Labello x Smile Foundation x Bonafide

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Labello x Smile Foundation x Bonafide

Hi Guys

I am very excited to announce this officially. I have been talking about the collab a lot on my social media because I am so proud to be a part of this. The Smile Foundation is an incredible organisation, doing amazing work. I don’t think I will be able to explain enough how great they are, so instead I will link their site below:

The Smile Foundation

Labello is one of the favorite lip care products used across South Africa and the world! And not only is it an honour for me to collaborate with them again, they have joined The Smile Foundation on a particularly moving campaign.  or



Share Your Labello Beautiful Smile

A simple smile has so much power. It can brighten someone’s day in an instant; it can change the

way you feel about yourself. A smile can send a message of love and happiness without saying a


For some children, such as 7-year old Uyanda, who are born with facial abnormalities, to be able

to smile is something they wish for most. Being born with a cleft lip and cleft palate caused

severe challenges in early feeding and Uyanda’s mother wasn’t blessed with seeing her precious

child’s first smile.

From June this year, Labello is caring for lips and smiles across South Africa in a whole new way,

by partnering with Smile Foundation to help other children like Uyanda. Through the Smile

Foundation Uyanda has had three corrective surgeries and ongoing speech therapy over the last

six years to give this courageous little girl the beautiful smile and confidence that she has today.

A new limited edition Labello Original Care Beautiful Smile dual-pack, available from June, offers

two sticks of its timeless classic, Labello Original Care. Perfect for sharing! It’s a favourite beauty

product – your secret to a picture-perfect pout, providing long-lasting moisture for irresistibly soft

lips and a gorgeous smile. And now you can share it with a friend to make a life-changing

difference to a child’s life.

There are three reasons the Labello Original Care Beautiful Smile

dual-pack will make you smile: Firstly, when you buy a Beautiful Smile

dual-pack for R34.99, R2 will go to the Smile Foundation. Secondly, you

can share the smile by giving one stick to a friend. Thirdly, you can have

some fun and upload a photo or video of you sharing your Beautiful Smile

stick to Facebook or Instagram with the hastag #LabelloSmileChallenge

and a further R1 will go to Smile Foundation. You’re probably smiling


Are you ready to take the #LabelloSmileChallenge to help transform


Through Labello Beautiful Smile the goal is to raise, R250 000 for Smile

Foundation by the end of September 2017. The funds raised will support

paediatric patient surgeries within a mini Smile Week, to give children

with facial abnormalities such as cleft lip or palate, facial paralysis, ear

and nose deformities, burns, growths and craniofacial conditions the

corrective surgery they need.

Go to the Labello South Africa Facebook page and Instagram account and share your pics.

Available from leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide from June 2017, for R34,99

“Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”

Mother Teresa.

About Smile Foundation:

We’re About Putting Smiles on the Faces of Children in South Africa!

Smile Foundation is a South African NGO that assists children with any type of facial or other

conditions, to receive reconstructive surgery within South Africa. We help children who suffer

from treatable facial anomalies such as cleft lip and palate, all burns, Moebius syndrome (facial

paralysis) and other conditions. We are currently based in 10 Academic Hospitals around South

Africa. We are investing in the medical teams we work with, through an Academic Skills

programme, and we assist the hospitals by purchasing equipment for use by the Departments of

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Our Chief Patron, the late honourable Nelson Mandela’s

wish is for us to assist as many children around South Africa as possible to alleviate the stigma

attached to living with a facial condition. For more information, contact Smile Foundation on or 0861 276 453.



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