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Daniel Eugene Botha Art Exhibition

There is nothing better than having an opportunity to show support to your friends and I’ve missed more than enough of Daniel’s exhibits so I decided to get my girls together and take the long drive to Pretoria!

We got welcomed by Daniel’s incredible family and friends and we greeted some mutual friends, got some drinks and proceeded to view the gallery. We were especially blown away by the many works of art that he’s done. More intrigued by his (dare I say it) crazy mind! I always thought we have to have a special kind of mind to appreciate art, but the beauty of invoking a feeling is what makes art what it is. Not the name, not that we all have to have the same feeling, but just that it invokes something within us!

I think about my photography, or my writing and how I am able to mold the words, or even edit a photo, but after seeing Dani’s art, I got to a realization of how daunting it must be to create an expression from in your mind, how daunting it must be to allow people to see the parts that is hidden in your mind. Whether they will accept it or understand it, but the comfort of knowing and being okay with the fact that they do not have to!

Art is You

You are Art.

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