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National AHT Awareness Month #ENDITMOVEMENT

Shine a light on slavery day: 07 February 2019 We are calling all Freedom Fighters to join together as we stand against Slavery (Human Trafficking) with the #ENDITMOVEMENT The incredible people of Hope Risen Foundation has started an awareness project/ campaign and now is your chance to get involved… they need 100 photographs. How to get involved: Draw a RED X on your hand, and take a photo with your fist up! Send me all your selfies/photos over the next few days and I will submit to the team for you. They will be creating a post with all the photos On the day, upload your photo using the hashtag #ENDITMOVEMENT Last year I was fortunate enough to have met one of the co-founders of Hope Risen Foundation. Their Vision Hope Risen (formerly known as Hope For Women) was founded in 2009 with the vision to spread love, hope and justice in the quest to end modern day slavery and exploitation. We are doing this through prevention and awareness initiatives carried out alongside direct interventions to rescue, restore and reintegrate women, men and children who have been exploited. Their Promise We will leave no stone unturned looking for the one held captive in modern day slavery. When we find the one we will walk the road to restoration together, and we will spare no expense to cripple the industry that has taken freedom away! Read more about the incredible work they are doing and how you are able to get more involved HERE. There are so many opportunities to help and make a difference in someones life, and in turn it has the potential to change your own, forever. Take a few moments for a quick selfie and raise your fist against the people depriving us of our Freedom!
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Everything makes me anxious lately! Do I need HELP?

Not sure if it is as recent as my title implies, but I realise that I get pretty anxious for a lot of things. Before it was only flying or driving long distances, that made my heart skip a beat but I’ve realised lately, that I get social anxiety as well. I am quite calm and at peace, especially on the outside, so most people won’t even realise it, I am usually surrounded by a lot of people, but lately I’ve realised that I am somewhat of a wreck on the inside. It is not that I overthink and cause myself to freak out, it’s the multitude of people around me that I also have a minor panic attack and want to be home. For an outgoing person, it’s one thing to be shy, but for me to literally freak out, being social.. it just doesn’t feel normal to me. I have always been very shy and most people wouldn’t believe it, because I usually talk a lot or somehow hide my shyness. Lately I’m finding it a little more daunting that I am not hiding it as well. I went to an event the other day and I asked one of my good friends to join me, she is a bubbly, super outgoing, definitely not shy kind of person, and halfway through the evening, she was snapping pics, mingling and having the best time, but for some reason, I was having somewhat of a socially awkward moment, and just went completely quiet. It was like,inside I was chilled.. not stressing.. nothing on my mind.. just kinda listening to the light conversation at the table and she turned to me at one stage and asked if I was okay. Only then did I realise how aloof I was. I don’t know how to explain it, but everything makes me anxious lately: DrivingWalkingPeople approaching meRandom people I see or meetEventsCrowdsConcertsPeople in general Talking in front of even three people who are actually listening to meAttention on me Okay, to some people,I guess those are normal situations to be a little anxious in, but maybe it’s the amount of anxiety I get that is making me stress myself out. .? or that my job kind of entail me being public, and social?! I was having a normal conversation with one of my friends the other day, and we touched on a few social activities to do… and it was like every second thing we spoke about gave me anxiety. I’ve always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so it’s not the activity that scares me, it’s just me.. and how I’m not dealing with everything as care-free as I thought I was. Anyway! I’ve been looking up some remedies for my self-diagnosed Anxiety and this is what I found… Self-Care Avoid AlcoholI don’t drink, so this is for those who do consume alcohol, who also suffer with anxiety.Reduce Caffeine intakeI only drink instant coffee because with my anxiety levels, my body gets really shaky when I have other coffees with higher caffeine content.Physical ActivityThis is incredible for more than just anxiety, but it somehow gives your body a boost of energy and motivation, you Feel better with regular exercise and it also allows you an outlet.. for that anxiety or high-strung feels.It is really good to try different types of physical activities like hitting the gym, joining a dance or yoga class, maybe some self-defences classes. Maybe a hike or a cycle here and there. There are so many interesting options.In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve just launched a new category on the blog dedicated to Health + Fitness. Stay tuned to the blog for any motivation or inspo you may need.Stress ManagementI think we never really realise how important it is to deal with our stress. If you’re like me, we simply brush it off in hopes that it will disappear but it really just piles on and gets progressively worse.You can do a lot for your mental and physical health by finding either active or verbal ways of dealing with your stress.Quit smokingI don’t smoke, thankfully. But it is always a great idea to stop polluting your lungs and other organs with these bad narcotics and ingredients that are literally killing you!It is also a perfect opportunity to protect those around you from second-hand smoking.Relaxation TechnicsDeep breathing, meditation, etc. there are a lot of ways to find your balance and to relax.This also includes sleeping a minimum of seven hours every night. I am guilty of not getting enough hours of deep sleep, I make way too many excuses and I am somewhat of a night-owl.. Because I feel most creative at the time I should be asleep. But it is catching up with me and I am making more of an effort to get to bed early, settling my mind, even if that means I have to set an alarm to get ready for bed.Health DietThis is one of the most important ingredients to minimising your anxiety levels. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist but I can say, healthier eating habits = healthier lifeLimiting fatty foods and sugar products is the best gift you can give your body and mind. We think that eating sugar will give us energy but it is like an unnatural boost that completely depletes your energy after a  spike of energy and your body needs to work overtime to digest the sugars and carbs.. instead of focussing on more important things your body does naturally. Therapy/ Medication / Specialists There are a number of different options to assist with anxiety disorders or issues that go beyond self-care or self-management. I do try my best to work through any of my issues without the use of medication; and it certainly does help talking to someone you love and trust. It is also great to find ways to express them without sharing these feelings with anyone, by getting them ‘out’ somehow.Some people use their talents to heal themselves emotionally or mentally as well, like singing about their feelings; Writers usually express themselves through their writing, which is what I do, and it certainly does help you set your mind at ease; there are numerous ways of dealing and there is no wrong way, (as long as it is legal, healthy, non-addictive and not harmful to yourself or anyone else). If you are feeling low and anxious or somewhat unstable in any way, please speak to someone about these thoughts, if you feel you have no family of friends to talk to, there is a national helpline for you. The incredible people at The Depression and Anxiety Group is there for you and so am I! SADAG is Africa’s largest mental health support and advocacy group.  Website: Zane Wilson Founder  For counselling queries e-mail:  To contact a counsellor between 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday, Call: 011 234 4837 / Fax number: 011 234 8182 For a suicidal Emergency contact us on 0800 567 567 24hr Helpline 0800 12 1314
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Chai FM’s Howard Feldman -Interviewed me on Air – 101.9FM

Howard Feldman started  his journey as a Radio Presenter this year and he has become quite well-known, especially in the Jewish community. We sat down some time ago and had a lovely chat about the dangers of social media and how to protect yourself a little better. 
You can watch this interview HERE. 
Thereafter Howard invited me to join him in studio and have a chat all about my blog and brand, on air, and how it all started. We also touched on my future and if you would like to hear the podcast, click HERE.
Blogging is such a massive industry now and when I started, it wasn’t. I am grateful to still be in a position to blog and create content, after over a decade. Every blogger or influencer has felt the pressure of being relevant and with negative competitors trying to sabotage your every move, Howard’s advice is to Just Keep At It. Forget about all that and focus on YOU.

I feel that our interviews really helped me, not only with the issues I face in the industry, but also on a personal capacity. I’ve realised that being relevant and standing out in the cut-throat media industry, you have to develop a thick skin; you have to stand up for what you believe in and you need to realise that sometimes even when you’re getting backlash for your content, you are still evoking emotion and getting people talking and more importantly…thinking! 
Howard is one of those brave journo’s that would post an extremely controversial headline and uproar the people, but without a doubt, people are listening, they are reading and they are engaging! I am not always pro “All publicity is good publicity” because I don’t always feel strong enough to handle the negativity and critical judgement from others. I honour my beliefs, very strongly, and I am not easily intimidated by others but I’m a little sensitive to the judgement from others, and acceptance of being different. 
I’ve always believed that we are all  different, and I accept that. I feel that I am not worthy of judging anybody else. We are all on a journey of self-discovery and searching for happiness in the most consistent form. I’ve always focused on myself when it comes to what I want to blog about or talk about, and thankfully it’s worked well for me for years. 
Being in a state of gratefulness and appreciate for everything my blogging has awarded me and sincere appreciation for the many good people I’ve met over the years, is what makes all the hard work and long hours worthwhile.
I’ve been harping a little bit about the negativity in the industry, which is unlike me, but I’ve noticed such a massive shift in the way things have become recently. I think I need to express my reasons and maybe then, I can move on. 
I do not claim to be perfect, and it’s not something I aim to be. But what I do strive for Every Single Day of my life, is to be a true, kind and genuinely a good person. I choose to see the good in others and hold that above all else. I do not judge others because I accept and value our differences. Also only God can judge.
I do not make connections with people just because I need the companionship. To put it bluntly, I don’t need that. I thrive off the feeling of making others feel joy, whether that is to shower them with gifts, compliment them meaningfully or whether I offer them my time and friendship. I make connections because I want those people in my life. (sounds a lot more dramatic than expected). 
I also do not make connections with brands, companies, PR personnel or other people in the industry because I need their services. The thing I’ve noticed more often than not, is Bloggers and Influencers are over-eager to get into contact with these people in hopes that they will put them on lists and invite them to events. I get the appeal of it, but in all honestly, if there is a product I really want to try, I could just purchase it and try it..? 
I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the brands, companies and PR personnel that have sent me packages over the years. It has done so much for my blog, my wallet and my massive list of experiences. I am immensely grateful to each and every one of you.
The point I am trying to make is that, we almost lose our dignity trying to impress people for all the wrong reasons. I do not do this. I have never asked a brand to send me products or begged to be on distribution lists. For lack of a better phrase, “I’ve just never been an ass-kisser!” And the reason why I can say this, is because my blog has always been my OUTLET. A creative outlet and space where I can dive into my passions and create a world, and the life I want. It is not my source of INCOME. I have a 9-5 corporate industry job that feeds my lifestyle and I guess, my nerdy side. It also allow me to experience/ purchase the things I want. 
I’ve noticed all too often that people take advantage of my good nature, I know exactly when people are using me and somehow I struggle to disappoint them or turn them away. I have experienced, first hand, that when we start to question their motives or just acknowledge the fact they are taking advantage, they either withdraw, become shady with us or they un-follow, block or stop supporting us or engaging altogether. 
I am not selfish, in the least, I have shared my contacts with my peers, invited them to events and even collaborated with them for them to ‘land a client’ with little to no benefit to me, and a ton of reward to them. I do this because I actually want to see them succeed, and to help where I can. 
Like I’ve mentioned before, I am more focused on being a good, kind, caring person, rather than being a selfish, egotistic or fame-driven ‘Influencer’. 
There is a lot more going on in the world, that needs attention and we have the social influence to change at least a couple hundred minds to see life with a more positive eye. We want to connect and inspire thousands of people online, yet we are not able to ‘get-along’ with the people with the same interests as us. People who are meant to be like-minded and in the same industry…? I cannot accept that. 
Maybe I live in a different universe because I believe we can make changes and make it better.
What do you believe?

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Introducing Girl Talk – The Foundation of a Great Relationship #GirlTalk

I’ve had a few requests recently to start talking about relationships on my blog…
It’s not really something I like to discuss because firstly, every relationship is unique and if you want the bond to be truly sacred, it should be kept private.
I’ve never been somebody to share that part of my personal life because I feel the negative energy of others will always creep its way into our lives and make it sort of a prison. You will constantly ask yourself…
“What will they think, if I…”
And being fearful of making a decision in your life, because of what others may think, is certainly not the way to live. I’m not going to go Dr Phil on you and try to tell you what to do and what not to do because every relationship is different and unique. I’m not going to tell you to add more spark or take away some of this or change some of that, because we all want different things in life. I’ve always cherished relationships in the sense of bonding with somebody whether it is your life partner or just a friend.
I feel that we all live our lives in the ways we think we should. Some of us are meant to care for our families, some of us are meant to be married and have kids and some of us choose to be alone. I feel that we all have our purpose in life, we all have that special goal we are working towards. . . but sometimes life hits you with a fast-ball and before you can get back on your feet, you just sit there and wonder if it’s all worth it.
Some people are so engrossed in their careers and living the life they’ve always dreamt of, so friendships and searching for a life partner takes a back seat. Some are so set on finding a relationship that they lose themselves trying to bend and fold trying impress the other person. Some are so dedicated to caring for a loved one that they simply cannot think beyond that. Some just don’t want to a part of any of it, because maybe they have been hurt in the past, or they simply don’t know what they want.
The golden rule of life is knowing what you want, knowing what you like and what you’re willing to sacrifice to get it. A relationship isn’t something you get and simply have. It is kind of like a car ride. . .
Sometimes you pick up a passenger, and let them into your car (life) and you enjoy a few incredible milestones along the way and then you just keep driving on a never-ending road. The weather may change, sometimes it’s sunny (good times) and sometimes it rains (hard times), no matter how many speed bumps you find along the way, your passenger is still sitting right there next to you. We don’t kick the passenger out of the car every time the wipers turn on, we wait until it clears a bit or we turn the music on, kick our feet up on the dash and drown out all the other sounds in the car, we all have our own dreams and destinations and sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads not sure whether to keep driving or to get out, take a walk for a while and then either get back in or find a new ride.
Okay, I know I’m simplifying things but why not? I guess feelings and emotions get in the way of that, but at the end of the day… life is simple, we choose to complicate it.
If we decide on something and we are not happy with the way it feels, we need to either change our decision or live with our regrets, either way, we cannot just ignore it in hopes that it will disappear. That is feel is the reason people are unhappy. We blame other for the decisions we make and half the time those very people we are blaming has no clue that we are even unhappy. We leave too little to the unspoken world of oblivion and not enough to necessary conversation.
I believe so much in the ‘speaking about it, solves just-about everything’ but it’s so hard to practice it. Sometimes we leave it to the other person to speak about it first, sometimes we think speaking won’t help and seldom times speaking about it could just make the break apart a lot worse.
I think the rule about speaking about things, is to know what your message is that you are trying to bring across, know what it is you need closure on and realise, beforehand, that things may not go according to your plan.
I would like to emphasize that finding a great friend and/or partner starts with finding your self First. It is greatly important to know what you like, what you don’t, what you are willing to give and what you need to keep the relationship going. If you do not know these things, it would not be fair for somebody else to figure it out for you. Happiness starts with YOU.

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Thoughts before attending Fashion Week

Thoughts before attending Fashion Week
First of all, I need to apologise for being so quiet. I have thankfully been very busy these last couple of weeks and also in the process of getting my YouTube channel up and running, I’ve been a little slow with my blog posts.
But low and behold, the draught is over! Yay! How are you? What have I missed in your life?
Let me bring you up to speed on what you might have missed in the past couple of weeks of mine..
First of all, I did a little bit of soul-searching, yet again, and learnt that as much as I’d like to do that every once in a while, it is an ongoing process and just seems to happen at any point, with little to no warning.
I’ve learnt that being myself is the easiest thing to do when I stick to pleasing myself first. Because one, you can never please everyone, and two, when you love yourself, the negativity of others simply bounces off you!
In the last few weeks I’ve attended a few events and all the footage from those events will be revealed very soon. Whether in an upcoming blog post or a Youtube video and I am truly excited to share them with you. I hope that you are excited to see them?
This past week was South African Fashion Week #SS18. It is always such an experience and I’ve met so many new friends that I am positive I will share a beautiful journey of friendship with, well that’s if they feel the same about me! LoL
Last year I spoke a little bit about the behind the scenes regarding Fashion Week, the fashionable SAFW goers and the unspoken thickness in the air that lingered around us. This year around, it was like DUA LIPA taught me the best lesson of all because IDGAF! Okay maybe it was the necessary soul searching that came just in time, but I really didn’t stress about anything!
Whether it was the seating arrangements, my outfits or the social scene that was more of Regina George than Cady Herron. I just wanted to take in the entire experience and make it the best experience possible.
When I first started attending SAFW, I was a little worried about fitting in because I didn’t want to look like the imposter that broke in, I wanted to feel like I belonged there. I was led to believe that front row was extremely important because it was like the measuring jug to my social worth? And ultimately MY WORTH! But this time.. even if those statements were true, I wasn’t about to make them valid because I honestly don’t care about all of that. When you let go of the idea of what others think of you, that sense of freedom to be yourself unapologetically, is just about the best feeling in the world.
I was always at a struggle to know if the attire I chose to adorn myself with actually looked good, because surprisingly enough, people at Fashion Week are not particularly quick to complement each other unless there were those awkward silent moments in the conversation when they could fit in one of those “who are you wearing” type questions. I saw a lady at SAFW this week with a t-shirt which read “Dress to Impress yourself” and even though I am a strong believer in that, it wouldn’t hurt knowing whether people were ‘checking you out’ or silently praying for you. I accidently caught somebody taking a picture of my ankle-high fishnet stockings in my platform sneakers and because she didn’t make eye-contact with me after, I’m not sure if she liked it or sent it off to the ‘How do I Look” TV crew to get me help!
Either way, I truly dressed for myself this week, and I was not only comfortable but people actually complimented me! YAY! I honestly feel that when you are happy with yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, it is like a positivity glow that is more apparent than you will ever realise. I wore the fancier clothes in my wardrobe but the pieces I would normally wear and not trying to find some quirky outfits that kinda only works for Fashion Week. I surrounded myself with positive people that were riding on the wave of excitement and loving the experience that proves to be ever-changing.
Experiences are what you make them and if you are concerned about what others think of you, you will forever be in a prison of self-doubt.
The reason I am starting my series of SAFW posts on this note, is to hopefully empower the people who are stuck in feeling irrelevant in a superficial world that you’re not meant to fit into.. you were born to stand out and being yourself is the best way to start.
Remember this
You are Enough
You are Perfect
You are Beautiful  
Midway through the week I stopped to realise how many amazing moments I’ve had in my blogging career. I got a little sentimental about the experiences, the people and the fact that I started all of this from scratch, from an idea only I saw at the time. this also got me thinking that we don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve sometimes, we put too much emphasis on what we are missing out on and too little emphasis on the incredible things we achieve every day.
Goes without saying… we should stop that.
The next SA Fashion Week posts will be more about the fashion, the social scene and the cool little moments what I would certainly love to share with you! Have an incredible day!

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How many LIKES is my Life worth?

How many LIKES is my Life worth?
As young individuals, we focus so much of our attention on social media. I don’t think that’s too big of a deal if we doing that for fun; but when we measure our self-worth by how many likes we get on our pictures, then it becomes a problem. 
I’ve met so many people ‘in the industry’ but what they lose sight of is, that life is so much more than building your online presence. I’ve come across so many people that try to become cool by association. People become friends in the hope that it will grow their following. Maybe becoming friends with certain people would ignite more brand interest? Maybe they will discovered on a few more company sites or PR lists? 
Have you ever stopped to think why we do it? At the end of the day, is it all worth it?
If you feel any sort of pressure to fit in, stand out or just be relevant in the industry then you’re most likely not doing it for an authentic reason. But if you are loving every milestone you reach, enjoying every experience and intrigued by meeting people that are absolutely killing it, then your mind is in the right place. 
Let me tell you a little bit about why I state this so confidently… 
-Reaching Milestones : When you are able to shut your mind off and stop yourself from comparing yourself to others, then you are doing it for yourself, naturally and not affected by what so-and-so is doing. 
-Enjoying Yourself : You actually appreciate the places and experiences you have seen because you got there on your own, through your own capabilities. Not stressed out about the lists you’re not on and the experiences you’ve missed. 
-Intrigued by people who are successful (doing what you are striving to) : If you can appreciate and applaud the person next to you, without hate, without shade, without jealously, then you know your mind and heart is in the right place. I’ve met so many people that are too scared to share their successes because others might surpass them. They feel that they have worked too hard to help someone else. Why be kind to a newbie when nobody was kind to you when you started. 
I might be a little naive to say this but I honestly have faith that humanity cannot be that shallow! That is possibly the dumbest thing and the hardest thing to have just stated. I am one of those believers, that aim to see the beauty of others, even when they make you doubt they have any good in them at all, but if not for our faith… what do we believe in? With that said, I have been so stupid to believe in so many people when they were so undeserving of even one moment of my time. 
I can honestly say that “I am a content creator because it’s the only thing I want to do” not because it’s a nice thing, or a fun thing to do.. even though it is. I am not striving to be anything I’m not or anyone. I am the best at being me, so why would I want to be a “second” anything else? 
With all due respect, I do not do this for the approval of others, nor their acceptance. I am not going to make friends with high-profile people because they are high-profile people… but I choose friends because they are good people. 
I am not going to portray an image of myself that I do not like. 
I AM going to be myself, whether others ‘like’ or approve of me.
I AM going to believe in my beliefs. 
I AM going to save my world… even if my world consists of a handful of people who just needed someone to listen to. 
I have had many moments where I wanted to be accepted and appreciated by others, but that temporary yearning slowly passed when I realized just how much ingenuity there is around us. I started asking myself questions like ‘How little do I think of myself to allow those people to judge me?” “How much do I think of myself, to actually care about these judgments?”
When people say you are too this, or too that, you need to stop and say to yourself “I AM ENOUGH”
People have taught us that it’s okay for us to hate ourselves.
They have led us to believe that we are too short or too fat because we can’t walk a runway in a bikini… but do we really want to?
They have taught us that we are too imperfect because we have a scar, a mark or a blemish…
They have taught us that people who don’t look like us, has something seriously wrong with them…
They have taught us that if we pray differently, that we are not true believers, 
They have taught us that if we can’t afford the lavish things in life, that we are poor! 
They have taught us that if we are less than them, because we don’t have the same desires as they do. 
First of all Beauty is within… beauty is not a representation of what we look like or how much we weigh. 
We appreciate the different colours, shapes and sizes of every other species, but our own? seriously??
What we believe in, and how we pray is a special unique bond between us an God, and what mere mortal thinks they have the audacity to judge that?
The material luxuries in life is not what makes you rich in life, and some people realize that way too late in life. Being poor is when you have everything imaginable and absolutely nobody to share that joy with. No sense of love or desire to share your life with somebody else. 
Nobody is superior to another. Not by rank, or position, nor status, or culture,and certainly not race. Financial freedom does not automatically make you ‘above’ anyone else. 
I started realizing that people have some kind of powerful persuasion technique where they make you feel bad about not having something, and they make it seem super important, but when you actually center your thoughts, you realize that you don’t even actually want that. For example, people can make you feel bad that you don’t have some fancy, expensive car when you’re complete happy with your little car and you’ve never actually even liked those fancy cars. Or they make you want to be sick-skinny.. but you actually like your curves so much better.. 
These are the best examples I could think of but it happens all the time and sometimes even something really small. 
When you know yourself, trust yourself and believe in your true message and legacy you are building to leave behind, none of those really matter to you. They simply do not affect you. 
I’ve learnt that people are also somewhat afraid of people like me. I am present, and aware of those ‘normal’ feelings when they are trying to portray an extraordinary image. Those who know me well, know that I am not somebody who judges others, I truly believe that we are all different and that we all have our unique ideas about life and how we chose to live it. Also I feel inadequate to judge God’s creation. Only God can judge us.
But I’ve had times where people felt judged because they feel  somewhat insecure about themselves. Not that I am this goodie-two-shoes girl that does no wrong… .but have you ever met his very conservative parents wearing  a music festival-type outfit? It’s like you want your clothes to miraculously grow and cover you up entirely, or for the Earth to just consume you! I’m guessing that is what it feels like? Maybe the folks are actually digging your outfit ? Maybe they don’t? But my point is that we make up an image or judgement about somebody that they are some type of way just because they are ashamed of themselves and you are staying true to yourself? 
Somebody once told me that I am intimidating not because of how I look or carry myself.. but because of how I make others feel. At first I felt offended.. but then the individual said that I possess a gift, that makes people feel like they can do absolutely anything, that they are powerful beyond measure and that I make people truly see themselves, in ways they have never before. With that, I felt confused, still stuck on the idea of making people feel insecure or intimidated. But then they asked ” Have you ever felt so powerful and limitless that it almost scared you?” and then I thought about it a little more.. 
I do every day. I believe in the possibility that we are capable of absolutely ANYTHING. I am so content in my being that basically nothing can affect me, unless I allow it to. I am not afraid of being myself and it’s as if I see truths in others. People are not always okay with the fact that you know them and ‘see’ pass their front. And that sense of freedom is what intimidates them. 
Honestly, I still kinda don’t get it.. but I always strive to make others feel great about themselves. I never go out of my way to portray any image at all. I am a true hippie at heart and live by the mantra “Live, and let live”. I wish to share this “Gift” with you. 
Maybe you can help me understand it a little bit more? Please share your thoughts and your own personal stories on the topics of this blog post. and remember…  
The greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people think.

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At the end of the day, it’s just Physicality!

At the end of the day, it’s just Physicality.
Growing up I can still feel the sting of harsh words from others, “you’re too this” or “you’re too that” and as much as we don’t want it to, it affects us so deeply. Whether they think we are ugly, fat, too short, too tall, too chubby, too skinny, too dark, too fair, too hairy to bald.. at the end of the day, does it really matter?
Maybe not to us, but somehow it affects them so?
I’m so over bullying! Tired of seeing kids crying in cars because children at school were so incredibly mean to them, just because they look different. Why are we not able to see the beauty in others? Why are we not able to praise our differences?
Why do we not appreciate the unique qualities in others? We never created ourselves, so are we saying that Our Creator is flawed? Who defines the meaning of perfection? How dare does one feel entitled enough to be the judge of God’s work!
Every single one of us are perfect, and different. And that is what we should want to be. There is such beauty in being different.
I don’t want it to get to us, but those words linger in our minds until we believe them. We become self-conscience of things we never thought of until somebody pointed it out as a flaw, as an imperfection, but according to who does it appear imperfect?
Why is there a need to hurt another person, as though it makes you appear more attractive? If anything, it strips away your beauty.
If you are incapable of showing kindness, how does that make you better than them?
They/ we are merely existing!
We notice those very insecurities, we are facing, in others because that is what we are focussing on.
Imagine focussing on kindness, love, light, goodness? Imagine what we could achieve, imagine what we could see in others? But focussing on things that bring greatness, is too far out of our reach, or so they make it seem. We are so good at showing hate, instead of love.
I cannot say with pure certainty that I am a good person, but at least I try. I try to refocus my mind every time I have a human moment with somebody that is being unkind to me. I want to react when people say things that are mean or downright rude. I want to say something equally as mean to those saying mean things to me. But at least I try my absolute best to show them kindness and forgiveness. I rather say nothing in times when I am hurt, because we say more in anger than we do in kindness. I do not think twice to compliment  someone when I like something, I never look at anyone in envy hoping that I have what they have, because I am satisfied with I have been given. I will almost always say something to make somebody feel good, because nothing makes me feel better than genuinely making someone feel better about themselves and it’s completely okay if people are not doing the same for me, but at least keep your insults to yourself.
I try every day, and pray to be a better person. I focus on building others up, rather than tearing them down. I wake every morning hoping that I will pass the tests of the day, testing my patience and my ability to be kind. Some days seem almost impossible because I just don’t understand why we are filled with so much hate, jealousy, envy, greed, nastiness, bitterness, resentment, pride, insecurities, all these negative emotions, why are we so intimidated by others? Why are we so afraid of being different? We are we so stuck on fitting in? We are meant to stand out.
To others, I may not be perfect, I may not be skinny enough, I may not be tall enough or fair enough. But to me? I am not only perfect, but also exactly how God intended for me to look, at this very moment in my life, and every moment that led me to this point. Yes, I can alter my appearance if I commit to changing my life. But that should be something that would make me happier or healthier and also my choice. Not caving in to the pressure of being the perfect shape for others.
At the end of the day, it is just our bodies and our physicality. Our soul is what is important.
We don’t realise how powerful and destructive social media can be, we see thousands of pictures on the internet every day and  we are very quick to like a celebrities pictures and people who don’t even know we exist, but when it comes to our family and friends, we don’t want to like it? We show respect for their hustle but for our own people, we have too much pride, or want them to struggle along for recognition? I don’t get it..
With me, when some of my Instagram followers see me in person, they always seem to tell me how much they like my photos and blog content, but they never actually like, comment or support me, online, in any way.

To be honest, I am a firm believer in allowing people to feel what they want to feel, do what they want and to being authentic to yourself. I don’t need a Like as a form of confirmation of my worth. . . but I just don’t understand the discussions people have amongst themselves about me (or others) without the courtesy of mutual support or respect for each other. I’ve had times where people send me my own picture with a little note attached to it, but that was clearly not meant for me to receive. So they are having conversations in the background and discussing these things.
This would not normally bother me, but it gets to a point where it starts affecting our journeys. As a person, I am shy and private. But following my dreams of becoming a successful blogger, it’s slightly difficult to be private or shy.
I choose what I post and what I share with the world, whether on my blog or my social media, but when I see how many people are looking and reading my post in comparison to how many people are engaging, it gets to a point.
People may be talking about everything I am doing, but apart from my immediate family, the amount of support I receive from family and friends is very little to none! Surprisingly enough I do not sit on my social media pages as much as I probably should. Everything is connected and when I share on one, they all update. So I do tend to miss a few updates but I engage as much as I can with my family and friends.
I get to a point where I don’t see the point of really sharing as much as I do with others because I fear that it ignites negative energy instead of the positive energy I aim to put out into the universe.
Blogging to me is a combination of everything I enjoy:

Fashion – in the sense of making you feel good, because when you look good, you feel good.

I do not agree nor confirm to the separation it brings in society and the superficial idea that it sets one above others.

Writing – because having a ‘voice’ or a presences that allows others to speak up and realise they are not alone, and that most incredibly, powerful gift.
Beauty – same principle of having fun and empowering, exploring the different sides of you. But also have a healthy complexion because we know how it affects you, when you don’t feel beautiful.
Photography – there is so much beauty in the world, and so many beautiful (unique) faces and places out there, capturing a moment in time, forever is a beautiful, sacred thing.
Travel – the world could be really small, or really big, depends on how you see it. I wish to explore the avenues on my life’s journey.
Humanitarian – I believe the world could be a better place. I want peace, I want to be one of the hands to help heal the world. Even one person.
Design – because I want to make things that is created in my mind and not yet real.
Shine a light – on others, because we are here to build each other and celebrate the joys we find with others
Lifestyle- because I want to document my life, so that one day I may look back at it, and remember all the things I’ve managed to do with my time.

We each deal with our own trials and we don’t all deal with it the same. Be the light in the darkness for others and remember to show kindness.

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The most profound thing about the word BE is that we can be anything we want to be. 
Whether it is to
Be Happier
Be Kinder
Be Wiser
Be More Present
Be Stronger
Be, anything we want to be. 
We have the power within us to absolutely anything and everything we want to be. 
To be present in our own lives and not just wishful and hopeful, but to actually BE. 
I find this word so extremely poweful and I’ve made caps which serves as a reminder for me to Be More ME.
To trust in my thoughts, my ideas, mySELF and to know that I am ENOUGH. 
I hope to share this with you, and I hope to inspire you to Be unapologetically YOU, because not only are you enough, but you are a miracle of life. 
If you need a gentle reminder to simply BE. . . please head over to my SHOP page and purchase one of these limited addition comfy cool baseball hats! Only a few left! 

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Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect
Thinking about life, and if we’re really living?
What is the difference between a prison cell and home, locked up and guarded so nobody
gets in or out without passing security or five locks?
Living in homes hidden behind high walls and barred windows?
What is the difference between house arrest and paranoidly making sure our kids are within
two feet, of our side whenever you leave the house?
With the amount of kids going missing it increases daily.
What is the point of eating when you are constantly eating things you don’t like or that tastes
bland, because you fear your body changing shape? 
What is the point of having an opinion when you are too afraid to use it because it might
offend somebody? What’s the point of having a voice if we are afraid to use it?
I don’t see the point of planning so extensively for a future that may never happen. We should
plan, but we entirely disregard the present.
I don’t understand why we focus so hard on obtaining status when it isolates us even more. 
It’s pointless having this huge home, fancy cars and all the money you could bare, and have
nobody to share the experience and joy with.
I see the value in technology but there are even more possibilities of it destroying our very
What is the meaning of love? What is commitment?  Trust? Loyalty?  Kindness? Friendship?
Do we still know the meaning of emotion? 
Happiness is something so far out of reach that it’s almost impossible to find, let alone, keep.
There is so much sadness and torture happening behind the biggest smiles sometimes and
people don’t care enough to take a closer look.
When was the last time you did something you’ve always wanted to? When was the last time
you cared enough to ask if someone was doing okay? 
How often does our empathy take a backseat and our pride take the front? 
Why do we allow people to leap and jump hoops for us when we have no intention of
catching them or meeting them halfway?!
We say things because we know it’s what needs to be heard, but very seldom do we mean any
of it.
Our voices echo because we have so much to say but when the noise dies down, we realise
how little the impact was or how empty the words were. We waste too much time talking,
and too little time listening.
We don’t even realise how deeply our words could impact someone’s life. We don’t realise
how powerful we are!
People find it so easy to say things that might sting or hurt the person on the receiving end,
but find it too weird or too much to say something that might just make them smile for a
moment. Why are we so capable of showing hate?
Are you not tired of seeing the pain and suffering of the world? Do you ever wish you could
just help someone?
If you cannot find a good person, be one!
Why does being mean represent honesty which should symbolise strength when being kind is
seen is weakness? 
Because those who care about the earth or the state of humanity, that makes them hippies? 
That makes them weirdos? Tree huggers… Does that not make them more Human? 
Are we then, not human? 
Don’t you ever wish you would have had the courage to say something? Something that
could change somebody’s life, but for some reason, you were afraid of what the
consequences may be,
You were afraid of being judged,
So you just remained quiet.
I have never regretted caring too much, but I remember every time that I didn’t care enough.
I may get hurt but a broken heart, is a heart that knows love. I would rather love too much
than not love at all.
I see kindness, in this cruel world, as a beacon of light, a remarkable strength because we can
love through the hate. The world has gone completely crazy! All over the world, there are
people doing things that are truly unexplainable and unfathomable, but instead of trying to
find ways to heal the world, we are pointing fingers at who should be blamed?!
There are masses of people being killed and homes destroyed, and every person in power is
basically passing the buck, because they are too afraid to actually do something. Yes,
memorials are probably necessary for healing the people but there are no preventative
measures taking place. I think these impactful people are sweeping the problems of the world
under the rug hoping that it will miraculously disappear. But that certainly is not going to
Why are we not doing anything to stop these attacks on humanity? Why are we not ending the suffering,
terrors of war? Why are we allowing these people to rule humanity with so much terror and
A leader should be the best of its people, the ones who can attend to the needs of its people
and make the world a better place, but with selfish leaders only seeking power and status, do
they not see what a disservice this is??
We are so incredibly powerful, but we choose to play it small because we don’t want to
intimidate others…we don’t want to lift a finger, we don’t want them to feel bad about their inabilities to perform as we do.
Yet, playing small does not serve the world. It is like being blessed with a gift, and keeping it
unopened and hidden, instead of sharing it with the world or enjoying it at all.
I’m tired of friendships that only go one way, but we get to hand-pick our friends;
Sometimes the people you thought you needed in your life, are far better in absence.
We don’t get choose the families we are born into but one day we will realise that they were
perfectly picked by God.
We take our families for granted and when we finally realise what
we’ve had, it’s too late to show that love and appreciation. Having the same bloodline is unmistakably the most
intense bond there is. It is like having a group of best friends that will stay with you through
every good and bad moment in your life.
Being alone shouldn’t feel like a punishment, yet the people around us force us to feel bad to
be by ourselves,
We rushing relationships and falling into friendships because it is expected of us,
We judge every little part of ourselves, staring into the mirror in disgust because of the cruel
words people choose to throw at us.
How else are we meant to truly know ourselves without spending some time on our own?
How will we learn to love what we see in the mirror if we don’t allow ourselves to even truly
Society paints a very interesting picture of what we should look like, how we should dress,
how we should walk… or talk.
So every one paints themselves with makeup, highlighting and
contouring away every unique feature we have been blessed with.
No scars, no freckles, no crooked noses or deep-set eyes, no curves, nothing that sets us apart from the masses!
All these girls on social media are starting to look like each other, it’s like a cross between a
cat and an alien… and yet girls are continuing to paint layers and layers of makeup all over
themselves, and shaping their every part in the attempt to fit in!
Am I the only one feeling like I would rather stray away from what society wants? Away
from the face sculpting and embrace all the unique, beautiful features we have been blessed
Embrace my curves,
Embrace my skin tone,
Embrace my weird mind,
Embrace every part of me…
Because I am different, I am unique, I am weird… and I wouldn’t want it any other way!
I am Perfectly Imperfect and regardless of all the clichés, I honestly believe that we are all
perfect and special in our very own way.

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Fallen Petals

Fallen Petals
In today’s life, all we think about is the fact that we don’t have to go to work! Holidays, in my life, is usually spent with family & friends, remembering why we have days like Freedom Day, Heritage Day, etc.
The little moments in life is what we choose to remember, the way my nephews are so fascinated by the feeling of a petal on their skin… or the way they catch the sun rays between the trees. It reminds me of how beautiful life is, the way that they view the world, is how we have forgotten to look at it. There is a big beautiful world around us… but technology forces us to forget to even see it.
Freedom to me, is the ability to do what we want, how we want and when/if we want to. And as much as the government taints the ideas of freedom in our country, we still choose to live our lives the way that we want to. We have a choice to view the world in a positive light. No matter how bad it gets, we still have so much to be thankful for.
We have a lot of love, and hope within all of us, and all around us, it is a choice for us to see it and more importantly, to Share it!
This week simply flew by but capturing photographs is like a return ticket to those precious little moments otherwise lost.
We can look back and cherish them forever.

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