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Guest Post: Trainer Taariq

Exercise- The BEST ingredient to better health
My name is Taariq Patel. I am a 29-year-old Biokineticist. As a certified Biokineticist, my primary function is to improve physical functioning and overall health using exercise and guided movements. I combine my passion for physical activity and my love for meeting people. I aim to encourage people to become the best version of themselves which is why I became a Biokineticist 2 years ago.
I cannot express enough how important it is to EXERCISE! Science confirms that exercise improves health, which is obvious but did you know that it has been proven that with regular exercise, you can extend your life?
As little as 150 minutes a week of moderate- intensity aerobics or a natural form of physical activity can help avoid a host of serious ailments; which include heart disease, diabetes, depression, and several types of cancers.
Regular exercise can also help you:
-sleep better
-reduce stress
-control your weight
-brighten your mood
-sharpen your mental functioning, just to name a few of the incredible benefits.
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Stay tuned for relevant facts, tricks and tips to changing your lifestyle TODAY!

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Yardley London SA- Bond ST No.8 -For MEN (Turquoise)

Yardley – Bond ST No.8 For MEN( Turquoise) 
I know I’ve said it many times before but I simply LOVE when somebody smells good! It makes them about 100 times more attractive! 
Yardley just launched their latest Bond ST cologne for men and it smells basically the same as it looks…Fresh! In my humble opinion, it is my favorite scent in the Bond ST range so far. I love an out-of-shower, cool scent that has that subtle hint of muskiness and this is one of those scents. It smelt so good to me that I wasn’t entirely sure it was even for men! 
The Bond ST is known for its musky scents and when I saw the beautiful, beachy vibe of the packaging I couldn’t wait to tear in to smell the actually perfume. It is so aesthetically pleasing and with my beach inspired room decor, it goes perfectly. Okay, I know I’m supposed to be focussing on the scent but just look at this Bronze and Turquoise beauty! 

I took this incredibly basic photo because I don’t think this stunning packaging needs much else? My photo was surprisingly featured on the official Yardley London SA page on Instagram and I can hardly take the credit because… Look at it!
This cologne also comes with a deodorant so you don’t have to mix your stunning scent with anything else to stay fresh. It is always a struggle trying not to mix up your different products in your everyday routine and now you don’t have to… Score!
The Bond ST perfumes and colognes are extremely affordable and they retail at most drugstores like Clicks. Because with these perfumes a little goes a long way, you are really getting a lot of value for your money. I have three of the Bond ST perfumes and I’ve been using them for months, they are far from running out, yet I use a tiny bit, often, and receive a ton of compliments whenever I wear them. 
I definitely suggest that you go and try the Bond ST range of perfumes and colognes and give this new Turquoise cologne a little whiff the next time you pass by a Clicks store.
Thank me later 😉

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Bonafide Man – Turn it up!

Bonafide Man – Turn it up!
With summer holiday around the corner and the beach or bush on our minds, we still got to look the part this season. What better way to look awesome and stylish with the new style guys are calling “TURN UP” deriving from the 80s.
By rolling up or turning up the sleeves of your summer shirt, you get a look that gives the impression of a longer than normal fit and one that’s tighter around your arms…therefore making you look taller and more defined. With this in play, you look more fit and ready for a holiday style to remember!!
The Urban Dictionary describes “Turn Up” as getting loose and acting wild, which is exactly what this new style portrays.
By turning up your short sleeve shirts, you start getting the new summer look for 2016 leading into 2017. Turn up summer shirts are now being created specifically for the rolling up of the sleeves, some even having the sleeves stitched up to a roll already. Different turn up sleeve to shirt colours might also be visible (white turn up with a blue shirt etc.). So when shopping for a new summer look, don’t be confused when picking up that stitched up sleeved shirt…just roll with it and try it on.
A number of these turn up shirts can be found and bought in the following stores:
– Cotton On
– Old Khaki
– H&M
– Kingsley Heath
Try mixing it up by purchasing T-shirts (v-neck/rounded collar) and short sleeve button up turn ups. This way you get to switch your wardrobe around by making it versatile in shirt design and wear.
Have a jolt this summer with your new “Turn Up’s” and if you are keen to post any pictures of your turn up style, feel free to do so in the comment box.

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BonafideMan – Classic Man

BonafideMan – Classic Man
When it comes to Classis Styling for men, I follow 4 Simple rules.
Follow these and you will always be on point!
We, as guys, have all heard of “Peacocking” and yes, it’s a real thing! If you’re stepping out, best you step it up!
Maintain this rule and you will be the alpha when it comes to standing out in the crowd.
Always match the colour of your shoe; to the colour of your belt, or even your shirt.
Doing this brings about a sense of style, no matter how “vintage” your trouser is. Get your colour matches correct and you could look good in pretty much anything, if the fit is perfect.
Which brings me to…
When it comes to Shirts and Trousers, Size certainly matters. We all hope that we will be 5kgs lighter by summer, or look out for those 5 extra kgs after a nice holiday, but never buy clothes for what you “might” look like in a few months. Get a couple well fit pants (regular waist with slim style fit around the upper and lower leg), followed by a long length, mid cut shirt.
Accessorising is not only for woman. Nothing screams style more than a good-looking watch or man bracelet. Go classic, basic watch face with a leather or metallic strap…I prefer leather. Add an anchor bracelet to bring your look together. Most importantly, stay away from fitness watches when going out.
Have a look at the following Instagram pages for ideas: @nyincredibles or @_universaltime_
For some great finds, visit the following stores:
Country Road
The best colour and season coordination of all men shops. CC man is one of my favourite brands to buy clothes from. They stay on par will all styles and men’s fashion changes.
Follow them on Instagram: @countryroad #countryroadman.
Kingsley Heath
When looking for silky soft printed shirts, KH is the place to go. Their shops have a “real man” feel about them. When walking into this store, you get smacked with a perfect scent of quality followed by a huge buffalo head! You will see their relaxed style vibes with a real casual African look. I can guarantee that your significant other won’t stop feeling you up.
Follow them on Instagram: @kingsleyheath94 and Facebook: Kingsley Heath Clothing.
Woolworths Man
The one-stop shop for all shapes and sizes. WM has the best variety of stylish and fashionable clothing that are affordable. Known to always be on par with the latest fashion trends, you can pick up the best fitted chinos and mono coloured shirts without breaking your budget.
Focus on the following sections: EST1931 range (For great chinos &trousers), StudioW and WCollection for formal wear.

Embracing the season change, we can get excited to wear attractive and trendy styles this autumn!

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Bonafide Man -Autumn is the new Black

Bonafide Man -Autumn is the new Black
Many people see autumn as the start to a very bland and dull season. It’s time to change that perspective.
By embracing the season change, we can get excited to wear attractive and trendy styles this autumn. By wearing colours in a specific way, you can be the one who stand out!
Autumn 2016 is the season of cream, white, grey, brown and ofcourse, black. Mix and match these colours and I can promise you, every person will be taking a second look. Olive is seen as the new winter colour, but I will talk more about that in May.
When picking an outfit to step out the house with in autumn, aim for the colours specified above. The shoes below are a great representation of autumn all in one. We have black, cream, brown and grey. Any pair of chinos that match even the MINOR colours on the shoe will look good, i.e. brown, cream or grey chinos.
Play with shirt colours, as long as you don’t end up looking like a Christmas tree. A little touch of blue, red or green can pull those dull colours together and make you look awesome!! Aldo have a good range of autumn colour sneakers this year for around R500. 

Boots are also the new “must wear” this autumn. Get yourself a good pair of genuine leather boots (black, grey, cream or brown) with a matching belt of course and you can pull your look together. Tread & Miller have an incredible range of genuine leather footwear with very high quality stitching. I bought my Arthur Jack boots there for only R1200.
Below are a couple looks I put together with my new brown Arthur Jack boots. Sticking to my rules last week, you can see I have matched the boots with a brown belt.

Changing it up with a different coloured jean/chino and or shirt, you can add a lot more colour to your look. As you can see, three completely different looks yet the same pair of shoes and belt.
Include a brown jacket when the temperature drops and there you have it. Stylish without major effort!!
Now go get your autumn shoes, play around with different colour pants/shirts and pull it all together with a warm jersey or jacket, corresponding to the shoe colour.
Come back next week for “Profile Products” where I will be discussing some great products for men.

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