I need a Blesser…in Advanced Dentistry!

Okay! Don’t worry, I don’t think I will ever opt for a blesser, but have you enquired about how much advanced/ cosmetic dentistry actually costs? Well, for a long time, I have been dreading my visits to the dentist. But it’s for a valid reason…

For some reason, my body has decided to be immune to anaesthetic! Yeah, quite possibly the worst thing to ever be immune to! I’ve been for procedures, scans, scopes etc. and each time I have such a weird reaction! The last time I was supposed to be put under in order to have a colonoscopy and gastroscopy and in theatre, I woke up and started tugging things and pulling things out!!!

I remember the nurse braiding my hair, some speaking in theatre and when she pulled the clear plaster off my arm and removed the drips! I also started crying and being intensely heart-broken about the people in the world not being kind enough to one another…? Who am I?

When I went for my laser eye surgery, I felt every moment of the procedure… the way the laser cut around my iris and how the doctor flushed my eye out with water before placing a lens underneath the super thin film of skin he just lasored off my eye! I felt the little spatula straightening out the sheet of skin on my eyeball! It was so painful, that I could barely be still, the doctor even got frustrated that I wasn’t still enough.

Being the silent sufferer I am, I didn’t mention that I was feeling EVERYTHING! But I thought maybe that was normal.

Same thing with the dentist as well… But I’m sure you get it?! I’m basically the living, breathing Jessica Alba in the movie, Awake. One doctor said he gave me the required amount of anaesthetic for my body, then he gave me more, and then he gave me enough! My dentist said most people get one injection of anaesthetic and mine took three and a half and I could still feel the pain!

It’s a struggle to just have healthy, beautiful teeth, like the beauty queens of the world and it’s always huge stress when I have to go for any sort of procedure. But sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and go for it. Right now, I am hoping to get some dental work done, but it’s so expensive and with the little that my expensive medical aid, it seems like it will take years… or a lot of my savings.

Who do I need to smile with to get some Dental Sponsorship?

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