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Movie Premiere – 3 Days to go – Sandton City

I have always loved watching local movies because of the obvious relatable aspects. Three days before the film released in cinemas across the country, we had the pleasure of attending the premiere. The actors were all on the red carpet and we had the opportunity to snap photos with them, ask them any questions we may have had and really just enjoy in the celebrations on the films release, with the films cast and crew.

The film had a great storyline and it was relatable on a ‘normal family drama’ sense but also pushing the boundaries of extremity. There were many moments and characters that stood out because you could relate but there were many things I felt played out exactly how I would assume they would should those things have happened in my family, but I cannot say I have ever experienced.

There were a few things what I think would stand out in this film, that I never thought about before, like the cadarva being seen in so many of the scenes and the amount of time it was actually on screen. Or the dragged out scenes of the addictions in the film, but it was done in such a way that it invoked the emotions intended, beautifully. I also thought the quality of the picture of this film was really great!

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