Moving swiftly Along

Have you stopped to realize that it’s already March? I remember celebrating the new year, just a moment ago! Time is escaping me. But here are a few of the moments I would like to share with all of you…and by all of you I mean my one fan reading this, hey mom!


Well I’m not sure I have much to share about January because though some people were complaining it was too long, it flew by for me. I ended January off with an Ancient Health Care Chinese massage and dry cupping. It gave me the much needed relaxation and energy I needed for the months that lie ahead. Also I uploaded a few other posts in January, so please do check them out. Spend some time on my blog today, I’m pretty sure there could be a few things that may interest you πŸ˜‰


My plan to be more fit was still going strong and believe it or not, I actually feel somewhat different in just the few weeks of actively trying to make healthier decisions, I feel a difference in my overall wellness. Still slowly stretching into my split and I think we’re getting somewhere! My skin is also starting to feel so much better. Could be the fact that I’ve stopped wearing foundation and heavier cosmetics but overall it just feels so much healthier.

I’ve attended a bunch of events recently and even though I am constantly complaining about not getting sufficient rest, I’ve been having so much fun! So incredibly grateful that my anxiety levels are balancing a little bit better.

Nadia (my sister) and I went to a beautiful wedding and we got to dress up and be out in the wilderness for a bit, and it’s always fun catching up with some friends. I done Nadia’s makeup and one of her friends saw the luck we struck and asked that I do her makeup for an event she attended… Now somehow people think I’m half-good! I’ve had some requests! I’m pretty much ready to beat some faces! Let’s do this thing LoL!

We’ve also decided that being in nature once in a while is simply not enough, so we aim to go on a beautiful, nature hike as often as possible, maybe even every week! But now that we’re all caught up, keep an eye out for some of my posts as I share some of the fun stuff I’ve been up to.

But enough about me, what have you been up to?

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