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Create – Custom Designs – Craft Market Cresta

​​Create – Custom Designs – Craft Market Cresta

It’s always difficult finding cute stuff we see on Pinterest and Instagram and as easy as they make the DIY tutorials on YouTube, somehow those become really funny fails instead.
Getting something unique usually requires a hefty price tag to get something custom-made. I’ve been looking for bougee business card holders after getting the new cards made, but because I wasn’t looking for the typical card holders, I didn’t find what I was looking for.
I went into the Craft Market store, as I would normally do, because they always have crafty little things to look at. I asked them about business card holders and I was led to a few very unique looking ones but they were meant for a desk, not the ones I was hoping to carry around with me. 
One of the store managers, Marizelle, came over to help me and showed me some wooden boxes with intricate detailing on them.  She mentioned that Craftmarket store are able to design custom pieces that customers may be interested in, that are not currently on the shelf. 
I took down Marizelle’s details at sent her a quick email describing exactly what I wanted. We emailed back and forth for a little bit and two days later my order was ready for collection! 
With their extremely affordable prices for custom made crafts, I’m surprised that so few people are aware of this great offer. I am so happy with my product and the best part is I have my name and blog name embedded into these little boxes. 
Thought I would do a little blog post to share this opportunity with my blog readers because from end to end, it was such an efficient and exciting experience creating these pieces.

I am definitely going to be heading back to them for any other requirements and design a few more pieces with them. 


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