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My Stayover at the Garden Venue

My Stayover at the Garden Venue

I love little places that is hidden in the middle of the city somewhere that tends to help you escape the city life at the same time. The Garden Venue is something like this. It is hidden away in Northriding, Johannesburg. 

Johannesburg is known for its hustle and bustle so to have been invited to the relaunch of the venue was such a treat. I got to take my sister along and you guys know how much we enjoy spending time together. 

With the launch, they planned a ton of surprises for a handful of media and booked us into their beautiful rooms.

We started off with drinks and live entertainment, as we watched the sunset. I made a really weird looking drink but it tasted quite delicious and pretty healthy too! 

Once everyone was settled in and enjoying light conversation with each other, it was time for dinner. As many of you are aware, I am evolving into a pescatarian and the hosts accommodated me for every course. You will see some of the delicious food, in the vlog. We mingled a little more and then we headed off for a surprise. 

It turned out to be a screening of one of my favorite movies, Grease, in a beautiful little set-up, with bean bags and this is also where we enjoyed our dessert. We were also treated to movie nibbles and some tasty hot-chocolate. It was like movies under the starts, but in a marquee and they even gave us some blankies to keep warm. 

The group of media that attended were puddles of fun, they sang throughout the movie and even had somewhat of a dance off afterwards. We eventually headed off to bed and in the morning we devoured a full breakfast with the group again and then enjoyed a little presentation. 

We then headed home and enjoyed some time with the family.I realised that with all the excitement and enjoyment I didn’t take my DSLR camera out of my bag once! So I don’t have too many pictures but My Garden Venue Vlog takes you along the entire journey with me. Please have a looksee and let me know, in the comment section, what you think. 

The Garden Venue is also hosting a beautiful set-up for Valentine’s Day, so if you don’t have plans yet, definitely check out their specials on the website. 

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