Perfectly Imperfect

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Perfectly Imperfect

Thinking about life, and if we’re really living?

What is the difference between a prison cell and home, locked up and guarded so nobody
gets in or out without passing security or five locks?

Living in homes hidden behind high walls and barred windows?
What is the difference between house arrest and paranoidly making sure our kids are within
two feet, of our side whenever you leave the house?
With the amount of kids going missing it increases daily.
What is the point of eating when you are constantly eating things you don’t like or that tastes
bland, because you fear your body changing shape? 

What is the point of having an opinion when you are too afraid to use it because it might
offend somebody? What’s the point of having a voice if we are afraid to use it?
I don’t see the point of planning so extensively for a future that may never happen. We should
plan, but we entirely disregard the present.
I don’t understand why we focus so hard on obtaining status when it isolates us even more. 
It’s pointless having this huge home, fancy cars and all the money you could bare, and have
nobody to share the experience and joy with.
I see the value in technology but there are even more possibilities of it destroying our very

What is the meaning of love? What is commitment?  Trust? Loyalty?  Kindness? Friendship?
Do we still know the meaning of emotion? 
Happiness is something so far out of reach that it’s almost impossible to find, let alone, keep.
There is so much sadness and torture happening behind the biggest smiles sometimes and
people don’t care enough to take a closer look.

When was the last time you did something you’ve always wanted to? When was the last time
you cared enough to ask if someone was doing okay? 
How often does our empathy take a backseat and our pride take the front? 
Why do we allow people to leap and jump hoops for us when we have no intention of
catching them or meeting them halfway?!
We say things because we know it’s what needs to be heard, but very seldom do we mean any
of it.
Our voices echo because we have so much to say but when the noise dies down, we realise
how little the impact was or how empty the words were. We waste too much time talking,
and too little time listening.
We don’t even realise how deeply our words could impact someone’s life. We don’t realise
how powerful we are!

People find it so easy to say things that might sting or hurt the person on the receiving end,
but find it too weird or too much to say something that might just make them smile for a
moment. Why are we so capable of showing hate?
Are you not tired of seeing the pain and suffering of the world? Do you ever wish you could
just help someone?
If you cannot find a good person, be one!
Why does being mean represent honesty which should symbolise strength when being kind is
seen is weakness? 
Because those who care about the earth or the state of humanity, that makes them hippies? 
That makes them weirdos? Tree huggers… Does that not make them more Human? 
Are we then, not human? 
Don’t you ever wish you would have had the courage to say something? Something that
could change somebody’s life, but for some reason, you were afraid of what the
consequences may be,

You were afraid of being judged,

So you just remained quiet.
I have never regretted caring too much, but I remember every time that I didn’t care enough.
I may get hurt but a broken heart, is a heart that knows love. I would rather love too much
than not love at all.
I see kindness, in this cruel world, as a beacon of light, a remarkable strength because we can
love through the hate. The world has gone completely crazy! All over the world, there are
people doing things that are truly unexplainable and unfathomable, but instead of trying to
find ways to heal the world, we are pointing fingers at who should be blamed?!
There are masses of people being killed and homes destroyed, and every person in power is
basically passing the buck, because they are too afraid to actually do something. Yes,
memorials are probably necessary for healing the people but there are no preventative
measures taking place. I think these impactful people are sweeping the problems of the world
under the rug hoping that it will miraculously disappear. But that certainly is not going to
Why are we not doing anything to stop these attacks on humanity? Why are we not ending the suffering,
terrors of war? Why are we allowing these people to rule humanity with so much terror and
A leader should be the best of its people, the ones who can attend to the needs of its people
and make the world a better place, but with selfish leaders only seeking power and status, do
they not see what a disservice this is??
We are so incredibly powerful, but we choose to play it small because we don’t want to
intimidate others…we don’t want to lift a finger, we don’t want them to feel bad about their inabilities to perform as we do.
Yet, playing small does not serve the world. It is like being blessed with a gift, and keeping it
unopened and hidden, instead of sharing it with the world or enjoying it at all.

I’m tired of friendships that only go one way, but we get to hand-pick our friends;
Sometimes the people you thought you needed in your life, are far better in absence.
We don’t get choose the families we are born into but one day we will realise that they were
perfectly picked by God.

We take our families for granted and when we finally realise what
we’ve had, it’s too late to show that love and appreciation. Having the same bloodline is unmistakably the most
intense bond there is. It is like having a group of best friends that will stay with you through
every good and bad moment in your life.
Being alone shouldn’t feel like a punishment, yet the people around us force us to feel bad to
be by ourselves,

We rushing relationships and falling into friendships because it is expected of us,
We judge every little part of ourselves, staring into the mirror in disgust because of the cruel
words people choose to throw at us.
How else are we meant to truly know ourselves without spending some time on our own?
How will we learn to love what we see in the mirror if we don’t allow ourselves to even truly
Society paints a very interesting picture of what we should look like, how we should dress,
how we should walk… or talk.

So every one paints themselves with makeup, highlighting and
contouring away every unique feature we have been blessed with.

No scars, no freckles, no crooked noses or deep-set eyes, no curves, nothing that sets us apart from the masses!


All these girls on social media are starting to look like each other, it’s like a cross between a
cat and an alien… and yet girls are continuing to paint layers and layers of makeup all over
themselves, and shaping their every part in the attempt to fit in!
Am I the only one feeling like I would rather stray away from what society wants? Away
from the face sculpting and embrace all the unique, beautiful features we have been blessed
Embrace my curves,
Embrace my skin tone,
Embrace my weird mind,
Embrace every part of me…
Because I am different, I am unique, I am weird… and I wouldn’t want it any other way!
I am Perfectly Imperfect and regardless of all the clichés, I honestly believe that we are all
perfect and special in our very own way.

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