put some up in my Online Store. 
I am excited to launch a few more products in store, in September and I hope they will do as well as the first few drops. Another reason I make them is because I have the opportunity to add a charitable percentage with each purchase. I either split the actual monetary profits to award a percentage to charity or I donate some of the pieces to woman and girls who could use a little reason to smile and feel beautiful. 
I have also started hiring ladies to help me with manufacturing each piece completely by hand, in that, creating jobs for them as well. It is a special feeling to acknowledge this, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity and to my customers. Thank you!
I will also be launching the new Brand Logo and I am super excited to share it with all of you. Also if you would like to submit a charity house, please email the details to me for consideration. 
I will be mentioning all of this at the launch event happening on 1 September and I am excited for us to get in on the fit trend. Purchasing of tickets can be done on my Store as well and for only R150 you will be able to enjoy a bunch of outdoor activities at one of the most stunning outdoor locations in Hartebeespoort, Pretoria. 
Bonafide has partnered with the incredible people at Impact Adventures Africa and we have worked out some incredible deals for you to enjoy at hugely discounted prices. You can also come and enjoy some hiking trails and bike trails , absolutely free! Keeping on the free trend… we will also be having some boerewors rolls and refreshments for you. You are also encouraged to bring along your baskets, and to enjoy a picnic with us because with all that activity, we need some good grub! It’s about balance!
We have a countdown to our special event and hopefully you will be there to enjoy these moments with us! 
Book your tickets today!

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