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Howard Feldman started  his journey as a Radio Presenter this year and he has become quite well-known, especially in the Jewish community. We sat down some time ago and had a lovely chat about the dangers of social media and how to protect yourself a little better. 

You can watch this interview HERE

Thereafter Howard invited me to join him in studio and have a chat all about my blog and brand, on air, and how it all started. We also touched on my future and if you would like to hear the podcast, click HERE.

Blogging is such a massive industry now and when I started, it wasn’t. I am grateful to still be in a position to blog and create content, after over a decade. Every blogger or influencer has felt the pressure of being relevant and with negative competitors trying to sabotage your every move, Howard’s advice is to Just Keep At It. Forget about all that and focus on YOU.

I feel that our interviews really helped me, not only with the issues I face in the industry, but also on a personal capacity. I’ve realised that being relevant and standing out in the cut-throat media industry, you have to develop a thick skin; you have to stand up for what you believe in and you need to realise that sometimes even when you’re getting backlash for your content, you are still evoking emotion and getting people talking and more importantly…thinking! 

Howard is one of those brave journo’s that would post an extremely controversial headline and uproar the people, but without a doubt, people are listening, they are reading and they are engaging! I am not always pro “All publicity is good publicity” because I don’t always feel strong enough to handle the negativity and critical judgement from others. I honour my beliefs, very strongly, and I am not easily intimidated by others but I’m a little sensitive to the judgement from others, and acceptance of being different. 

I’ve always believed that we are all  different, and I accept that. I feel that I am not worthy of judging anybody else. We are all on a journey of self-discovery and searching for happiness in the most consistent form. I’ve always focused on myself when it comes to what I want to blog about or talk about, and thankfully it’s worked well for me for years. 

Being in a state of gratefulness and appreciate for everything my blogging has awarded me and sincere appreciation for the many good people I’ve met over the years, is what makes all the hard work and long hours worthwhile.

I’ve been harping a little bit about the negativity in the industry, which is unlike me, but I’ve noticed such a massive shift in the way things have become recently. I think I need to express my reasons and maybe then, I can move on. 

I do not claim to be perfect, and it’s not something I aim to be. But what I do strive for Every Single Day of my life, is to be a true, kind and genuinely a good person. I choose to see the good in others and hold that above all else. I do not judge others because I accept and value our differences. Also only God can judge.

I do not make connections with people just because I need the companionship. To put it bluntly, I don’t need that. I thrive off the feeling of making others feel joy, whether that is to shower them with gifts, compliment them meaningfully or whether I offer them my time and friendship. I make connections because I want those people in my life. (sounds a lot more dramatic than expected). 

I also do not make connections with brands, companies, PR personnel or other people in the industry because I need their services. The thing I’ve noticed more often than not, is Bloggers and Influencers are over-eager to get into contact with these people in hopes that they will put them on lists and invite them to events. I get the appeal of it, but in all honestly, if there is a product I really want to try, I could just purchase it and try it..? 

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the brands, companies and PR personnel that have sent me packages over the years. It has done so much for my blog, my wallet and my massive list of experiences. I am immensely grateful to each and every one of you.

The point I am trying to make is that, we almost lose our dignity trying to impress people for all the wrong reasons. I do not do this. I have never asked a brand to send me products or begged to be on distribution lists. For lack of a better phrase, “I’ve just never been an ass-kisser!” And the reason why I can say this, is because my blog has always been my OUTLET. A creative outlet and space where I can dive into my passions and create a world, and the life I want. It is not my source of INCOME. I have a 9-5 corporate industry job that feeds my lifestyle and I guess, my nerdy side. It also allow me to experience/ purchase the things I want. 

I’ve noticed all too often that people take advantage of my good nature, I know exactly when people are using me and somehow I struggle to disappoint them or turn them away. I have experienced, first hand, that when we start to question their motives or just acknowledge the fact they are taking advantage, they either withdraw, become shady with us or they un-follow, block or stop supporting us or engaging altogether. 

I am not selfish, in the least, I have shared my contacts with my peers, invited them to events and even collaborated with them for them to ‘land a client’ with little to no benefit to me, and a ton of reward to them. I do this because I actually want to see them succeed, and to help where I can. 

Like I’ve mentioned before, I am more focused on being a good, kind, caring person, rather than being a selfish, egotistic or fame-driven ‘Influencer’. 

There is a lot more going on in the world, that needs attention and we have the social influence to change at least a couple hundred minds to see life with a more positive eye. We want to connect and inspire thousands of people online, yet we are not able to ‘get-along’ with the people with the same interests as us. People who are meant to be like-minded and in the same industry…? I cannot accept that. 

Maybe I live in a different universe because I believe we can make changes and make it better.

What do you believe?

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