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A day in my Life – Join me on some Adventures | Star Life | Shesha ft Happy Socks by Wiz Khalifa | Pre-screening of Down a Dark Hall

If you’ve read my previous post, you will know that I am basically Hannah Montana. I work a normal 9-5, leading a pretty standard life but then on the side I am a blogger that goes to events and networks with some pretty cool people. 
With that said, it’s not always easy to balance it all out, but sometimes it works out perfectly. I was invited to three cool events on the same day and for once, it was spread out across multiple hours, for a fun-filled day. 
The first event we attended was at the Sandton Sun, to launch a brand new Indian channel on DSTV, Star Life. My mom is so obsessed with these Bollywood channels and I do admit that sometimes after she has explained the entire story-line to me, in grave detail, I might even enjoy a piece with her. 

Comedian Riaad Moosa was one of the entertainers and he is absolutely hilarious! We spend about two hours there, and had some delicious dessert, caught up with some friends and then off we were to get ready for the next event. 
We headed to Melrose Arch at one of the new stores Shesha to see and feel the new collection of Happy Socks. No, Wiz Khalifa was not in attendance but there were a few photo op’s available. 


After the Happy Socks launch, we headed off to Rosebank for the first screening of Down a Dark Hall. The producers of the Twilight SAGA led me to believe it was going to be about Vampires and Werewolves but I was pretty much scared out of my mind because that is DEFINITELY not was it was about! My friend screamt and shook the entire row of seats in the cinema atleast five times! It was quite possibly one of the scariest movies I’ve watched because I don’t do horrors, especially when it’s about the unseen world! I was thoroughly horrified. Had fun though, nonetheless. 

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My experience at South African Fashion Week – April 2018 #SS18

My experience at South African Fashion Week – April 2018 #SS18
Hi Bonfiders!
By now, I’m sure you all know that I attended Fashion Week this season, I pretty much spammed my social media platforms with photos, videos and some stories. So let me share a more formal discussion about my week in Sandton.
First things first, the Venue
The thing about SAFW organisers is, they know that the attendees at fashion week is all about snapping those bomb photos at the venue and taking consistent portrait shots of every outfit from the first to the last show. SAFW brings the heat every season with the most beautiful, photo ready props and views!
From the incredible sunsets on the rooftop, to well-lit backdrops that jump out at ya, to perfect monochrome drapping of statement backdrops for those model-esq portraits. With photographers crawling the grounds to catch those fashionistas in their natural habitat. SAFW is wild; like those NATGEO scenes in the wild, where all the animals are at the waterhole…basically the same. The place is swarming with people and everyone is photo ready!
They usually hook us up with some delicious treats from Woolies and some bubbly Appletisers/ fashion drinks and cosy yet stylish sitting areas to keep the guests comfy.
The auditorium this season was somewhat more spacious and it is still very cool to me how each show comes together. All the elements working together so perfectly, from the catwalk, to the music selection and lighting. I always watch the videos from Fashion Weeks around the world, and I think we have a very special set up… it makes the entire experience so much more worthwhile.
The seating arrangements are always somewhat the talk of the town and the fashion goers scoring that front seat is all the rage! #FROW
 Next, let’s talk about the Celebrities
This year, I feel like there weren’t as many local celebrities at SAFW, unless I didn’t really have a chance to look around. To be honest, I am not really up to speed when it comes to the who’s who of local celebrities and I feel like these days, everyone is kind of becoming their own stars. #thanksInstagram
There were definitely a few people rocking out with some designer wear and some creative pieces, I love that people were somewhat more comfortable in their looks. Unless my feels were all in the right place this season? You know what they say, you attract the same vibes you send out and I’ve finally found my comfort zone when it comes to my unique style and well, comfort.
 The Shows/ The Designers
Fashion week designers are there to showcase their incredible talent and artistic ideas. Many times the pieces aren’t particularly wearable and sometimes they down-right confuse me. I thought maybe I am just not fashion forward enough to understand the idea and inspiration behind the pieces. But recently it has become somewhat more wearable and there are definite pieces I could see myself in, in each collection. I love the unusual pieces, I also really love the classic pieces, but sometimes those trendy items speak volumes. Or maybe I final understand fashion…
 To be able to enjoy what you wear and realising that we are what we wear.
I think there is such a fine line where fashion is fun and where it is a judgement call. There are so many people that think that we have to dress a certain way to fit into society but when it comes to feeling good in an item and feeling free, it is as though the caterpillar is finally stretching its wings out and becoming the butterfly.
Somebody once said, they don’t have time or effort to actually have a style. But that unkempt, untidy lack of style is also in a way the style you’re in? So why not just explore what you’re comfortable with and have fun with it.  Do it for you and forget what others think and you will get there a lot faster.
Designer wear is surprisingly not as expensive and over-the-top as you might think it is. A lot of the time people won’t even step foot into a store because the store ‘looks’ expensive. But quality is many times worth the price you pay. I’m all about a good sale piece that is super trendy because that is the thing about trends, tomorrow there will be a new one and that piece would be laying in your wardrobe waiting for another day. But when it comes to those beautiful classic pieces, investing in something that you will wear for years, if not decades, is definitely a better buy.
Some of the designers at SAFW are showcasing for the first time and their prices are incredibly reasonable. Check out the pieces at the Sandton City Designer Pop Up starting the first week of May and will be there for a few days. Designers will be showcasing some of their clothing, jewellery and shoes and you get to be one of the first to shop these items.
The Overall Vibe of South African Fashion Week
 I think that if you attend for the love of fashion and to enjoy the experience of mingling with the IT GIRLS and GUYS of the fashion world, then you will have an incredible time. If you attend for people to notice you, for you to be the centre of attention or to compete with the finest of the fashion industry, then you will probably not enjoy your experience at all.
I’ve noticed a few people who reckons fashion week just doesn’t live up to the hype of it all, but most times it is because not enough photographers were falling over their outfits, or because no designers engaged with them because they were the muse they have been searching for and well… they just didn’t feel important enough.
Freedom from the opinions of others, start at the end of caring what others think of them. To be honest, even the most influential people second-guess their outfit choices and wonder if the reason nobody has complimented them is because they look less than perfect; but honestly, people are usually more concerned about how great they look, rather than those around them. In some weird way, it kind of humbles you.
 I know I’m like the spokesperson for being your own muse and feeling enough but honestly it makes such a difference when it comes to the experiences you have in life. I spoke to some of the most incredible people at fashion week who also felt a little bit off beat because they gave into the negative power of, for lack of a better word, haters. It blows my mind because there is SO much beauty in being different and unique and celebrating your successes in life. There are so many things that we do differently to others and besides being incredible to have thought up something so different, it’s also unique to you. It makes you stand out… and that is the purpose of life, certainly not to fit in. We give way too much power to those negative thoughts about not being good enough and not celebrating our successes enough. We worry too much about the experiences that we miss out on that we forget to appreciate all those amazing achievements we have worked so hard for.
 Before I go on a tangent about how much better it is for you to stay true and be you. . . I also created a short vlog so that you can kind of experience SAFW through my point of view.
Please check it out here.

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Thoughts before attending Fashion Week

Thoughts before attending Fashion Week
First of all, I need to apologise for being so quiet. I have thankfully been very busy these last couple of weeks and also in the process of getting my YouTube channel up and running, I’ve been a little slow with my blog posts.
But low and behold, the draught is over! Yay! How are you? What have I missed in your life?
Let me bring you up to speed on what you might have missed in the past couple of weeks of mine..
First of all, I did a little bit of soul-searching, yet again, and learnt that as much as I’d like to do that every once in a while, it is an ongoing process and just seems to happen at any point, with little to no warning.
I’ve learnt that being myself is the easiest thing to do when I stick to pleasing myself first. Because one, you can never please everyone, and two, when you love yourself, the negativity of others simply bounces off you!
In the last few weeks I’ve attended a few events and all the footage from those events will be revealed very soon. Whether in an upcoming blog post or a Youtube video and I am truly excited to share them with you. I hope that you are excited to see them?
This past week was South African Fashion Week #SS18. It is always such an experience and I’ve met so many new friends that I am positive I will share a beautiful journey of friendship with, well that’s if they feel the same about me! LoL
Last year I spoke a little bit about the behind the scenes regarding Fashion Week, the fashionable SAFW goers and the unspoken thickness in the air that lingered around us. This year around, it was like DUA LIPA taught me the best lesson of all because IDGAF! Okay maybe it was the necessary soul searching that came just in time, but I really didn’t stress about anything!
Whether it was the seating arrangements, my outfits or the social scene that was more of Regina George than Cady Herron. I just wanted to take in the entire experience and make it the best experience possible.
When I first started attending SAFW, I was a little worried about fitting in because I didn’t want to look like the imposter that broke in, I wanted to feel like I belonged there. I was led to believe that front row was extremely important because it was like the measuring jug to my social worth? And ultimately MY WORTH! But this time.. even if those statements were true, I wasn’t about to make them valid because I honestly don’t care about all of that. When you let go of the idea of what others think of you, that sense of freedom to be yourself unapologetically, is just about the best feeling in the world.
I was always at a struggle to know if the attire I chose to adorn myself with actually looked good, because surprisingly enough, people at Fashion Week are not particularly quick to complement each other unless there were those awkward silent moments in the conversation when they could fit in one of those “who are you wearing” type questions. I saw a lady at SAFW this week with a t-shirt which read “Dress to Impress yourself” and even though I am a strong believer in that, it wouldn’t hurt knowing whether people were ‘checking you out’ or silently praying for you. I accidently caught somebody taking a picture of my ankle-high fishnet stockings in my platform sneakers and because she didn’t make eye-contact with me after, I’m not sure if she liked it or sent it off to the ‘How do I Look” TV crew to get me help!
Either way, I truly dressed for myself this week, and I was not only comfortable but people actually complimented me! YAY! I honestly feel that when you are happy with yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, it is like a positivity glow that is more apparent than you will ever realise. I wore the fancier clothes in my wardrobe but the pieces I would normally wear and not trying to find some quirky outfits that kinda only works for Fashion Week. I surrounded myself with positive people that were riding on the wave of excitement and loving the experience that proves to be ever-changing.
Experiences are what you make them and if you are concerned about what others think of you, you will forever be in a prison of self-doubt.
The reason I am starting my series of SAFW posts on this note, is to hopefully empower the people who are stuck in feeling irrelevant in a superficial world that you’re not meant to fit into.. you were born to stand out and being yourself is the best way to start.
Remember this
You are Enough
You are Perfect
You are Beautiful  
Midway through the week I stopped to realise how many amazing moments I’ve had in my blogging career. I got a little sentimental about the experiences, the people and the fact that I started all of this from scratch, from an idea only I saw at the time. this also got me thinking that we don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve sometimes, we put too much emphasis on what we are missing out on and too little emphasis on the incredible things we achieve every day.
Goes without saying… we should stop that.
The next SA Fashion Week posts will be more about the fashion, the social scene and the cool little moments what I would certainly love to share with you! Have an incredible day!

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Green Cross unveils ‘Dylan’ -The Stylish Brogue

Green Cross unveils ‘Dylan’ -The Stylish Brogue
As fashion blurs the gender lines Green Cross unveils their take on the Brogue, an iconic footwear style trending this season.
Crafted using luxurious leather, lightweight platform soles and removable moulded insoles, the Dylan is completed with wingtip detailing.
The Dylan brings contemporary urban style to the brand’s tradition of uncompromising comfort, in creating a sophisticated androgynous look. Beautifully paired with flared pants or oversized trousers, the Brogue is available in black and brown at Green Cross stores nationwide for R1 499.

Here are just a few cool and quirky looks you can play around with, when it comes to styling these chic shoes

I think the Brogue gives your outfit a boost of quirkiness, something you cannot always get from wearing heels, pumps or sneakers. A lot of you may know that I am not too keen on leather goods and I opt for faux leather instead. This is purely a styling post, to inspire your next preppy chic outfit. I have a pair of (faux) navy blue sued brogues and I absolutely live in them. I suddenly feel like Elvis with My Blue Sued Shoes.


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Interviewing MISS UNIVERSE 2017 – Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Interviewing MISS UNIVERSE 2017 – Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
Interviewing Demi-Leigh over the Telephone in New York City

Demi-Leigh just moved into her apartment in NYC close to Centre Park. Being a nature girl at heart, it was perfect for her to enjoy her down-time and favourite pass-time jogging or taking a casual stroll in the park.
She is a true Cape Townian at heart and is as chilled as coastal people are and as humble as they come! We chatted for about a half hour and it was like catching up with an old friend. She didn’t just answer my questions but was friendly enough to go into detail on each question and share little bits about her personal life as well.

She lived a typical student life before the Miss South Africa pageant came to light and she talked a little bit about how, with the typical student life, she saved money to afford makeup and all the things she wanted in life. For her to be in the career path that she is, is not only incredible, but also extremely inspiring to so many girls and woman dreaming about becoming the powerful woman they ought to be. Demi-Leigh is just a normal girl, taking in the world, one day at a time.
Many people see pageants as these superficial beauty parades and the woman are so pressured to strive for perfection, but with Demi, it is as though there is no pressure at all. She believes in herself and being completely true to herself, no matter what.

Competitions are stressful in itself, but with Demi, she knows that there is nobody better at being DEMI-LEIGH than she is. I don’t know about you, but how does one compete with that level of confidence?! It has always been a huge dream of hers to become an Influential person, not for any other reason, but to help other woman realise their power and to make a difference in the lives of so many people all around the world. She says “It’s not always about wearing a sash and a tiara, but becoming a Miss Universe type of Woman; to be the best Demi I can be” With this incredibly huge platform, the sky is the limit! I just wish I could be right there with her, spreading love to the people of the world, because we all know, it’s needed.
There has been an outpour of love and appreciation for “our” South African beauty and she is filled with gratitude and appreciation for all that she has been blessed with, especially this year. Only 22years old and she has accomplished so much.
She met one of her biggest role models, Thuli Madonsela, sometime this year and Demi is inspired by Thuli’s ability to inspire other woman to believe in themselves and to fight for what they believe in.
Being from the coast Demi also enjoys being casual, in jeans and a tee and also went through those phases in high-school when you don’t feel good enough, pretty enough, or just enough… but learning to deal with her own insecurities has inspired her to help others realise their own worth.

We also played a little Quick Quiz:
Favourite Colour? Rose gold
Favourite Animal? Her 2 Yorkshire terriers
Favourite Food? Braai
Tea or coffee? Both, coffee in the morning and tea at noon
Favourite Place in the world? Cape Town. Also Greece, as it was a little like CT and the people were incredibly warm and a very small part of my own heritage is Grecian, it was really cool meeting the people of Greece and in some way my ancestors
Favourite Pass-time/ Hobby? Enjoy gymming, a good jog, Central Park is so close to where I am, I enjoy going there as often as I can
Favourite Movie? The intern, and I’m a huge fan of science fiction movies, like Avatar.
Favourite song? Beyonce – I was here. I listen to this song when I’m down, when I’m happy, also the song I listened to right before going on stage before the crowning
Favourite Book? The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho


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Spree Summer on my Skyline #SPEESS17

Spree Summer on my Skyline #SPEESS17
Spree is a trend setting online fashion retailer and this season they’ve launched their new Spring Summer2017 collection with their dynamic Summer on my Skyline event at the Tin Factory in Kramerville, Sandton.
As you walk in you’re greeted with a wall of donuts which was a unique, unexpected and delightfully interactive feature, so we knew it would be an interesting night. They projected images of the city onto the doors which hid the stage and set the scene for this summer fashion experience. Their inspiration was not the white sands and ocean views we’re used to, instead their inspiration came from the streets and fashion culture of Joburg.

At the event they had four ‘Trend pods’ which redefined the term ‘photo-booth’ because they allowed everyone to engage with these mini sets which were manned by some of Joburgs top street style photographers. When the time came and the stage was revealed, everyone gathered around to see what’s on offer.
The models walked in from two different sides to meet in the middle of the triangular stage which had a rotating centre allowing 360 degree views of this seasons’ hottest trends. DJ Ms Cosmo was on the decks as the models displayed the newest additions to the Summer 2017 rage. This Spree signature event debuted fashion with quite a few classic elements.
Wearability is key and the selection of items is ample. There is also a very strong 80’s and 90’s inspiration to their offering. They’ve drawn from the fashion heartbeat of the city, and now you can shop it all. Visit SPREE for all of these new items.
Inspired by Joburg streets/ Sprees summer 2017 experience.
 The city – Fashion heartbeat – moving away from the coast. trend pods – street style photographers

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My Favourite Moments & Designers from SAFW AW18 – October 2017

My Favourite Moments & Designers from SAFW AW18 – October 2017
Firstly, I need to express my gratitude to all the organisers and the lovely ladies at SAFW. Thank you for everything. 

Now to get to my favourite moments…

This season I attended the New Talent Judging Ceremony on Diamond Walk – Sandton City

Enjoyed listening to the up-and-coming designers talking about where they pull inspiration from, where they started and the goals they have.
Being able to discuss their aspirations with them and their feelings, about show-casing their collections at SAFW, was exceptional.
Interviewed two of my favourite young designers at this event, IPIKOKO and LUI LUI.
Listening to the ideas behind each of their garments, and the collection in its entirety, is what truly makes you appreciate the designs even more.
I thought designers just went off a muse that inspires them to create an incredible piece suited to a specific type of woman, but after talking to designers about not even have a particular muse, but an incredibly moving idea behind dressing woman the way that they should see themselves, unapologetic and fierce!
It inspires me to appreciate the curves and edges of my body, to dress the way I want to, for me.

AJKP Collective

Attending the exclusive preview of the  AKJP Collective, at The SMAC Gallery in Rosebank, was a real treat! It was such a perfect display of art.
Art in its creative form, with paintings & decorative pieces, and then in the form of Fashion, of course. It was like a beautiful visually fulfilling event.

The First Show

Attending fashion week is such an out-of-mind experience! Seeing the stunning and creative attendees and seeing the venue FILLED with great places to shoot some pics! So artistically displaying the textures and creativity behind each setup.
I loved the wool displays in the lounging area and even though those little fibres attacked absolutely everyone, it was a visually perfect dream. Seriously though, nobody was safe.

Trade Event


The last time I attended the Trade Event, I felt a little bit out of place. Not completely sure how interactive I was allowed to be with the designers so this season felt a lot more comfortable for me.

Dressed by a Designer

Something feels somewhat snazzy about saying that out loud, and rightfully so. Having the honour of wearing something designed to showcase the intricate creative talent of a designer.
There are a few things that are extremely daunting about it though…
Firstly it was made for a typical model sized figure… And not sure if I need to say this, but I certainly am not one! But Alas! It fitted! Like a glove actually, thank goodness for fabric with a little give.
Secondly, this is not only a one of a kind garment, but also priceless… If I were to tarnish, rip or lose any garment, I can’t just pop into a store and spend my life’s savings trying to get it back… there would be no coming back from it.
But the trust a designer needs to have to hand over their one of a kind garments is certainly important.
I felt incredible lucky and beautiful in my stunning IPIKOKO outfit.
I was also given the opportunity to wear some LUI LUI pieces but as it turns out, I am not model sized! Haha But hey, Jaime done such an incredible job at making me feel more empowered in myself. Why should I try to drop all the curves, when being a whole lot of woman is that much better!! Flaunting it HARD over here!
Thanks again to the two incredible designers, meeting each of you has been a highlight for me this season.

Gert-Johan Coetzee

I think the idea of sitting front row for GJC was always just something I wanted. So getting to be right there as the beautiful models float out onto the pink strip down the runway it was certainly a moment to remember. The models chosen for the garments were pretty close to perfect, the music, the vibe…. Everything just worked so well! The collection was on either end of the scale… some people were blown away and others were a little taken-aback because it wasn’t at all what they had expected.

Making Friends

Again, feeling slightly out of place last season, I wasn’t as chatty and comfortable as I was this season. I met a few incredibly down-to-earth individuals that made fashion week one to remember. There is so much superficiality in the fashion world, because people focus on all the wrong things. But when you meet people who just make you super comfortable in their company, it’s like a whole new experience of authenticity in a world of awesome.

Okay enough my babbling, these were some of my favourite collections..

Each designer has a signature style and I love how they each tried new things and some kept it pretty safe. I really enjoyed the fashion this season and it’s hard to choose favorites. 

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Nomination Italy Turns 30 Years Old- Happy Birthday!!

Nomination Italy Turns 30 Years Old- Happy Birthday!!
I’m so grateful to have been invited to the 30th Birthday Celebration of Nomination Italy.

I’ve always admired the bracelets and when I came across them walking around the V&A Waterfront a few years ago, it was always something that I wanted, but I felt it would be a little bit of a splurge buying it for myself, also a little too pricey for anyone else to buy for me so I guess it was one of those things I needed to wait for the right time to own. 
It was like the chic version of a charm bracelets but somehow the friends in Cape Town caught onto the trend a lot easier than we did in Joburg. 
I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invite to join the 30th Birthday Cocktail celebration on October 31st at Monte Casino which is the perfect setting for the Italian Jewellery Brand. The event was so chic and all the decor was in black & gold. The attendees were so beautifully  dressed and the hosts surely spoilt us from the moment we walked in. 

The founders of the sensational brand were working the dance-floor and mingling with guests with such humility and appreciation for each and every person there. The greatest thing about Italians are their warm and welcoming personalities. Paolo Gensini didn’t utter a single word of English but spoke in the universal language of dance with every single person! Paolo’s son, Alessandro, Marketing Director went around speaking to all the guests, as though we were all one big Italian Family.

We enjoyed the photobooth, mingling with the honoured guests, singing happy birthday and dancing together on the dancefloor as the DJ played pretty dope music from the last 30 years of hits! 

The event was so stunning I started sharing pictures and Insta Stories the minute I walked in and to my surprise I was one of the very lucky guests to win one of the hampers, just for uploading a picture and using some hastags! I was so busy chatting to friends that when my name was called, I didn’t hear it at all. My friend then pushed me to the stage where I received my gift! My mind was completely blown!

The cherry on top of a spectacular evening was receiving a very special gift as we left. Each guest received one of the beautiful bracelets from the Composable Collection with a charm “30”. I was in awe thinking how spoilt this evening. 
Thank you to Nomination and the incredible ladies at TPW for hosting this exceptional event and for the fact that I now own my very own Nomination Bracelet. 
When I reached home, I couldn’t wait to look at my prize… 
In the gift bag were TWO more braclets, a sterling silver one with a bunch of charms, and a rose gold braclet with the “Bella La Vita” charm and a rose gold Key chain!! I am incredibly grateful! Now with all my new jewels, my family gets to enjoy the celebration with me and enjoy wearing some beautiful Nomination pieces as well. 

We thank you, Happy Birthday! x 
Bella La Vita – Beautiful Life

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Introduction to South African Fashion Week AW18 – October 2017 – Sandton City

Introduction to South African Fashion Week AW18 – October 2017 – Sandton City
For some, fashion week is a parade of superficial socialites snapping perfect pictures of themselves and living le’ good life, but for others it is an expression of art. 
At first glance, SAFW is like Cady Heron’s vision of the mall in the Mean Girls film. It becomes somewhat overwhelming thinking about the hundreds of poised and stylish attendees at the shows. It’s so easy to get into your own head about fitting in and sitting front row because somehow that makes you relevant?
But as soon as you realise why you’re there and life is not about fitting into some kind of mould, things become simpler.
For a designer, showcasing their garments on the runway is such an incredible achievement, not because they’ve made a wearable garment, not even because thousands of people will know their names or see their collections, but to have a platform to express their talent and art at their disposal is incredible.
Fashion is art. Expression of that art is Style. Well that is my understanding of it. With the limited body parts we have to dress up, the amount of designs and creative ways to style is proving to be very difficult.
This season, I felt the designs were so smart, sophisticated and wearable that just shows how much creativity is out there. From the materials they’ve paired together to the colours they’ve mixed, the mind is a powerful tool.
At first, when you have a passion, you see endless possibilities in achieving it all, but when you choose to dive into that passion, it becomes your livelihood, your job… and with that passion takes a back seat because you gotta live. The amount of faith you need to have in yourself and in your creations has to be a lot more than just passion. I salute the people who has taken the risks to live the life they want to.
The SAFW staff has done such a fantastic job of making us all feel so important and looked after, spoiling us with tons of inspiration, aspirations for our own creative futures and overall the epic set up of every night.
From the beautiful Sandton City venue, the Woolworths appetisers, Sunglass Hut and Aero photo-booths, and an array of city views enjoyed lounging on the comfortable CoriCraft pieces on the rooftop, they simply went all out!

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South African Fashion Week – Day 5 #SAFW #SS17

South African Fashion Week – Day 5 #SAFW #SS17
I went on a little shopping spree the morning, maybe going shopping during fashion week has the same problem as going grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You somehow end up buying way too much stuff. But in my defence, my favourite store had a sale!
I ended up buying the perfect little black flowy jumper to wear for the last day of SAFW! I paired the jumper with some gold accessories, black strappy heels and believe it or not, I wore a little fur jacket!! Woah! Slow down PETA, it’s Faux Fur…so all the animal lovers can enjoy this very posh moment with me.

I also ended up going to the hair salon! I used to colour my hair pretty often, and I wasn’t really scared of trying extreme colours, but since my colour-stripping incident two years ago, I hardly touched any colour.
Omg! I had a complete freak-out moment when the foils came off. I called my mom to the sink and I think I may have had a full on anxiety attack (in my mind) well, not just mine, because my stylist came over to settle my nerves! I have to say, when I saw my hair mid-way throughout the process, I almost cried! And not happy tears… I felt immediate regret and then after the stylist came over to talk me through the process, I decided to sit back and take it like a man! A Woman!
In the end, my hair was a lot lighter than I had anticipated and I was still very unsettled. My family convinced me that it looked great so I decided to just deal. After getting ready and curling my hair, I decided that I will go with an old-Hollywood-glam makeup look, added some faux fur, diamond jewels and off I went.
I was snapping some pictures of some fashionista’s shortly after Dylan arrived. It was the first show we attended together and we anticipated a little more oomph as it was the last day of Fashion Week. Usually promised to be slightly more entertaining, which it certainly was! Couldn’t believe it was the last day already!
The shows were pretty incredible and it was over way too quickly. The models selected for Fashion Week were pretty fierce! I definitely had some favourites! After seeing them walk the different shows throughout Fashion Week, I definitely see where the word STRUT comes from. We headed off to the Trade Event (read about this below), snapped a few last pics, and headed home.

So we decided to have a look-see and feel-skee of the designer garments and items today as well. We entered the show room and had the opportunity of meeting the designers, chatting to them about the amazing collections we saw on the runways and even got to try on some stuff.
The designers were so incredibly humble and welcoming. It was a great opportunity to network and discuss upcoming collections and ideas with the designers we have come to know.
It left me feeling very inspired, because each of the designs started with a simple spark or thought, and here they are, showcasing their work at South African Fashion Week!!!
We collected some business cards and pamphlets from each of the stands and as we walked out we also received a little gift with some free Rimmel London makeup, who is one of the sponsors of SAFW.
And just like that, it was the end of Fashion Week! What an incredible experience it has been!

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