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Katy Perry – Witness Tour – The Dome

Katy Perry – Witness Tour – The Dome

I am a true Katy Kat and when I heard Katy Perry is FINALLY coming to South Africa I was over-the-moon! I was extremely excited to dress up like a marshmallow and dance the night away! 

As fate would have it, Katy Perry tickets sold quick and right when I thought I wouldn’t secure my seats, I got a very special email, inviting me to get my Katy on! I needed a Katy worthy outfit. At first, I planned to go with a wig, a marshmallow-dress or maybe even a s’more, roping Nadia in as well! But it was rather chilly out so we toned down our outfits a little bit. 


We headed off to The Dome early, because one, it’s always a good idea to miss concert traffic; and two, there were a bunch of fun activities to sink our kitty paws into! 

We arrived at around 17:30, to hear some good ‘ol karaoke, hosted by 94.7 Highveld Stereo, where you could also win hampers filled with 94.7 merch and of course some Katy Perry merch as well! People were lined up and ready for their 15 minutes of fame, singing Katy Perry songs. 

Next, we headed off to the makeup tent where we got our official Witness Tour makeup done. There was also a Discovery Photo-booth in the tent, where you can pose and snap some awesome pics of your new looks! We sent the photo’s to our email and it was almost immediately on my phone and ready for posting. 

There were two Merchandise Stalls so if you’re keen to get your hands on some official tour merch, check them out. 

From what I remember the hoodies were R800, the pink long sleeve t-shirts were R400 and there were books and posters for under R300, each.

Also if you’re a SnapChat user, get ready for a very exclusive KATY filter especially for you when you get to the event! How cool is that? The Katy Kat’s walking around in their extraterrestrial outfits (which was the vision of my outfit) handed out SnapChat cards and also assist you in getting the filter. So definitely check them out!

At around 19:00 we stopped to buy some Chip ‘n Dip & mini donuts and headed into the Dome. As we walked in Elle B just about started and we jammed on the way to our seats. She has such a powerful voice. She sang a few songs and the one that stood out for me was “Lion”. 

Second opening act went on about 30 minutes later and OH MY GOSH! I am officially a HUGE fan! The Dolls, Mia Moretti and Margot were amazing! It is a DJ and Violin Duo and maybe it’s because I am gaga for Violins or talented mixing artist, or maybe they were just that great! But seriously, do yourself a favour and Do Not Miss Out on this opportunity to experience them Live.

We went to grab some hot chocolate and about 30 minutes after their set… Katy Blew Our Minds!

There was a GIGANTIC moving eye staring at us before her set and honestly, everything was so picturesque that I had to force myself to turn my camera off and just experience it first-hand! Every person there was in awe at the monstrous stage and visual art transformations and I still cannot believe how majestic her show was!  Katy is a little Fire Cracker! She walked out in a glittering red number, serving all kinds of looks and started singing to a crowd that simply went wild! 

There was so many things to look at that you kinda wish you could PVR your mind to watch every inch of the stage, without missing a single thing. She was running around from one end of the stage, to the next, her wardrobe changes were so quick and it was one extravagant look after another. Her pink ladies were just as quick with their outfits changes and the way they glided through their performances were pretty electric to watch! 

Did I mention how phenomenal Katy was? I don’t think I am over it yet! She also brought out one of the Superbowl Favorite Mascot, Left Shark and they had a very cute little stint. She sang ALL of our favourite songs and it was so special to hear her songs from the old to the new. She also mentioned how honoured she felt performing in South Africa on Nelson Mandela Day, especially because it would have been his 100 birthday this year!

This concert was definitely one of my favorites! And there are still some shows lined up for you, South Africa! 

Get your tickets here


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