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I finally took a dance class! 5, 6, 7, 8!

Everyone who knows me, pretty much knows how much I love to dance. I feel the music and I move involentary! Before my Italian cruise, Costa Luminosa, I thought maybe some Latin dancing would do me some good. Got my girlfriends together and we went looking for a studio to give it a go.

It was a ton of fun, but we definately need a lot more before we are floating across the floor as we should be. 
Please watch my short vlog here. 

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Blog, Life, Wishful Thinker

Wishful Thinker – I took an Art Class

Wishful Thinker – I took an Art Class
Those who knows me, knows that I like all things artsy and creative. I’m always drawing, painting and doing something that sparks my creative side.
On Monday, 27th of November, I went with a my cousin, Amina, to the Four Seasons Art School and as we got there I was excited to see all the desktop easels and painting goodies all over the place.
Sue, the owner and Artist from Britain, showed me around and welcomed me into her little studio. I was so excited to get started and become Picasso! I have never taken any art classes before this one and Sue kindly walked me through the Colour Wheel and I started painting my own one. This will be used for reference throughout my classes with her. She started right at the beginning with me so I felt completely at ease the entire class.
I used Amina’s paint and brushes and started drawing the outlines of my wheel. Thereafter she handed me a black and white picture upside-down. Instructed me to have a go at drawing this picture without turning the picture around.
By this time a bunch more artists joined us and painted their own art pieces, chatted a bit and almost dived into their own little worlds while they painted.

I ended up with a rather chubby pear but apart from that,  she seemed impressed with my drawing overall. Thereafter I was asked to draw the same picture, the right side up on a large poster and once she was satisfied, I moved on to painting the picture. Usually I choose white, or very pastel colours and as much as I love rainbows and unicorns and all those magical creatures, using so many colours were completely out of my norm. The reason I had to go a little crazy on the colours is to understand each colours relation to the other and about mixing the colour to find the perfect shade I’m looking for.
She showed me a few magic tricks and before I knew it I was adding shadows and highlights to my painting! I was happily painting away when I realised that three hours had gone by and that it was about the end of our class. I’m yet to finish my drawing so I will certainly return to her classes.

Thank you to the Four Seasons Art School for this complimentary class and to Amina for introducing me to this amazing experience.
Here are some of the photos I managed to snap before completely travelling to my own little world as I painted.

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