Mythos Greek Restaurant – Rosebank JHB

Pretty sure from my recent pictures you can tell how much I enjoy vegan and vegetarian food. So when we went to the launch of the new Mythos Greek Restaurants in Rosebank Mall, we were spoiled with choice.

Once we sat down, we were offered some drinks, and being non-alco’s we opted for Cola-tonic & Lemonade and Passion fruit & Lemonade and found a comfortable seat around the center where we could enjoy the beautiful, live music.

Our waiter was an absolute gem! He checked if we were ready to eat and then proceeded to bring us a multitude of vegetarian plates with the most aesthetically pleasing food. We immediately started eating, and by immediate I mean, we took photo’s of our food for about five minutes, made sure we had a good shot, and then proceeded with the eating! LoL look at me being a #FoodBlogger

The food was delicious and if I didn’t have such a weak appetite, I would probably have eaten everything! There were some things I tried for the first time and some things I have had before but found some new favourites. Like the sesame seed covered cheese bits…Oh my word! Currently craving some of those as I type this!

I definitely will be heading back to one of the delicious Greek restaurants as often as I possibly can, I really enjoy their vegetarian options, I would have loved them even more if they were strictly halaal but hopefully in the future they will accommodate for us.

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