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I wanted to share a press release that I received today. My household, growing up, has always had Deep Heat products for a number of reasons, we were very active teens and also skateboarded for years in my childhood. We were always climbing up places and jumping down places we probably shouldn’t have!

Also, my mom has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and sometimes a good massage with Deep Heat helps settle the inflammation. My dad was also really active and outdoors before he fell ill, I actually recall him using these products on some treatments he’s had. Deep Heat has grown up with us and we still choose the products over most other pain treatments.

Excited to share the following press release with you guys! Please see.

Mentholatum SA, a health and wellness company and the makers of Deep Heat, has announced the launch of its new Deep Heat product packaging. 

The packaging upgrade and refined logo covers the entire Deep Heat pain care range and forms part of Mentholatum SA’s overall consumer strategy of providing effective solutions that not only satisfy but exceed consumers’ expectations. “Our consumers are at the heart of everything we do, and it was this very sentiment that led to the creation and design of our new packaging,” says Lisa Lewis, Senior Brand Manager at Mentholatum SA. 

“Tried and tested over many decades and a household name across generations, the composition of each product has remained precisely the same, ensuring consumers still receive products of the same quality and efficacy,” continues Lewis. “The new-look packaging, however, allows consumers to easily identify the exact benefits of each product option, enabling consumers to match the product best suited to their ailment.” 

A survey, conducted to gauge consumer opinion before bedding down the final design, revealed that 74% of respondents felt that the new product packaging was not only visually appealing but that it would most definitely stand out on the shelf, making it easier to find. An overwhelming 100% felt that the new packaging clearly explained the product benefits. The Deep Heat range comprises of 17 heat therapy products including rubs, sprays, patches, roll-ons and arnica. It offers clinically proven pain relief for everyday aches and pains such as rheumatic stiffness and muscle soreness. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, with the benefits of regular exercise or sporting activity well known and documented. “Recommended by pharmacists and physiotherapists alike, we pride ourselves on providing consumers with trusted product options to assist them in maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle and enabling them to ‘Keep Going’. 

Keep an eye out for Deep Heat’s fresh new packaging look, phasing into stores nationwide over the next few months.

  • Deep Heat Rub: Clinically proven 6 in 1 pain relief for everyday aches and pains (arthritis, stiffness, muscles & joints, backache, strains & sprains, pre-exercise warm up). 
    Available in 35g, 75g and 100g.
  • Deep Heat Spray: Clinically proven 6 in 1 rapid pain relief for muscular aches and pains (rheumatic stiffness, muscular aches, joint pain, sprains, strains, pre-exercise warm up).  Available in 150ml.
  • Deep Heat Arnica Massage Gel and Massage Oil: 6 in 1 pain relief for temporary relief of stiffness and pain in muscles, joints and tendons (rheumatic stiffness, muscles & joints, strains & sprains, swellings, bruising, improved circulation).
    Available in 50g (massage gel) and 60ml & 125ml (massage oil).
  • Deep Heat Shower Gel: 6 in 1 muscle relief to restore, refresh, re-energise sore and tired muscles and joints (re-energises sore muscles, pH balanced, therapeutic, moisture rich, herbal fragrance, aromatic oils).
    Available in 250ml.
  • Deep Heat Bath Tonic: 6 in 1 muscle relief (soothes tired muscles, pH balanced, therapeutic, relaxing foam bath, herbal fragrance, aromatic oils).
    Available in 250ml.
  • Deep Heat Muscle Rescue: 6 in 1 muscle relief for everyday muscular tension in the neck and shoulders (easy to use, sponge massage applicator, low odour, heat therapy, neck tension & shoulder tension).
  • Deep Heat Flexi Heat Patch: 6 in 1 muscle relief (flexible, long lasting, deeply penetrating, heat therapy, easy to use, relieves muscular aches, pains & tension).
    Available in packs of 5.
  • Deep Heat Odourless Patch: An odourless warming therapy that provides soothing relief from minor aches, pains and stiffness of muscles and joints for up to 12 hours.  
    Available as single patches.
  • Deep Heat Period Patch: A long lasting and deeply penetrating heat therapy that provides soothing relief from muscular pain and menstrual cramps for up to 12 hours.
    Available as single patches or packs of 3.
  • Deep Heat Neck and Joint Patch: A long lasting and deeply penetrating heat therapy that provides soothing relief from neck and joint pain for up to 8 hours.
    Available as single patches.
  • Deep Heat Warming Belt: A one size fits all stretchable belt with four large heat cells that provides up to 12 hours of deeply penetrating warmth to relieve muscular aches, pains and tensions in the lower back area.
  • Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-On Lotion: An easy to use and convenient roll-on that provides targeted warming relief to help ease tight, knotted muscles by combining the added benefit of massage through heat therapy.

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