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My Camera Gear + My Editing Software

I remember growing up, that I always loved taking photographs of pretty much everything. I think I take after my dad, who used to do videography for weddings and special occasions. I very clearly remember recording videos on my dads camera and making all sorts of videos with my sister.

We used to do somewhat of an MTV Cribs (before cribs actually came out) and when we watched the first episode, we were mind-blown because we just wanted to talk about the cool, silly things we have in our rooms, what we ate… our pets and of course our rides.. which was just bicycles and roller-blades!

I enjoy capturing moments that we one day want to look back on and remember it just as it was. It is somewhat of a time travel because from one picture, a stream of memories spring to mind.

I am a self-proclaimed memory hoarder and I truly think that I am obsessed with capturing moments and often refer back to them.

I bought my first professional camera, Canon 450D, a few years ago and I took literally millions of photos since. It’s a great entry level camera. I did take some time off after my hard drive crashed in the beginning of 2013 and I have spoken about this numerous times. I started shooting again and things have been going well. I hope to do a lot more shoots going forward.

I swear by CANON, I simply love everything about the brand. My current goal is to get the Canon 5D Mark IV and even thought there are a bunch of other camera’s out there, that could possibly be better, I Really want this camera. I have been slowly saving towards getting it but it has a hefty price tag of 60K with just a kit lens. But this camera is super versatile and perfect for what I do.

I am pretty much an outdoor person and the GoPro has always been a dream of mine, it also costs a pretty penny but it is so great for the best action shots in the game! I am so excited to finally own one! I bought literally ALL of the accessories I could find and haven’t even gotten around to trying all the different ones just yet. It is so compact and light and easy to travel with and really takes the best quality photos, even underwater.

I also have two other action camera’s, a 4K I bought on WISH. And a Polaroid one I bought at GAME Department Store. They work really great and surprisingly lasted for years. The battery on the Polaroid one is a little sketchy and the 4K camera came with an extra battery and the cost was insanely cheap! Definately worth it, but the quality is not even close the immaculate quality of a GoPro. Also they require housing for underwater footage where my new Hero 7 doesn’t.

With my memory hoarding tendencies, I started uploading more regularly to my YouTube channel as well and even started the daunting act of vlogging…yes! Video blogging! I walk around with a camera, recording my everyday life and the special things I do in a day. For this, I use my Canon G7x Mark II, which is currently the best vlogging camera on the market and you will see a multitude of professional YouTubers using this camera to vlog with. The quality is impeccable and the compact size is super easy to move around with. It is chic and takes quality videos and photographs. Truly a game changer. Also worth the cost, which I think is pretty reasonable for the quality you receive.

I have a few more camera accessories as well, like selfie lights for my phone or those little zoom lenses you can attached to your phone which is a ton of fun and if you do not want to spend money on expensive, professional gear, it is a lot of fun to try out. You certainly will not be getting high-res quality imagines with those phone lenses but if you have a decent phone camera, things could get a little interesting.

At the end of the day, if you have a love for photography or a desire to capture moments, it truly does not require fancy gear. It is your view and vision coming to life and whether you are taking the photo on a cheap phone with a 2 Megapixel camera, it will still be worth the memory. The important part is that you find your happiness and live the adventure you wish to live.

I edit my videos on WonderShare on PC or even use app’s on my phone. I swear by my rule… Good raw photo = less editing… and less is certainly more! I am hoping to switch over to Apple because Final Cut Pro and Apple software in general, has the best quality editing tools and apparently user-friendly software for blogging and vlogging.

I hope to only improve going forward and I hope that you are still enjoying my content because I enjoy creating them. It is always fun looking back on the many memories I’ve created over the years and just how much I’ve grown. This is ultimately why I create them, but I am super grateful when you guys watch my videos or read my blogs! So Thank You.

Hope there will be many more!

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