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My 10 Festive Favourites

My 10 Festive Favourites

With my goal of being more active on YouTube, I uploaded a video on my YouTube Channel that I hope you will enjoy, I didn’t want to make the video even longer by talking about the detail of each of these items, so here is a blog post to provide those deets.

It is pretty much a talking video so hopefully you guys will enjoy it. 🙂

Below are the ten items that I really loved this Festive Season. In the video you will get to know a little bit more about why these are my favourite items, where to use them and just why they are special to me. I also added a bunch of links to you can get them for yourself.

Please comment below, which are your favourites and if you have any of them, please share with me why you love yours as much as I do.

1. Organics Hair Care Products

I came across this project, as most of you might know, when I was selected to review the products, blindly on a Beauty Bulletin campaign. I’ve been using these products since I tried them and have bought the giant sizes so that I won’t run out.  The conditioner is a game changer! Buy it here

2. Digital Luggage Scale 

I don’t know about you, but I am not a very light packer and to keep myself from going overboard, stressing to get my bags weighed at the airport, this little device saves my life!!! Easy to carry with you everywhere you go and super easy to use. You can buy your own here.

3. Three Piece Case Tidy Set

If you’re like me, and a little bit OCD, especially when packing for a trip, these Case Tidy bags are going to change the way you pack. I think I go on a little rant about how great these are, in my video, so please check it out. You can buy yours here.

Frasers Luggage South Africa has so many incredible pieces to choose from. From luggage to travel accessories and necessities, they have you covered. Their prices are actually quite affordable and I’m so thankful that they decided to spoil us a little with an option to shop online. They also gave me a voucher to kickstart my online shopping craze! Thank you Frasers 🙂 

3. Bra Storage Box 

I don’t think I’ve ever though I needed one of these, until I received one! It is so good for not only storing, but travel with this. Great for undies and even swimwear. Buy your very own one here.

4. Personalised Mug 

Thank you to Cala from Shayla’s Goodies for making me this really special gift. Personalised gifts are probably one of my top gifts to receive. The fact that somebody went out to create something that is exclusive and meaningful to you, is the best feeling ever! 

5. Personalised Jewel Box 

I was sold by the mug but this just made my day! I am a sucker for cute little wooden boxes and apart from the awesome storage they provide, you can always find a purpose for them. 

Check out their incredible range of creations for you to buy and personalised for yourself here. or even on Instagram (username @shaylasgoodies) 

6. Adult ‘Soothing’ Colouring Books 

At first I thought the world is a little crazy to make these, but it helps you practice mindlessness more than you could ever imagine. The fact that all you think about is actually colouring in, is so calming and healing to your body and mind. I simply love the intricate designs and patterns. I bought a very cool set for R199 here.

7. Water Soluble Colour Pencils 

These go perfectly with the Adult Colour Books because they simply glide on in beautiful rich tones. There is a great set to purchase online as well, here.

9. Bluetooth Speaker (Disney)

I received this awesome Bluetooth speaker at a Disney Africa event, and being a music lover, I am able to take my music with me Everywhere! 

From outdoor painting and picnics with my family to meditating or doing yoga in the garden. This speaker works so well! Buy yours here.

10. Yellow Colour-stained Sunglasses 

I love how fashion makes a comeback every couple of years and colour-stained glasses are one of my favorites! Apart from sunglasses being my number one fetish! It gave me a little excuse to be able to purchase some more and filter my world with these beautiful shades of yellow. They are a little hard to find and I went to dozens of shops! I don’t have any links for you to purchase your own, but if you know here I can get me some more, in different colours, please comment below 🙂 

That brings us to the end of my blog post, please watch my video here. 

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