Finally revamping my mom’s room

My sister and I have been talking about re-doing my mom’s room for as long as I can remember, and it has been a long process to finally get here. From my mom’s sentimental attachment to finding the right pieces for her, the journey had been fun.

She visited Cape Town last year and we had every intention of surprises her with new bedroom furniture and a little room make-over. But somehow life happens a little different to how we plan. I am actually glad for the little surprises and to have gotten to this point.

What you will not see in this video, is the first time we shared with her our intentions about making things a little prettier and more comfortable for her. She cried, a lot! It was somewhat unexpected but it was a sheer blessing to know that it meant that much to her.

I made a little video, of pretty much how we put it all together but after the filming of this video, we also got wooden blinds installed, and I will be covering that in a different segment on my channel. But if you are interested in seeing this little transformation, please click on the video below:

Here is a picture where the blinds were installed as well…

It’s been sometime now and she still mentions how much she is enjoying her room and loves the sun coming through the blinds, especially during these cold winter days.

I don’t believe that, as kids, we will ever be able to repay our parents for all they give us, all the love and protection throughout the years of our lives, but making every effort to do so, is a gift in itself. We should never stop showing them care and gratitude, especially as they get older.

Ps. I love you mom

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