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Impact Adventure Africa – Abseiling & Tubing down a River

Impact Adventure Africa – Abseiling & Tubing down a River 

Nadia and I always try to do something fun and adventurous and the time was perfect for a little abseiling and tubing down a river!

I uploaded a cool vlog on my YouTube channel, please check it out.

Watch the vlog HERE

For some reason certain devices are unable to see my video and I am not sure how to fix it… so please try on a computer/ laptop if you are keen to watch it.

Creating some amazing memories now that we’re young is the only way to go! We should have a whole bunch of great memories to talk about when we’re older!

After spending the day having fun with Impact Adventure Africa, we’ve decided that we will be hosting one of our Bonafide Events there because you guys need to experience it with us!

I recorded most of the day and when it was finally time to Abseil and Tube down the river, my action camera died…. I know… I’m not very good at this vlogging thing!! But I think recorded some good stuff.

They have so many really cool activities that are also really great for team building events and family fun days out in the bush.

At the end of our awesome day, after catching a really good tan, we had a picnic in the cutest, hippie-like setting… I absolutely love that it was around twilight time, which is the best time of day. We took some really awesome pictures because our Earth is so beautiful.

Impact Adventure Africa Facebook Page (we’re on their FB cover page!)

Impact Adventure Africa

I also have to add, I forgot my purse at the little spot we were picnicking at and I called the guide, told her I just lost my entire life! Lol okay I didn’t express this amount of drama but that is indeed what my purse represents because getting everything back would mean long ques, a police case and just a lot of wasted time…

I thought it was gone, for sure but to my surprise, she called the place (she had already left) they found my purse, kept it safe and not a cent was removed from it!!!

I was so truly grateful and this act of honesty and kindness warmed my heart, because there is still some good in the world!

Thank you so much to Nadia, Tanja and the incredible people at Impact Adventure Africa for the most fun I’ve had in the sun all year!

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