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Falling off the Fitness Wagon… AGAIN

The daily balance in routine always goes in and out of perfection. One week I will be perfectly able and motivated to hit the gym, eat right and just live my best life, but other weeks are a different story…

The last few weeks started out really busy, from Fashion Week to events that somehow managed to get me completely out of sync. The worst part of it all is the first few days after not going to the gym, feeling my body aching to go! Eventually, the aches go away and your body settles into potato state again. All that hard work and results hide in the new little pockets of fat that you thought were well on their way…away.

I started making headway with my progression into the splits and I actually didn’t experience as much pain going into the lower levels… that was until I broke my consistency and I am actually really upset with myself because it’s like starting all over again. I have had to restart the entire progress I made from January to March… and then April to May has been getting from bad to worse.

The eating habits go hand-in-hand with working out, and every day that goes by, you promise yourself it’s the last slice of cake, last bite of chocolate and then it’s back to eating healthy and going to kick ass in the gym but there is another bake cake in the kitchen and empty plate where there was cake as I sit here typing this.

I get so upset that I struggle with sugar intake, as much as I do because I am pretty good with most other stuff that tests my will power. I told myself that I need to slow down on the sugar because my skin has even started breaking out recently. It’s on the mend after my scare of losing everything I have worked on since January, so it’s starting to clear and my splits stretches are aching just a little right now. But I certainly feel better to have done a little stretching over the last three days. It’s better than I’ve been in the last month. It’s incredible to me what a month can do.

If I only did better instead of worse this month, I think I could have reached some milestones but I need to stop sulking and just be motivated that things have started getting back on track again.

Wish me luck! X

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