OWAY! Skincare Launches in South Africa – Four Seasons Hotel – Westcliff

Just like my food, natural is what I search for when it comes to my skincare, hair-care and cosmetics as well. I am so excited that Oway has just launched in South Africa. Even more excited that I was invited to the launch party that was held at the sensational venue, Four Seasons Hotel at the Westcliff in Johannesburg.

I am always early to arrive at events and this one time, we ended up getting there late! Missed out on some of the gorgeous photo ops at the venue. Also feel like we could have spent more time looking and testing at the beautiful products on display.

There is something special about natural products and organic packaging that is recyclable as well, makes my heart sing with joy! I know that was some true tree-hugger talk right there, but I cannot express enough how happy I am that more brands are looking at being better to the environment.

I have received the most incredible products and packages but when I look at the mess after unboxing, it makes me sad thinking about how much we waste and the price our beautiful Earth has to pay. I didn’t mean to go all dramatic on you all, but it is truly becoming a bigger problem with brands. They have these lavish packaging ideas and the person on the receiving end, just throws it out after opening.

With OWAY, the brand has minimalistic packaging and opted for these beautiful glass jars that are easily reusable and so much better for the environment. They also have reusable bags, again minimizing their wastage. Now for more brands to follow suit.

Also it was really fun to dress up and have a little fun! The only thing I am sad about it that we have to wait until May 2019 for the products to launch in stores. But I will definitely be giving it a try as soon as it does.

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