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WIN! with The Battery Centre

Had my brand new COMPLIMENTARY battery fitted and checked at @batterycentresa When I went to Battery Centre over the weekend, I showed my voucher to the store manager and they immediately made me feel comfortable, offered us a seat while we waited and they were incredibly friendly and thorough. The plate where my battery rests on was quite serverly rusted and with that my ‘earth’ cable was not fitting to the body of my car anymore, which I learnt is the reason why my car had been so sluggish recently. They immedinately offered to mount my earth cable somewhere else on the body of my car and explained a few things to me, under the hood of my car. I have never spent that much time looking under there, than I had on Saturday but I feel a lot more educated. Once he repaired the cable and mounted the brand new battery, I was good to go! And let me tell you, the difference was uncanny! My car was driving so much better and the battery was a lot more stable as well. I was taken aback by how incredibly passionate they were to go the extra mile and not just ‘fit a new battery’. The team at the Beyers Naude Drive branch made my ‘errand’ so much more than just that! They refused to take any payment even for the extra work and effort they’ve put into getting me to drive safer on the road. Their work ethic and people skills are like none other. So if you’re ever in Randburg and need a battery, please make your way to them. If you need a new battery, now is your chance!Bonafide Blog , in collaboration with the Battery Centre would love to give three lucky Bonafiders a complimentary battery as well! The competition officially launches this evening and all you have to do to enter is : 1. Follow @tazzadams on Instagram2. Follow @batterycentresa on Instagram3. Upload a selfie 🤳 that you’ve taken in your car using the hashtag #TazzAdamsCharged and tagging the two accounts mentioned above. We will be running this competition until Friday, 8 March 2019 and will be selecting our three lucky winners on 9 March 2019. Remember to share this competition with your friends and followers. Winners will receive a voucher, via email, once chosen. This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or associated with Instagram. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS EBRAHIEM SALLIESHAKER COLLINSABDUL AZEEZ ORRIE
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GiveAway CLOSED. TREsemme Co-Wash – Cleansing Conditioner x RubyBox Review

With life getting super busy, I am always looking for little changes that will alleviate a lot of the pressure to maintain not only my health but also uphold my appearance.
Hair plays an important role in looking good and it’s one of the first things people notice when they look at you. Styling could take a lot of time and going to the hair dresser might not always be an option.
I am fortunate to have very long wavy hair, because it kind of has a will of its own. If I shower and leave my hair to dry naturally, the waves give it some nice texture and volume while the heaviness, due to the length, kinda drags it down so it doesn’t stand like a lion’s mane. So pretty much easy. But when I use harmful products on my hair, it could look unkempt and well… crazy!
I am not a huge fan of salon-finished hair, because it seems a tad too heavy, oily and for lack of a better word, clumpy. When it comes to TREsemme, I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship. In school, I felt the products didn’t really work with my hair.
After damaging my hair over the years, from colouring and heat styling… I feel the products work wonders.
TREsemme has become one of my favourites and they are always evolving and enriching their formulae. The brand-new product Co-Wash (Cleansing Conditioner) just launched and with the help of RubyBox, I was one of the first to try it out.
I was a little confused the first time I tried it because I thought it was basically a 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner but it is a little more than that. If you’re like me and wash your hair every 2 to 3 days, you know that you scalp will produce more oils, leaving your hair feeling a little heavier.
But instead of washing your hair with harsh chemicals it is better to use products that are less harsh and helps restore the natural oils and nutrients in your hair. It is a great ‘in-between washes’ kind of product to clean a little more gently.
It does tend to feel a bit heavier as it does not remove the access oils as thorough as Shampoo would normally, so if you’re on 3-5-day hair… it’s not great, but if you’re on 1-2-day hair, it’s superb.
My hair feels soft, moisturised and extremely shiny! I would most definitely be re-buying this product once I’ve eventually run out. Also, it is affordable and last for over 15 washes, even with me long hair.
With all of this said, I would like to give you an opportunity to win a bottle of TREsemme so that you can try it as well. Comment Below what your hair concerns are.
Competition closes on 1 October 2018.
Good luck

Congratulations Mercy Oke!!! You’ve won!
Please send you postal details to so we can send you a full-sized bottle for you to try.

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Closed. The Bed Shop – This is why you should sleep your way to the top

Closed. The Bed Shop – This is why you should sleep your way to the top
If you clicked on this article hoping to read about anything other than the importance of sleep well then, I hope you’re emoji blushing hard right now. Nonetheless you’re here so why not stay and find out why getting your daily eight hours of zzzz’s is the best thing you can do for your health and yes even your career. 
In case you haven’t noticed, sleep is big business at the moment. As researchers discover more and more about what happens to our bodies while we sleep and the role this knock-out time plays in our lives, the more companies are jumping on the band-wagon to revolutionise and improve the way we sleep. According to a recent consumer survey done by The Bed Shop, 40% of participant said they had trouble sleeping in general. It could be that this has always been the case, but we can’t deny the distraction and stress technology and the quickened pace of our daily lives have put on our sleeping quality. Intense job stress is a reality for many people and it can create a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation that not only influences our personal lives, but also our work. 
This is when maintenance happens
If you think your brain is working hard while you’re awake, then you should see it when you’re a sleep. Obviously, you can’t but trust us it lights up like a light show when we go to bed. Scientists have found that our brain uses this time to repair itself. Toxins (brain fumes) that build up during the day are removed while memories and new information gets consolidated. If we don’t get sufficient sleep, we might find that our brain feels foggy and we struggle to remember. Not great for optimum work performance. 
It prevents stress and burnout
You know that memory consolidation, well that goes for emotions and problems as well. The brain uses this time to process our emotions, difficult decisions and problem that we encounter and experience through the day. ‘Sleeping on’ something difficult really works, and you might find that a problem that seemed stressful or bad yesterday looks better or not that bad after a good night’s rest. If, however we don’t get enough sleep every night then these emotions and stress can snowball into burnout and affect the quality of our work.
So, what are two things you can do to improve your sleep? 
 Give technology a rest
And adopt a few calming habits before you go to sleep. An hour before you go to bed, start avoiding any and all screens. The blue light omitted by your television, tablet, computer and phone send signals to the brain that it’s still ‘day’ and keeps the awake switch still on. Instead try reading an actual book before going to bed, write down your concerns and worries on a piece of paper if you find yourself stressing out about something or take up meditation and calming breathing practices. 
Check your bed and pillows
The estimated lifetime of a mattress is around 7 to 10 years and pillows need to be replaced at least once a year or every 36 months if it’s made of memory foam. When lumps and bumps are showing in the structures and it’s causing you stiffness and aches then it’s a sign that you should say goodbye to your mattress and pillows. The Bed Shop offers a range of affordable mattress and bed sets to suit every budget. When you buy a bed from The Bed Shop you can sleep assured knowing that only the best materials and fabrics available in the market today are selected for the manufacturing of their Dynamic mattresses. 
Also we have collaborated on a giveaway for you guys! 

1 Dual Pack Health Pillows (Latex Chip) valued at R500 
Tag @tazzadams on Instagram, in your most comfy sleep poses and be sure to mention how many hours you sleep, on average. 
Giveaway closes: August 3
Congratulations Cala Scholtz !!
Thank you for your hilarious series of pictures. Hope that you and the little one will have enough, quality sleep with your new set of pillows!

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Closed. Winter Essentials with Dove – Featuring – Derma Spa Indulgent Hand Treatment x RubyBox

Healthy skin and hair starts with shower care and a brand I have trusted through the years, has been Dove. Dove has never stopped improving their formula’s and adding more and more moisturising oils and essence to create products that are gentle and good for your skin and hair.
They have added shea butter to their classic Beauty Cream Bar and it is so creamy, you just know that it is actually good for you, even after your shower, your skin doesn’t feel dry or tight as though it is screaming for body lotion. Therefore, a healthy skin care routine starts with great, nourishing products that feed your skin with the goodness it needs.

Summer has very quickly left us and I didn’t even realise that winter was upon us until I felt how dry and pale my hands were! Something you immediately notice the moment you meet someone, also the one thing you cannot really hide because, well, we do everything with our hands.
It has always been a huge deal for me to have soft, nourished hands and it is somewhat of a struggle every winter. Since discovering Derma Spa Indulgent Hand Treatment, it has become my holy grail of winter! RubyBox and Dove has put together a Winter Pamper Hamper and I couldn’t be more thankful! Every product in the hamper is packed with all the goodness our hair and bodies need, especially in the dry and harsh winter air.
I’ve touched (pun intended) briefly on the Hand Treatment above, it is quite thin, extremely creamy and absorbs almost completely into your skin so it doesn’t leave any greasy or oily residue. You skin feels immediately more smooth and silky soft. I could honestly go on about this hand cream for an entire day but trust me, it is a true game-changer! I’ve never found anything like this in other hand-treatments and one would have to be made, to match its goodness.
Moving on to underarm with Invisible Dry Anti-perspirant. As we all pack on the clothes the colder it gets, we need a deodorant that will fight through all those layers and leave us feeling fresh and dry. Invisible Dry has been tested on 100 colours so you never have to worry about your beautiful garments getting ruined by deodorant anymore. The spray bottle is also extra gentle and packed with moisturising cream so isn’t like other deodorant that wet your entire underarm and clothes as it goes on. It also keeps your underarm dry throughout the day.
Moving on to something that also tends to feel that climate change, our hair. A healthy, nourished scalp is what allows our hair to grow faster and for our hair to not only look good, but feel good as well. Over the years and trying my way through different products and brands, my skin started feeling a little more sensitive to the harsher products, usually filled with too many ingredients and a few chemicals. I’ve found that Dove is the gentlest on my scalp, my hair and my hands.
I once had a reaction to a shampoo I used and my hands started burning like crazy and went intensely red with inflammation. We don’t always realise how harsh a product can be until it scars or burns us and we’re forced to learn the hard way. I switched back to Dove and now using the Nourishing Oil Care- Daily conditioning treatment -with NUTRI oils and with this campaign, I am trying the Treatment Mask with NUTRI oils, as well. It is vital to treat your hair with a deep conditioner at least once a week and this one is not heavy or oily. There is nothing worse than having a product that is so intense it makes your hair feel heavy after you dry it or one that makes your hair appear dirty because the oil is just sitting on your hair strands, clumping them together.
RubyBox and Dove has given me the opportunity to join this awesome campaign, to not only, try these products but to also give some gorgeous Pamper Hampers to my friends and readers. Their chance to experience this incredible range of products as well.

BY Nadia Nel
I have always seen the invisible dry alcohol free antiperspirant Spray Deodorant but never understood what all the fuss was about, until I started using it. I was given a pack of Dove goodies to review and Oh man am I a believer. It’s so gentle on your skin, feels as though it makes your armpits softer somehow.  Derma spa goodness for dry skin: This hand treatment most definitely works from your first try. It feels creamy, makes your skin feel softer and smells delicious at the same time. The best part is that it’s not oily just moisturises your hands. Soap bar – shea butter: I always enjoyed using the original dove but I think I can honestly say I’m exploring the new flavours, scents of the Dove soap range?? Yummmm and it leaves you smelling good and super clean all day. Treatment mask hair: After you shampoo rinse your hair well and apply the mask to you wet hair. Leave it in and brush out your hair. Feel how soft your hair feels, rinse well and you need not apply conditioner. The Dove mask leaves your hair feeling healthy, clean and smells so good you’d want to eat it. Do this once a week and use the Conditioner for everyday use. Though I would recommend washing your hair every other day. It allows your hair and scalp to produce its natural oils slower, washing your hair everyday promotes excessive production of oils…in other words, your hair gets greasy quicker.

BY Naziela Gangat
Wow, thank you so much Tazz Adams and Dove for sending me these awesome products to try. The antiperspirant deodorant keeps me dry and soft all day and has a nice fresh smell that lasts and lasts. The Shea butter and Derma Spa products give my hands and skin a lovely soft velvety feel… Loving it. The Nourishing oil Care Hair products are absolutely amazing and perfect for my frizzy hair especially  during these winter months… Now I have beautiful shiny hair that does not frizz. With all these wonderful products … I feel spoiled and pampered every day. Yours Sincerely, Naz

BY Wady Adams
I have always used Dove bar soap, underarm spray and body lotion the normal, but the different ‘flavours’ now…just love it!  The soap leaves your skin feeling soft as always and the new formula with shea butter smells divine and your skin feeling really soft. The spray is sure invisible dry, as it doesn’t stain your clothes and it keep you fresh all day and smelling awesome.  Derma Spa Goodness, well always suffering with dry skin, I can definitely say I found the answer in Derma spa Goodness for dry skin, it keeps my skin soft, smells amazing and moist all day long.  Treatment Conditioning Mask: I have tried the Nourishing oil care after  shampooing and while my hair is still wet, and then brushing my hair, it feels so soft and  it is so much more manageable.. Once I’ve rinsed the product off well, I apply the Nourishing oil care, which feels incredibly soft, clean and beautiful. My hair feels and smells amazing… Thank you Dove and Tazz for awesome goodies!
Now for the Giveaway!!! There will be four lucky winners!
Two winners will be chosen between my Blog + YouTube Platforms.
Two winners will be chosen across my Social Media Pages (Instagram + Facebook + Twitter)
The giveaway is super simple, over the next week I will be posting content to my platforms, as I usually do, BUT I will be checking the engagements and counting comments and the most engaged people will win.
Every comment counts! Add #BonafideXDove to your comments so that I know you want to win!
My Schedule:
YouTube: Upload two videos every week (Wednesdays and Saturdays)
Blog: Upload 2-3 weekly (Usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes on another weekday too)
Social Media: Daily Uploads, shared across all platforms. 
Ps. It helps to Follow and Subscribe to each of the platforms and there are Notification Bells on YouTube and Social Media, so you will get notified every time I post. It is super easy to activate this bell notification and it ensures that you never miss my posts.
Good Luck!

Winners who do not respond (with details) to Giveaway announcements made, post competition, will no longer be viable for their prize after 2weeks. 

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Closed. WIN with Bonafide x Loving Touch Shaving Razors Range

Closed. WIN with Bonafide x Loving Touch Shaving Razors Range
Hello and Happy Monday! 
What a manic Monday it has been! Hope that you all had an incredible day today and that the weekend has been good to you?
I am excited to bring this new competition to you before the end of summer! This year, summer is swiftly disappearing and I am holding onto every last moment of it. I had fully intended on swimming this weekend but the weather was a little shy but I was ready for action! 
With this incredible competition in collaboration with Loving Touch, you will be bikini ready in absolutely no time at all! They’ve launched their awesome new range and it not only makes you feel silky smooth and hair free but also leaves your skin feeling nourished and soft. 
In this gigantic hamper, up for grabs, you will win the entire range and a pool floatie (swan/ angel wings). 
Read all about the incredible range below.

Summer Smooth Loving Touch shaving range
Loving Touch shaving blades, disposable razors and shaving preps, with a range for both women and teenagers, offers quality solutions at an affordable price.  Yours in Shaving!
Summer calls for flawless bikini lines, smooth underarms and silky legs – no stubble allowed.  So with the lure of beach days and poolside parties, the hunt for the perfect summer shave has begun.  If you’re a sucker for a good bargain, but you aren’t prepared to compromise on quality, Loving Touch is your ticket to #summersmooth.  It’s locally produced and offers great quality shaving solutions at a price you’ll love.   

What a shave!
The Loving Touch Allure triple titanium blade razor’s advanced design, with a firm, comfortable grip and swivel head, gives you a close and comfortable shave.  As you shave it follows your curves comfortably to prevent nicks or cuts.  A soothing Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip reduces irritation and moisturisers as you shave for ultra-soft skin. Don’t forget to replace blades regularly with Loving Touch Allure cartridges.  
There’s also a Loving Touch Teenz twin blade disposable razor in Softgrip or Crystals that’s perfect for busy teenagers that are on the move.  The Teenz range comes with its own Shaving Gel and Foam to keep your teenager’s skin safely protected from nicks and cuts – every shave.
The perfect prep
Shaving with soap is convenient but clogs up the razor blade.  Create a smooth and cushioned surface over the skin, for smooth razor glide to prevent irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.  The prettily packaged Loving Touch shaving gels and foams lather up richly for a comfy shave, leaving skin feeling and smelling fresh.
Available from leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide.
Loving Touch Foams & Gels
Loving Touch Sensitive Foam and Gel, R43.99 for 200ml
Loving Touch Razor Handles & Blades
Loving Touch Allure – Triple Blade Razor, R38,99 includes 2 razor cartridges
Loving Touch Allure – Pack of 3 Allure triple blade razor cartridges for R24,99
Loving Touch Disposable Razors
Loving Touch Glam – Triple Blade Disposable Razors, R31.99
For Teens
Loving Touch Teenz Crystals – Twin Blade Disposable Razors, R16.99
Loving Touch Teenz Softgrip – Twin Blade Disposable Razors, R23.99
Loving Touch Teenz Invigorating Shaving Gel, R43.99 for 200ml
Loving Touch Teenz Hydrating Shave Creme, R31.99 for 200ml
Consumer Care Line: 0860 546 600
Facebook:  Loving Touch Shave
Lion Match

To win this incredible prize, all you have to do is…

Comment on this blog post, Why you would like to win this hamper
Upload your favourite summer moment to Instagram
Tag me (@tazzadams) in your post 
Use the #Hashtag #BonafideXLionMatch 

Remember that if you Like, Share, Comment and Engage on all social platforms and posts, you stand a better chance of winning! 
Please note that only users that are Following @tazzadams on Instagram will be considered for this prize. 
Competition closes on 3 March 2018. Winners will be announced 5 March 2018.
Congratulations ? to our lucky winner!

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Weekly Giveaway #15MinuteFam #24HourFam

Weekly Giveaway #15MinuteFam #24HourFam
I have just started with weekly giveaways for you to win a little something for yourself.
And in turn I will have some more engagement on my social media pages and YouTube Channel. So it’s a win-win situation. Yay!
On Instagram   #15minuteFam
Every day when I post a picture, all you have to do is like and comment on the picture within the first 15 minutes and you will automatically be entered into the giveaway.
Every picture. Every day. Every week.
You have to be following my Instagram account and this will be checked when I draw the winners.
It will help activating the notification bell on my profile so that you will get notified every time I post.
On YouTube #24HourFam
I have been pretty good with posting weekly videos to my YouTube channel and I would like to give you more chances to win, so if you like and comment on my YouTube videos within the first 24hours of me posting the video, you will be entered to win the weekly prize as well.
You are also able to activate the notification bell on here, so you never miss a post.
Bonus Entries

To score a few more entries into the weekly draw, Like, Comment and Subscribe to my blog. I post twice a week, so that’s two bonus entrees, per week!
Also on Twitter, if you Like Retweet, Reply or Quote my tweets you will also receive a bonus entry.

This will change on a weekly basis which will be either makeup, skin care products, movie tickets, movie merchandise, event tickets, Bonafide merch and so much more!

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Closed. DisneyXBonafide Giveaway – Just in time for the Holidays

Closed. DisneyXBonafide Giveaway – Just in time for the Holidays
Time for another incredible giveaway competition! Just in time for the holidays!
Festive time is usually spent with our families and loved ones and we’ve partnered with Disney so you can win one of two awesome hampers!
Giveaway #1

Giveaway #2
1x Emoji #Chatties (varying characters) + The Little Mermaid (Diamond Edition) Blu-ray DVD

To win one of these incredible prizes:

Create a piece of art with the little one you would like to win one of these giveaways for (paint, draw, colour, create)
Upload a photo to Instagram/ Facebook with your little one holding their art piece
Use Hashtag #DisneyXBonafide
Tag @tazzadams and @disneyafrica

Please ensure that you are following both accounts. Your profile needs to be open to the public so that we can see your entry.
Competition closes on 8th December 2017 and no late entries will be accepted.

All these products are also available for purchase at major retailers nationwide.
Thank you to Gilda at Disney for helping us select our two winners: 
Naadiya Davids 
Teresilda Pillay
Congratulations ? to you both. Thank you so much to the other amazing entrants. 
There will be more fun competitions for you to enter soon. 

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Closed. What Album am I listening to? Just Inspired – Live Acoustics & GIVEAWAY

Closed. What Album am I listening to? Just Inspired – Live Acoustics & GIVEAWAY
Growing up Nadia and I always had the opposite taste, to our friends,  in music, sport, movies, hobbies, everything! Even from the slang we used, we were using “RAD!” and “AWESOME”  when our friends in the coloured community were not even entirely sure what “Rad!” and “Fetch!” meant.
Our punk rock music taste paired with skateboarding and BMXing was totally unheard of in our community. My dad’s cousin is a famous South African comedian and growing up we thought it was the best contact to have because when he met The Finkelsteins and Tweak, hopefully somehow he would remember to mention us (which of course never happened).
I skateboarded for at least three years, and my punk rock taste in music ranged from Blink 182 to Good Charlotte and even closer to rock with My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park. My fashion sense was that of Avril Lavigne and well… skater girl/ boy clothes and high-top puffy sneakers! It was a thing.  
Even though I listen to just about anything at this stage, my favourite music genre has subtle down a lot. Not so much punk/ hard rock… but I enjoy folk rock. From the Lumineers, Philip Philips, Kina Grannis or even local bands like Matthew Mole and Majozi. Live music is so much better than listening to music from any device and this is also the reason I attend to many concerts.
I am not one to watch TV too often, though once I start I could spend my entire day being a potato. My TV is permanently on a music channel and I get through blogging, organising, creating some new content or even crafting some new merch for my online store. Music somehow inspires me to be more creative and to do more without feeling as tired or bored.
Just Music is the production house for some of the coolest local artists and I have the pleasure of collaborating with them, so Bonafide readers can get their hands on the latest JUST INSPIRED album that was just released.
To Enter to WIN 1 of 5 Giveaways:

Comment below who your favourite band/ artist is
One Hobby you had growing up
Follow @tazzadams and @just_music_sa on Instagram

Competition closes Sunday, 19 November 2017

Congratulations to our lucky winners!! 

Stefan Wessels

Aisha Isaacs

Aqeela Sallie

Theunis Smit

Ellen Winnaar

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Closed. Yardley – NEW METALLIC SHADES – Liquid MATTE Lip Vinyl & GIVEAWAY!

Closed. Yardley – NEW METALLIC SHADES – Liquid MATTE Lip Vinyl & GIVEAWAY!
Okay ladies, the chance to win this amazing set of lipstick is finally here!
I have tried these matte liquid lip colours before and I am always up for a good matte finish. I was pretty keen to try out the New Metallic colours because I don’t normally opt for shimmered lip products and I was thinking of spicing things up a little bit.
I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing subtle shimmer of the Metallic, it was the perfect amount of shine. Not overly shiny but also not to subtle.  SA Fashion week was the perfect time to try the bold shimmered lip colours and the beautiful colours! I wore the incredible IPIKOKO Leather and Blue peacock-detailed outfit, paired with an up-do and pretty electric makeup.
On my lips I wore the Liquid Metallic Lippie in the shade Reign”.
This was the look I created.

These lippies last really long, if not the whole day and not having to reapply throughout a busy day is the best thing ever! The metallic colours don’t transfer as much as the others do so that’s like an added bonus.
They are not fully kiss-proof but they are pretty close. The colour last all day but it transfer a little bit.
At the Yardley Launch Party about a year ago I received the “ENGINE RED ” shade and I’ve enjoyed using it pretty often, it is such an incredible shade of red, and as much as I’ve been using it, I still have so much in the tube because a little goes a really long way!
I have to say Yardley Liquid Lipsticks are one of my favourites, whether I am trying to obtain that pop of colour like the “Electric Tangerine” or finding the perfect shade of nude for my skin tone or a perfect introduction to nude try the “Rambling Rose” shade.
There are so many shades to choose from.
I have quite a few favourites and this kit is basically a summary of them all… Yes I like all of them!!
Now for your chance to win your very own set. .
To Enter you will need to please adhere to the following rules:

You must be following this blog and @tazzAdams Instagram page  
You must be following @YardleyLondonSA Instagram page.
You must tag 5 friends encouraging them to follow too
Use the hashtag #YardleyXBonafide
Tag @tazzadams in a post telling us where you would wear these cool shades to

Entries close: 18th November 2017

HUGE Congratulations to our Winner:
Trevoleen Pillay 

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Closed. Perfect and Radiant – Cleanser Hampers Up for Grabs!

Closed. Perfect and Radiant – Cleanser Hampers Up for Grabs!
Not sure if you’re like me who loves a good cleansing product, especially after wearing makeup all day? 
Well if you are, you’re probably just as lazy to go through a whole ritual at night before going to bed. 
We all know that wearing makeup to bed is death on your skin and sometimes even your pillowcases, so Nivea has made it super easy and affordable to remove your makeup, cleanse your skin, and waking with perfectly radiant skin every morning. 
Especially for those days when you really don’t feel like taking your makeup off, they have these incredible wipes that takes off ALL your makeup with little to no fuss at all, even those waterproof mascaras!
This entire range is so gentle on your skin and truly makes you feel radiant.I don’t know about you, but it’s like heaven sent.
I’ve been using these amazing products for the last week and I am already feeling and seeing a difference in my skin. I have thankfully haven’t had a breakout or any skin irritation at all.
Thank you to Nivea South Africa for the lovely Spring worthy surprise!
Nivea has been kind enough to offer two Bonafide readers a chance to each win a set for yourself. 

Post a photograph with minimal/no makeup to Instagram/ Facebook, tagging @tazzadams 
Caption your photograph Telling us one thing you love about yourself 
Using the hashtag #NiveaxBonafide

Competition open from 17-22 October 2017. Winners will be announced on Monday, 23rd October 2017.
Competition is open Nationwide. 
More about the Hamper

NEW NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Water for normal to combination skin,  400ml

NIVEA Perfect & Radiant 3-in-1 Mattifying Cleanser for normal to oily skin now available in a mini travel size  50ml

NEW NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Wipes for face, eyes and lips for oily skin, 25 pcs

NEW NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Toning Lotion,  200ml

to @ntiyisomkhabela and @aaisha_oh 
Who received the most Instagram Likes on their pictures!
Please forward me your postal addresses so we may send you your prizes!
Thank you to those who have entered. Please continue to enter these Bonafide Competitions.

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