I have Rainbow Hair x Clairol Color Crave x RubyBox

I have Rainbow Hair x Clairol Color Crave x RubyBox

I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the lucky bloggers to test the semi-permanent hair colours with RubyBox. Most of you know how much I enjoy changing up my look and hair colour is one of my favorite ways to do so. 

I also tend to get bored way too quickly so semi-permanent hair colour is like a gift on it’s own. 

The best part of this product is the following: 

  • Contains no ammonia. No peroxide. No parabens 
  • True tone formula, colour accurate fading that lasts 15+ washes 
  • Box includes stylist brush for paint on application – perfect for streaks and ombre looks
  • No mixing required, direct dye formula
  • No bleach required, but the lighter your hair, the longer the wear 

I was so excited to try this formula because I’ve used Clairol so many times with natural colours like medium brown, dark brown, and a whole bunch in between. This time they’ve created some awesome funky colours (Indigo, Flamingo, Teal, Scarlet, Orchid and Apricot). 

I had a feeling pastel hair colours are going to be a hit this year and with these colours I think it truly definitely will be! With brands like Clairol bringing out these vibrant shades, going pink or blue is as easy as applying product to your hair and rinsing!

I made a video tutorial of exactly how I got my rainbow hair and that will be going up on Wednesday, my usual YouTube upload day! Please do check it out.

I think my Before and After looks pretty cool?

RubyBox was also kind enough to send me some extra colours for some of my friends and readers to try at well. I have given away all the extra colours and here are some of their Before and After photo’s as well. 

Ellen: TBC

Julie: Product easy to apply. Currently washing out as indicated (15 washes). Nice smelling product, no ammonia smell. Hair still really soft after a week.

Shaakira: “I often struggle to commit to one haie colour, change is vital for my image and personality.I would definitely recommend Clairol Color Crave to everyone. The easy application and amzing results left me speechless. Usually one would worry about the damage dye auses but with Color Crave my hair is soft, strong and healthy. I’m truly satisfied ith the end result and will continue using the product.

Jenny: TBC

Busi: Amazing results. Didn’t expect the red to sho so well. Especially under the light. Silk and healthy shine after use of the product. Would recommend it to friends.

The thing that I have noticed about this colour is that it really is True Colour; we’ve compared the colour to each others’ hair and found that they are exactly alike and the colour is pretty even. With the different high’s and lows of my hair the finish is not flat at all. I really think this is quality colour for when you want to change up your look without too much effort.

With some of the amazing colours lately, I’m thinking of adding some more colour to my locks very soon. 

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