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My Family Vacation in Waterberg – Limpopo

My Family Vacation in Waterberg – Limpopo

Being on holiday is always great, but being able to go on holiday with your family and loved ones, is just about the best thing, ever! At the end of December my family and I planned a little trip  spreading over the new year. 

Getaways that are a couple hours away is always good and it’s like you’re close enough to home to not get that homesick feeling. We went for eight incredible days and having the people I care about the most right there with me, we didn’t need much else.

I don’t know if any of you have ever traveled to Waterberg but it’s a 3,5 hour drive out of Johannesburg. The drive was so nice and the views were pretty beautiful. But there is an 11km dirt road that is absolute death! My car and my stomach was not happy at all. So definitely travel with a 4×4 if you ever plan to go there!

Once we got there the people welcomed us and gave us a little festive gift (box filled with chocolate) and I have to say, it kinda made up for the dirt road we just hit. 

Once we got there, we checked into our chalet and we chose our rooms, had a bite to eat and then off we went, exploring. 

They have really surreal views and the perfect peacefulness to unwind and relax. There is a lake where you can go kayaking, an incredible hiking trail and jam-packed play areas for the kids. From a GINORMOUS Jumping pillow (something I’ve never seen before this), tennis court, miniature golf, trampolines and of course, an incredible water slide at the pool. 

One of the things I thought was kinda a love-hate thing was the fact that we couldn’t really pick up signal, only at the bar, main gate and entertainment areas. It somewhat forces everyone to really bond, relax and experience LIFE. I know that seems a tad dramatic but it really felt like not having a tie to my technology was like being free and actually noticing so much not having to stare down at a phone as often as usual. No work, no social media, just play! We spend Quality Family Time.  

Here are some of the pictures we took over the period we were there, surprisingly enough, I didn’t end up taking too many. I did however try to vlog when I remembered. I really struggle with keeping up, especially when I’m with my family. 


I don’t want to make this post too long because I shared a little bit of our time in two vlogs I’ve made:

Family Vacay in Waterberg 

We went Kayaking

I will hopefully up my vlogging and editing game soon. I would like to upgrade my equipment and my software because I know they could be so much better! I hope that you will enjoy ‘going with me on holiday’ and that you will comment, like and Subscribe to my channel. 

I’ve been uploading every Wednesday so hopefully I will improve with every video! 

Please comment below, telling me about your festive season and what you got up to for New Years Eve.

Thank you for reading and thank you to everyone who is consistently supporting me. 

Happy 2018! Hope you will all have a blessed and spectacular Year ahead!! 

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