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Let’s ‘chalk’ about it – 5 Things you didn’t know about chalk paint

Let’s ‘chalk’ about it – 5 Things you didn’t know about chalk paint

It is an interesting and little-known fact that chalk finish paint has been around for much longer than we realise. Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint’s Managing Director, Yolande Terblanche, shares some of the quirky things you didn’t know about ‘chalk finish paint.
 ·         It works well on ceramics, enamel, wood, plastic, glass, melamine and even fabric (yes, fabric!). Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint has a chalky/old fashioned finish and is formulated to have incredible adhesion properties. It can be applied to just about any surface, from walls to clothing and furniture, without any pre-preparation or sanding beforehand.
·         One of the great things about chalk paint is that a little goes a long way – unlike normal paint. Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint has great coverage, since one litre can cover more than 13 square meters of surface area.
·         Chalk paint is safe to be used around your home, family and pets. This product is not harmful to the environment, family and pets, so you can literally use anywhere and on just about anything in your home.
·         Cleaning up after you’re done with your project is a breeze! Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint is water based and also gentle on the skin as well as the environment.
·         It dries fast! You can add a second coat really quickly and transform your home without having to wait for long periods.
·         Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint comes in 41 colours, is affordable and great quality!
“One of the main reasons that chalk finish paints are so popular is the versatility, safety and ease of use of the product,” explains Terblanche.
Chalk painting is fun and when using it the creative possibilities are endless. Start planning your next chalk paint project with spring around the corner and get your hands dirty!

About Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint
Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint is a family owned and operated business, established in mid-2015, and has grown to become the leading locally founded chalk-finish paint product brand in South Africa. We have grown to over 200 stockists across Southern Arica and now service South African, Namibian, Zimbabwean and Zambian markets – with ever growing interest from countries as far as Australia.
Visit our website at for a map of all our stockists or conveniently shop online and have your order delivered to your front door.

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Create – Custom Designs – Craft Market Cresta

​​Create – Custom Designs – Craft Market Cresta
It’s always difficult finding cute stuff we see on Pinterest and Instagram and as easy as they make the DIY tutorials on YouTube, somehow those become really funny fails instead.
Getting something unique usually requires a hefty price tag to get something custom-made. I’ve been looking for bougee business card holders after getting the new cards made, but because I wasn’t looking for the typical card holders, I didn’t find what I was looking for.
I went into the Craft Market store, as I would normally do, because they always have crafty little things to look at. I asked them about business card holders and I was led to a few very unique looking ones but they were meant for a desk, not the ones I was hoping to carry around with me. 
One of the store managers, Marizelle, came over to help me and showed me some wooden boxes with intricate detailing on them.  She mentioned that Craftmarket store are able to design custom pieces that customers may be interested in, that are not currently on the shelf. 
I took down Marizelle’s details at sent her a quick email describing exactly what I wanted. We emailed back and forth for a little bit and two days later my order was ready for collection! 
With their extremely affordable prices for custom made crafts, I’m surprised that so few people are aware of this great offer. I am so happy with my product and the best part is I have my name and blog name embedded into these little boxes. 
Thought I would do a little blog post to share this opportunity with my blog readers because from end to end, it was such an efficient and exciting experience creating these pieces.

I am definitely going to be heading back to them for any other requirements and design a few more pieces with them. 


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Create Your Own- Midi Tulle Skirt

Create Your Own- Midi Tulle Skirt
Surprisingly enough I am getting old, and my first thought when I was invited to a
 ‘Chucks, Tux, Tutu & Tiara”
21st Birthday party was: What am I going to wear?!
The classic tutu seems a little too… “Girly and Young” for me, as I am pushing 30! So, I opted to join in on the theme, but designed a slightly more appropriate tulle skirt.
The three days leading up to the great week in the Cape, was a lot of back-and-forth deciding on a colour and a style.
When I went to the fabric shop, Fabric Link, I had already pre-decided on wearing all black! As usual…
But upon my arrival, I saw a bunch on pretty colours and finally decided on Emerald Green, I’ve always loved the colour, but never actually bought anything even close to this shade of green. I was excited to start playing.
We folded, cut and sewed our way through a few options:
*The Classic Tutu (which I was clearly not feeling)
*A Tutu with a “tail/ train”
*A Long Tulle Skirt
*A Fairy Skirt/ Long Tutu

But in the end, I opted for this Layered Tulle Midi Skirt. I feel it was more age appropriate and the slight shimmer added volumes to the otherwise boring black faux-leather underclothes I paired the skirt with.
We then finished the look off with a band around the waist and a light jersey!

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Create your own – Ripped Jeans

Create your own – Ripped Jeans
To create the perfect ripped jeans, try following these easy steps!
What you will need:

A pair of Denim Pants
Stick of Chalk
Utility knife (please use with care!!!)
Cheese Grater
Pair of Scissors
Some embellishments (Below we’ve used some cotton flowers)
Fabric Glue

Place the denim on a stable, flat surface. Be mindful to lay the folds of the denim evenly and straight. Using the chalk, carefully draw lines where you would like the rips to be.
Once you have the layout of the design, the blade of the utility knife should be pushed up very slightly, and slowly and continuously start cutting the denim, where the chalk lines have been drawn.  Lightly go over the chalk lines, as applying too much pressure will result in the denim being cleanly cut (not what you want).
Once all of the rips have been created, on the edge of the surface (table) use the fine-hole-side of the cheese grater and lightly scrape along some areas of the denim. This will give the denim I more rugged finish. (Do not over-do this step, as in thins the material)
To create a “cut-off-denim” look, simply cut the ends with the scissors.
As a last step, add embellishments and allow the glue to dry.

Let me know if you’ve tried it!

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