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My Favourite Nivea Products of 2018

In winter our skin struggle more than it does in any other season, but summer really tests our skin too. I have been using some of the incredible products by Nivea and I can truly say that my skin thanked me this time around. I am still using the same products for the last couple of months and it’s been working well. Also helping me with the occasional breakouts I’ve been getting.

The season changes are not always pleasant on my skin but I feel as though it hasn’t been quite as bad.

Nivea has always been a compatible brand for my skin. Growing up I’ve always had a few Nivea products in my daily regime. Now that I am older, I have a few more and I’ve never been disappointed. The brand is always evolving and really take head of what their consumers want and need.

Nivea has launched a few amazing products over the last couple of months and I am so thankful for the products that has saved my skin these last few months. There is honestly nothing worse than having breakouts in your 30s, looking like a teenager going through the most!

Sometimes my skin may look a little inflamed or a little textured, but thankfully it feels really good a lot more of the time. Also those inside-pimples are super painful, so when a product is able to soothe that pain and ease the discomfort a bit, it make a massive difference.

Nivea is known for their incredible range of products and caters to the whole family. It is gentle on the skin and their quality products that actually work. There are some of the best products that I’m tried and I am so happy that each products targets exactly what it promises to. 

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