Detoxing with natural Celery Juice

Having some time to ourselves and wanting to come out of quarantine eventually looking like a snack, my sister and I have been doing a lot of research on natural beauty treatments. Celery has been proven to be one of the best detoxes and also the BEST natural aid for acne and skin inflammation.

We made a video of how we prepare the celery, if you’d like to try.

Here are some amazing sites to check out with some more details

A YouTube video that made me cry and actually got me trying this juice

Do yourself a favour and have a look at the two above links. It changed my entire outlook. Also, please comment below if you do try it. I would love to know how your journey goes.

My sister and I have been juicing…lol for almost three weeks now and also have a few more amazing tips to better, more glowing skin, coming soon to the blog. so keep an eye out for those. Most of which will be natural alternatives.

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