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Create your own – Ripped Jeans

Create your own – Ripped Jeans

To create the perfect ripped jeans, try following these easy steps!

What you will need:

  1. A pair of Denim Pants
  2. Stick of Chalk
  3. Utility knife (please use with care!!!)
  4. Cheese Grater
  5. Pair of Scissors
  6. Some embellishments (Below we’ve used some cotton flowers)
  7. Fabric Glue


Place the denim on a stable, flat surface. Be mindful to lay the folds of the denim evenly and straight. Using the chalk, carefully draw lines where you would like the rips to be.

Once you have the layout of the design, the blade of the utility knife should be pushed up very slightly, and slowly and continuously start cutting the denim, where the chalk lines have been drawn.  Lightly go over the chalk lines, as applying too much pressure will result in the denim being cleanly cut (not what you want).

Once all of the rips have been created, on the edge of the surface (table) use the fine-hole-side of the cheese grater and lightly scrape along some areas of the denim. This will give the denim I more rugged finish. (Do not over-do this step, as in thins the material)

To create a “cut-off-denim” look, simply cut the ends with the scissors.

As a last step, add embellishments and allow the glue to dry.

Let me know if you’ve tried it!

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